Still Eco-Friendly?

Sometimes I wondered … if everyone (esp the merchants) understand the main purpose of these bags, which I known them as eco-bags. The long term for it can read as “eco-friendly reusable bags”.

Quote from wikipedia
“A reusable shopping bag, sometimes called bag for life, is a type of shopping bag which can be reused several times: this is an alternative of single use paper or plastic bags.”

But over the years, I realised many retail stores (big or small), malls, and even organisations & government sectors, for the sake of leaving a great impression to customers and members, are ‘resorted’ to giving out eco-bags. Some promotions even requested you to spend a substantial amount in return for a nicely designed ‘limited edition’ eco-bag.

As mentioned, it was “bag for life”. If you are able to maintain it well, you can use it as many times as it can last.

And when you had too many at home (while throwing them away is even more wasteful), what do you think we should do? Anyone?

I had since started bringing out my own eco-bag years ago. This not only helped in a fair bit of sustaining, but also reduce the clutters in my house.

And … does everyone pick up those newspaper given out free at the mrt station? Do think about it too! 😉

Still Eco-Friendly?