CNY Visitings @ Punggol

Coincidently both estates were just opp each other via a big junction. And since I was along NEL, I msg both NL and CL of any possible meet up. But too bad CL was terribly sick then … overdose of cny goodies I guess 😛

I first meet up with ST to visit Sharky who had given birth in dec. Not really a cny visiting but rather a short visit since she only had her bb full mth celebration with close relatives.

ST and I arranged to meet up at punggol mrt station. I msg her upon my arrival which she did so too. Being an ulu station, one could easily spot the other party upon arrival at the ticketing area. But not the case for ours even after we confirmed our positions via our hps. It sounded kind of errie when both of us stepped out of the station not seeing each other, but both of us were sure we were out of the station.

Anyway we soon realised where we both were when I told her I was facing the bus interchange, while she was at the other exit towards an empty plot of land. Hahaha…aiyo…

Both of us had been ‘training’ to save $$ thru transport for places within walking distance. We were so confident with walking over since it just a walk out from the interchange, that we decided to buy a bottle of drink each to quench our thirst as we walked.

But we soon realised how hot the sun was 😛 Well … it was 1pm+ then …

Sharky gave us a no. of buses that we could take. We realised all the bus no. were scattered from the left and right side of the interchange. So the best thing we did was …. to stand where we were … in the middle of the interchange, and dashed towards whichever bus came 1st =P

So in the end, we brought 2 new bottles of drink up sharky’s hse when we could actually have our FREE drink there @_@

After staying for an hr or 2, I went off to GM’s hse. She was rather shocked to know both me and BT’s family could find our way to her hse without asking her for her address.

Well, we remembered she ever ‘told us off’ for not remembering where she stayed and repeatedly asking her for her address. So ‘obedient’ us kept her old sms with address in our hp. Anyway even if this data is lost, I think I can make my own way there after such ‘deep impression’ =P

We munched a lot on her cny goodies as we chatted for 2hrs+.

So how to ‘clear’ goodies? Invite talkative friends la … hahaha …

CNY Visitings @ Punggol

The Pasta Shop @ TBP

This meet-up was pre-arranged before cny. TBP was my choice cos I din feel too well that day and din want to travel out too far, esp to crowded places.

We had came by this shop many times and finally decided to try it out today.

Cun remember the names of each dishes but overall to say, all of them were deliciously good.

the soups were creamy and thick with generous fillings. very tasty too.

a safe salad order … cessar salad. bread scram was big! the taste was just nice.
not too salty on the bacon pcs (not bits hor), and not too sour with the dressing.

wrapped in chicken meat. crispy and tasty but oily.

a common fried tofu served with wasabi sauce which was nice too.

Cat’s main course. teriyaki chicken sandwich. i had a try on the meat.
tender and sweet. the thick bread was slightly toasted. a safe combination actually.

We were so full by the time the last dish came. We thought they had forgotten about it cos it took so long after we had almost finished the previous dishes.

chicken corden bleu was so filling but nice of cos. if only we weren’t too full to enjoy 1 more pc each =P

We had always order more than wat we should. Time to control lo!

Oh btw, I was on leave for the whole week actually. I thought I would only be coming for dessert at foodcourt only, and so had taken light dinner before the meet-up. woo! ^___*

The Pasta Shop @ TBP


24 Jan Saturday: Eve of CNY Eve 年二九

The trip to MLK was unexpectedly long. The usual 4hrs (or less) journey became near 6hrs of ride. All becos of an almost 30mins jam before tuas checkpt. But this could be prevented if the driver din went into the car/motorist lanes, cos the traffic at the bus lane which he took after realising his mistake was so smooth.

Another 20mins was wasted at the immigration while waiting for the last grp, a chinese family of 3, to board the coach.

After 3hrs from departure, we were brought to Ayer Hitam eating place via the old route instead of the usual Yong Peng eating place, and stopped over for 30mins. This malay driver was really taking his own sweet time, unlike other malay drivers which I encountered before. And not only that, he stopped by the toilet pt for 20mins too @_@

Shouldn’t this service be direct without stopping over at any eating place? Anyway it was 11am+ then, just another 1hr we would have reached MLK town, and he could eat as long as he like. We were all tired and hungry too. ***furious***

Then came the worse part. He stopped the coach opp The Sentral instead of alighting everyone at the mlk coach terminal. He told us the coach he was driving had no licence to drive in. Wat nonsense! Best part was, only our family alighted, cos the rest in the coach didn’t know that was the last stop. 爹地 had to announce to the rest on ‘his behalf’. @$%!@#$%$

Suay suay my hp went no batt when I wanted to contact my ‘chauffeur’. 1st time using a public ph after so many yrs. Kinda not use to it 😛

25 Jan Sunday: CNY Eve 年除夕

大妹’s family together with 小妹 and A arrived on the 2nd day of our arrival. We were so afraid 小王子 cun tahan the long journey and make noise along the way. But he ‘enjoyed’ the bus ride. Lucky for them, their coach din make unnecessary trips and smooth traffic along the way, and so arrived on time.

We had lunch as our reunion meal instead. Just these recent years, we (the younger generation) had made an effort to wear RED for the reunion meal, with the usual 5 wearing the same designs.

Finally for my FREE haircut which I had ‘booked’ mths ago 😛

It was until then that we knew how good a keeper Ema was. She brought out and showed us towel and sarong which many of us used since we were a bb … clean and looked new somemore.

The (almost) whole grp went out for a walk at the jonker walk after our dinner, with some joined us later after their temple trip. But we were ‘trapped’ in a cafe and din get to walk much as the drizzle didn’t stop at all. So we headed back hm for a round of mahjong instead.

We were approached by a malay student on project for … kinship during cny? … cos majority of us were wearing red 😀

26 Jan Monday: 1st Day of CNY 年初一

After all the dily-daly-ing, we finally set off at around 1pm.

1st Visiting: Ah Sok’s hse

We made a wasted trip cos they weren’t at hm when all 4 cars of 20 pax arrived at their gate.

2nd Visiting: Ah Chai Kao Fu’s hse

We proceeded on to their hse and made a big ‘commotion’ there … as always =P

3rd Visiting (Unplanned): AN’s hse

Unexpected guests of 22 pax stepped into his hse (by his invitation) and even targetting at the leftovers of the unbelievable fatty porky dessert mentioned by Cousin J who took it on the nite before 😀

Repeated trip to the 1st location: Ah Sok’s hse again

According to them, they happened to step out of the hse at 1pm this afternoon. If only we weren’t so dily-daly-ing … if only 爹地 made a call before the visiting cos they weren’t aware that we had came to MLK … well …

After an almost full day of visitings, it was time for us to welcome guests.

A few of us however preferred to make another trip down to jonker walk as T and A din get to do so the nite before. But we forgotten that it was a Mon and so the road wasn’t closed for the nite market 😦

27 Jan Tuesday: 2nd Day of CNY 年初二

It was simply a shopping day for the ‘youngsters’ 😀

Back to gather with the elderlys for a dining-out dinner. Ah Ee and Ema finally could rest … “sum fu sai” (cantonese) =P

小王子 had been very grouchy during the whole dinner. It had been a tiring day for him actually. No nap for a little boy of his age wor. So poor thing. And so 大妹 put him to bed while the rest went out for some nite shots.

I had Cousin M to drive the rest to the Old Bus Terminal near Malacca River, cos none of them went there before except me and her. Not even Cousin J hor.

28 Jan Wednesday: 3rd Day of CNY 年初三

Leaving for 1.30pm coach …

We took Jebat Express for the 1st time cos the usual services were either sold out or cny tix not released yet. Cun afford to wait and so Cousin M bought the tix at RM22 each after she was ‘promised’ of ‘high-class’ seats 😛

It was indeed a good one, comparable to 707 service. The return trip was so fast and smooth that we reached back hm in 4hrs+ time.

It went thru the msia new checkpt at the causeway where the new immigration checkpt building was almost similar to tuas checkpt. There were more counters than the usual cramped one. We went forward to the counter for “Asian Passport”. An officer at the very last counter to the right where dunno-why no one was queuing was dozing away when I approached. Wat a funnie sight … hahaha …

Actually the direction signs weren’t very obvious. Wat worse was, they were written in melayu. But following the flow of the human traffic cun be wrong in such situation 😛

And soon we came to the pt where we needed to get to the right platform to our coach. I din know how to read wat’s written on the signboards where different buses/coached parked at each platform, but luckily I still recognised the word “EKSPRES” (though there was an officer standing behind it directing the others) and so headed towards Platform A. Clever me huh? A thought I knew melayu. hahaha…

Once reached hm, I sent sms to Ms Pilot to ensure that the steamboat gathering at her hse was still on. But Ms Pilot being Ms Pilot, she ‘flown aeroplane’ to all 9 ppl. Well …


CNY Mood @ Chinatown

received this early this morning

Sotong me mistook the signing off to SC and thanked her only to realise later that it was from SK. Paiseh! =^____^=

Later in the day, I received a call from 小妹 who insisted me on meeting up with her and A in chinatown after work.

It was getting near to cny and so the crowd gets bigger as I reached. Inorder not to get ‘drown’ in the coming crowd, we headed off for dinner at Tak Po.

I wondered was it the season period where everyone was so bz and couldn’t bother, or the poor attitude of new generation’s service, the young waiter (should be waiting for results) who served us wasn’t apologetic at all when he spilled the light soya sauce from his tilted plate of zhu chang fen (rice roll) onto 小妹’s new pants. Even when I told him wat he had done and to be more careful, his face was simply stagnant.

We saw him carrying a craypot of porridge walking behind us as we came out from the restaurant. The way he walked was as though no one was infront of him. No “excuse me” was heard, but instead we ‘siam’ away from him … to prevent scalded by him.

Has our education gone wrong, or our tolerance getting low? Wat’s wrong with them?

We soon ‘escaped’ out from the cny nite market area to the revamped chinatown complex. Cleaner and brighter. Luckily the stalls/shops are at the same locations. A walk further bring us to the eventful square. Great vocal from the singer, with the elderlys tapping and clapping their hands along with. The beautifulness of chinatown is always the reason which make me come back very often.

A chinatown guru as described by peers? No no … there are still more out there for me to explore and learn 🙂

Ok … cun stay out too late, cos I need to catch tml morning 8am coach to Malacca; be back on Wed.

Till then,

Happy 牛 Year to all in Spore!

CNY Mood @ Chinatown

Coincident ‘Celebration’

Ms pilot initiated this dinner mainly for her collection of the bak gua. JT joined in for the same collection too. Soon AG and SS was pulled in. But eventually, AY, C joined in for the dinner too, with FY joining in during our dessert session at the other coffeeshop.

Ms pilot had planned to go for the famous chicken chop but it was only after reaching the stall that we realised it was closed. Heard from 妈咪 that the satay-turned-bakgua stall’s lady boss was actually the wife of this western food stall’s boss, and since the wife needs help for her million dollar bak gua business during this festive season, the husband had to close stall to help out.

Sorry, I wasn’t that kpo and din know of their direct relation even though I stayed in the neighbourhood for as long as I moved in since 4yrs old, neither did I realised it when their signboards were of the same designs =P

And so eventually we moved over to this coffeeshop where I always mentioned to NL of the nice zi char they served. But no zi char for tonite. Instead, 3 of us tried out the newly opened italian stall and ordered pizza and onion rings to share with the rest, while some of them took local delights.

But it didn’t live up to our expectation, the dishes were a big flop. Good presentation but bland to the core. It took quite some times for the young chap (he may be one of the bosses?) to understand wat is tar tar sauce? The ultimate was … their pizza … or rather the one we ordered tasted more like a naan then a pizza with cheese-spread-alike on top. I think we can fare better than these. A BIG NO NO for 2nd try.

Just before meeting up with ms pilot and me, AG, AY, SS and C were in search for a big plastic container to rehouse the 100pcs pineapple tarts which were accidentally ‘crashed’ by the bus door, from a square-shaped container into a triangular-shaped one, simply due to some miscommunications between them. So one can imagine the fate of the pineapple tarts from the ‘crashing’. Wun be going into details, but it was the joke of the nite.

After knowing that I was staying nearby and had a similar but rounded one at hm, they requested me to dash hm in search for it while the rest headed off to the dessert place where FY joined in. Oh btw, this square-turn-triangular one belonged to him 😛

Unknowingly to them, they ‘treated’ me to the crashed pineapple tarts on my bd. All of them thought the actual date was last fri and so when they finally realised it, AY initiated the bd song … at the coffeeshop @_@ … heng soft level but still paiseh =^____^= …

Anyway, thks pals for the lovely nite!

BTW, Ting’s son was borned today, same date as me 🙂 Welcome to the Aquarius Club! ^____^

Coincident ‘Celebration’

It’s A MOO MOO Year

saw this during lunch …

The bandung pink first caught our attention as it turned in to the building before we noticed the horn on the top. And as the cab drove passed us, we noticed a little devil tail hanging out of the boot too. Cute rite ^____^

The 4 of us were laughing like nothing as we stood aside waiting for the cab to come out and was so lucky that it halted before the red lights so we could have a good snap of it. But the quality of the hp camera was …

Those in the private car behind the cab knew we were snapping this moo moo cab and tried not to get too near it. Best part was, the security guard from the building came up to the main road attracted by our laughters. Guess we were too loud … HAHAHAHA….

It’s A MOO MOO Year

Shocking Sight

I was shocked to see this when I reached hm.

Basically only 1 carrier contained 1kg of bak kwa while the rest were all 500g.

Initially only 1 person tumbanged me to purchase 1kg, but soon the news ‘spreaded’.

And after knowing 妈咪 will be pre-ordering early in the morning to collect few hrs later from the stall owner whom she knew (mkt kaki), I started allowing ‘light orders’.

With no intention to purchase any bak kwa since our family are going to mlk for few days over the cny, I ordered 2x 500g too … to share with close colleagues and friends.

And so when I stepped into the hse this evening, I was shocked to see so many paper bags … covering near half of my dining table. I thought they wun be putting 500g into the same sized box :-O Luckily 妈咪 called 爹地 to help with the carrying.

Forgotten-ly, I questioned 妈咪 why she bot so much … only to realize that they were all my orders … hahahaa …

Shocking Sight

Light Feast For BD

The dinner for tonite was supposed to be a crabby feast. But the queenie me was feeling unwell from lunch onwards … just like any low blood systoms. It might be due to ‘overdosing’ of MR till late nites for the pass 2 weeks, and oso to catch the last 2 epi yst nite after the boring evening.

Reluctant to cancel this meet up, we changed cuisine at the very last hr to a porridge feast instead.

appetizer before the ‘feast’

Since this dinner was to celebrate my bd, I had the say and opted for teochew porridge. Eventually we ended up having this taiwanese porridge buffet since it was ‘conveniently’ located in orchard, along killiney road.

A light feast huh … at least not too guilty ^___*

Other than bd gifts from 大小妹, I no longer received any bd gifts or treats from my longtime friends. This gesture was very much appreciated 🙂

And well, it seems that we never fail to end the day without desserts =P The usual trio walked all the way to coffee club at rendezvous hotel.

Light Feast For BD



由于’闭关’了许久,NL及CL还以为我发生什么事,每晚都没看到我上线。而为了在限期两个礼拜内看完整套剧,在偶尔也有聚餐逛街的情况下,恶看到凌晨一至两点钟。黑圆圈黑到需要人送上眼服贴 @_@


上次还借了这套给我看 ^^













“我说你行,你就行;我说你不行,你就不行;你说你行,我说你不行,你也是不行;你说你不行,我说你行,你还是行!” 她’大晒’就是了!






噢呀! J 表妹去年二月间到香港时,幸运的遇到了他们在拍摄这场面。