The Pasta Shop @ TBP

This meet-up was pre-arranged before cny. TBP was my choice cos I din feel too well that day and din want to travel out too far, esp to crowded places.

We had came by this shop many times and finally decided to try it out today.

Cun remember the names of each dishes but overall to say, all of them were deliciously good.

the soups were creamy and thick with generous fillings. very tasty too.

a safe salad order … cessar salad. bread scram was big! the taste was just nice.
not too salty on the bacon pcs (not bits hor), and not too sour with the dressing.

wrapped in chicken meat. crispy and tasty but oily.

a common fried tofu served with wasabi sauce which was nice too.

Cat’s main course. teriyaki chicken sandwich. i had a try on the meat.
tender and sweet. the thick bread was slightly toasted. a safe combination actually.

We were so full by the time the last dish came. We thought they had forgotten about it cos it took so long after we had almost finished the previous dishes.

chicken corden bleu was so filling but nice of cos. if only we weren’t too full to enjoy 1 more pc each =P

We had always order more than wat we should. Time to control lo!

Oh btw, I was on leave for the whole week actually. I thought I would only be coming for dessert at foodcourt only, and so had taken light dinner before the meet-up. woo! ^___*

The Pasta Shop @ TBP

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