Coming New Year celebration gathering … Part 1


2006123003sPot Luck Preparations

Me – fried chicken wings … from Ke Ai Ji 😛 (no choice 😦 dunno how to cook)
AY – self-cooked fried bee hoon (matches my dish well)
NL – fried sotong balls … from OCK (sama sama … oso dunno how to cook :P)
PL – mum-prepared cheng teng
CL – self-cooked pasta … and house … Oops! I meant we gathered at her house … use her utencils … ay…utencils??!? where? huh? dun have? 😛
CC – mashed potato with bak gua … ay…bak gua? hmm … but I’m a potato gal … I like this dish …heheee…

And of course we have some tibits and pizza too. Whao! A big spread leh … someone even ta bao-ed food for her baobei. And some ‘goped’ the dessert 😛



Though I had thought of leaving early cos it’s FAR from WEST … but nice chat with fun gals … the time just passed without knowing … and by the time we knew it, it’s almost 10+ ^^

Coming New Year celebration gathering … Part 1

Day 5 – 22 Sep (Macau)

It was our last day of this trip and we had not much $ left, we went in search for a restaurant which could accept credit card for our breakfast cos we need to save the cash for purchasing their famous local snacks in Choi Heong Yuen Bakery 嘴香园 as gifts and also for the ‘unsure’ airport tax of MOP110.

After searching around for any ‘credit-card-friendly’ restaurant at the Senado Square (this time we made our way there without even looking at the map cos we realised it was actually a short distance from our hotel), we ended up changing our S$200 when we couldn’t found any. With the extra HK$ in hand then, we went to this chinese restaurant 黄枝记 which was very near to where we had our dinner the night before for their noodle meals which cost us MOP101.

After our breakfast, we went straight to Choi Heong Yuen Bakery 嘴香园 which was located just opposite the street, along the New Road, beside the Leal Senado Building 民政总署大楼. Luckily we changed some $$ cos the bakery did not accept card for purchase below MOP90 (as the mooncakes were having special promotion, so inorder to grab the discount, I had to split my purchase and use cash instead).

I found their pedestrian crossing quite interesting. There was no traffic lights at all on a 4 lanes road, so if you weren’t daring enough to place your first step, you would never be able to get across.

We headed straight back to the hotel to check out. My luggage left only little space enough to squeeze these in 😦

After placing our luggages with the conceirge, we headed off for our late lunch at Magaret’s Cafe and Nata for their 2 spaggetti set lunches (MOP26 each) and 2 baked potato sets (MOP23 each). It was simply delicious!!! Even the can drinks (MOP12 each) were tasty. JT and I almost going to buy a few cans back leh 😛

As we still had about 2hrs before leaving for the airport around 5pm, we went back to the Senado Square for last min shopping. Happened to pass by this department store, Bonjour 卓悦, which sell cheap perfume miniatures … cheaper than those found in Spore and famous brands were easily found among them too. JT had already planned to come back to this place again if she came back to Macau … some day … hmm … think Hong Kong also have it 😉 So after this ‘small’ shopping, it was almost time for us to head back to hotel.

There was a St. Honore Cakeshop, along the lane that led up to the Cathedral Square, where their rabbit designed mooncake boxes and the manly Aaron Kwok poster captured our attention everytime we passed through that lane. So since JT had decided to check in her handcarry luggage as well, JT and I squeezed out our ‘usable leftovers’ HK$ to buy this captive snowskin mooncake (MOP100) back home to try 😛

As we headed back to the hotel, we passed by Magaret’s Cafe and Nata again for some cakes to be taken on the plane.

Finally it was time to leave for the airport. As we only saved enough $$ for a single cab to the airport (fare @ MOP67), we squeezed all the pulled luggages into the boot while we ‘baby-carry’ the handcarry ones inside the cab. Think the cab was still a bit small for 4 of us with our ‘so-many’ luggages, the boot cover couldn’t even closed up. We were giggling around in the cab in Mandarin, ‘worrying’ the safety of AG’s luggage which could be seen from the rear mirror. Out of a sudden, the cab driver drove to one side and stop the cab, informing us that he was going to rearrange our luggages in the boot … in MANDARIN!!!!! We were like … shocked and laughed away in the cab … so funnie and embarrassed … hahahaha ….

As we were only allowed free checking in of luggage not exceeding 15kg per person, judging from the weight of our own luggage, we could only check in 1 luggage each. Though initally I had planned to check in my extra luaggage and had even tagged it with the fragile tag ‘designed’ by JT using our hotel room door key (hers was given a proper one by the hotel staff). But after seeing JT charged for an extra fee of HK$250 for checking in both her luggages, ay… I removed the check in tape and tag away … think it’s ‘saver’ that way 😛 Only upon checking in did we realised that their airport taxes had already been included into our air tickets @_@.

After waiting for about an hour (+15mins delay in the flight) at the waiting area, the gate was finally opened for boarding. By then it was around 6.35pm. As my handcarry luggage weight about 10kg, I was patting away when we finally chosen the seats.

It was 10.20pm by the time we reached back Spore. We were expecting it to be much later since the flight got delayed in Macau. After spending S$62.20 on a bag of red/white wine, vodka and beers from the DFS at the arrival hall, we set off back home and ended our 5D4N enjoyable trip.

My final 战利品 for the trip

Day 5 – 22 Sep (Macau)

Day 4 – 21 Sep (Hong Kong / Macau)

As this was our last day of our Hong Kong trip, we tried not to waste anymore time and so we were up and going around 9am again. Since I had no plan for this date (free and easy :D), someone suggested going for their typical dim sum breakfast.

While searching along the Nathan road for a suitable one, we saw some small groups of elderly going in and out of a building. After going through the dim sum promotion board found there, and since so many elderly were willing to go to this restaurant, it must be a good one (we thought) 😀 So we just follow suit … hehe …

When we stepped into the Hoi Tin (Asia) Harbour Restaurant 海天亚州渔港, we really saw a lot of aunties and uncles lor … as expected cos it was working hour then. But we could still see some OLs/OBs in their working suit which we couldn’t understand how they managed to have the time sitting relaxing, reading NEWSPAPER?!?!

Initially we were brought to share table with the others in a big round table until we spotted a 4-seaters table which was just emptied. Anyway, thinking that someone will clear the table for us, we went through the menu first. But after a while, no one seems to clear away the used stuffs, and so I approached a waitress nearby and handled over our ‘ticked’ order list to her as well. It has been quite a while before we checked our orders with another waitress cos we noticed that the other table’s order which made much later than us had arrived. Who knows our order wasn’t placed at all!!!! That waitress might have thought we passed her a used order list to be thrown away instead @_@

The different with Hong Kong dim sum restaurant was that we were given a pot of hot water and a ‘basin’ to ‘wash’ our utensils. Soon after 消毒-ing our utensils, our orders came and I think ours was the only table which was full of dim sum .. .hahaha … and they were yummy wor 😀 We were quite shocked when bill came cos it only cost us HK$181 … hmm … recommended!

After the satisfying dim sum breakfast, we headed off to last min shopping around Mong Kok especially the Ladies’ St (once more) as our check out time was 3pm … and as usual, we were STILL able to buy so much … hehehe … We went back to the hotel around 2pm+ for packing before we checked out.

We went for our lunch after placing our luggages with the concierge. Actually we had been searching for a eating house which sell nice 车仔面 (it has a very bombastic shop name called 极之好粥面茶餐厅) over the 3 days, but it wasn’t until today that we realised we had been passing by this eating house for the past few days @_@, cos JT wrongly remembered the signboard to be neon kinda of design. JT and AG had been there before but she said the food served was different from what they had during their previous trip. Anyway, the noodles were equally yummy. We spent HK$194 on this lunch.


As planned, we proceeded to buy the mooncakes from Hung Heung 恒香 and Wing Wah 荣华 after our lunch. But before that, we went in a search for a shoes shop which we went the night before. All thanks to my sis who returned my call only when I have left that place long long ago and got to return back to buy the shoes she want. Anyway we gave up after few attempts to recall and retrace the route we went through failed.

And so we proceeded to go opposite road for Hung Heung 恒香 instead. We intended to head off to Wing Wah 荣华 for our next mooncake purchase before we headed back to the hotel. Sometimes when you have no intention to go to a place, the place would kept appearing before you. But when you really need to, it just nowhere in sight. And that happened to us! We just couldn’t find the shop which we passed by so many times. So in the end they suggested to buy them from their branch at the MTR mall.

Dunno was it because of the chicken I ate (bird flu!!! @_@), the polluted air along the road or the lack of sleep accumulated, my eyes seems swollen and irritated then. And so they helped me to buy the Wing Wah mooncake, while PL and I returned back to hotel to retrieve our luggages from the concierge.

As our ferry boarding time is 6pm, we still had a bit of them to roam around the China HK City mall. Finally it’s time to bid farewell to Hong Kong 😦

We arrived Macau around 7pm and quickly made our way out of the terminal in search for Sintra shuttle bus … hehe … So after checking in back to Sintra, we left the hotel near 8pm+ for our late dinner. I was so confidently sure that when we walked out of the hotel and just had to turn left and go straight, we would reach the Senado Square. Who knows I brought them to yet another 冤枉路 to S. Francisco Garden instead … and when everyone was in hunger 😦 Note: if you are staying in Sintra, there should be 2 left turns before you head straight along Av. Infante D. Henrique 殷皇子大马路 towards Av. Almeida Ribeiro 亚美打利庇卢大马路. After directions given by the garden security guard and some friendly elderly, we went back down the road and searched for the HSBC building where a steep road beside it led all the way up to the Cathedral Square. But the problem was, after all these long walk, where should we have our dinner? So we tried walking into Senado Square for available restaurants.

Soon we came to this gourmet area where we found McDonald and the famous 蔡兰’s foodcourt, but there dun seems to have any nice food selling. So we went to the opposite and saw an interesting dessert shop that was selling milk related desserts. But since we need to take some proper dinner first, we went in to this ‘mysterious’ chinese restaurant Long Kei 龙记酒家 which neither the signboard nor the entrance tells anything … we thought it was a pub or something like dat. 误打误撞下 … it was yet another Macau’s style of chinese restaurant … should be lah har. I was more interested in their payment counter and their entrance door than their food though it wasn’t bad either, and not costly too which cost us MOP289 for a decent 4-courses dinner.

As ‘aimed’ earlier, we went in to Leitaria I Son 义顺鲜奶公司 to try out their milk desserts after our dinner. This kind of meal styles had been like dat for the past few days 😛 It seems that it was a famous dessert shop in Macau cos they had been opened for 30yr+ (as mentioned by the staff) and had few other branches located in different parts of Macau. We ordered 4 different milk combinations desserts to try… pure cooked milk 纯炖奶, egg in cooked milk 凤凰炖奶, almond milk 杏仁奶 and ginger milk 姜汁撞奶.

There was a joke behind this ginger milk. As AG wasn’t very good with chinese characters, we had to read out whatever was listed in the menu for her to choose. So my explanation for her on 姜汁撞奶 was “The Milk Clashed with the Ginger” … hahaha … funnie right?… actually should be the other way round … hahaha … oops! 😛

After our satisfying desserts at the cost of MOP64, we just roamed around and took pix around Senado Square cos most shops have closed for the day.

Think the 姜汁撞奶 was too much on me cos I couldn’t help stop laughing when taking the pix at the fountain in Cathedral Square … so after few failure attempts to take pix of them in slant pose, I gave up! Actually the reason why they tilted to one side was because they found that my camera wasn’t focusing on them, which they didn’t know that they were the 配角, and that I had wanted to take a ‘artistic’ shot of them appearing at the corner instead 😛 hehehe….

Somehow there’s nothing much to shop around at night in Macau except to casino. And since we were not pro-gamblers, we went back to the hotel for a ‘blood-sucking’ jackpot game in their small casino. Not knowing how to win the game which seems boring to us, we decided to give up the whole of HK$100. But who knows when we were happily left with 1 more round to LOSE, we WON … and with lots of points. We (or rather me) were like ‘shitting’ away … errrghhhhhh!!!!! Think we were the only few who dun wan to win in a casino … hahaha …

And so after sorting out the leftovers $$ which we could use the next day, we went to bed much earlier than in Hong Kong.

Day 4 – 21 Sep (Hong Kong / Macau)

Day 3 – 20 Sep (Hong Kong)

JT and me were too tired and overslept only to wake up ‘in a shock’ at 8.30am, with the other 2 knocking on our door, ready to set off. With the speedy wash up, we set off around 9am+ for our breakfast at Temple Street 庙街.

As we stepped out from Yau Ma Tei exit C, we started searching around for this famous Mido Cafe 美都餐厅 (oftenly shown on hk drama serials … appeared in recent 酒店风云 which they called it 庙都餐厅 instead) located at 63 Temple Street. I was looking out for cornered shop with green window grilles cos I’m the only one who had ‘seen’ the shop. After much failure attempts, I approached a nearby 7-11 along the same street for direction whom surprising none of the staffs heard of the cafe name. So we were on our own again and continued from the way we came until we FINALLY FOUND IT!!! It was just few shops down from 7-11 and to think that they had never heard it!!!! (I tiao gang want to emphasis that :D) Note: located just opposite the Tin Hau Temple 天後庙.

Ok, back to Mido Cafe … we (or rather me) were so excited when we stepped into this cafe but was quite disappointed when we were told that the upper level wasn’t opened yet. Nevertheless, we still choose a nice seat and ordered Ham Macaroni set 火腿通粉, Luncheon Meat Macaroni 餐肉通粉, Chickenchop Macaroni 鸡扒通粉 and Porkchop Macaroni 猪扒通粉. After our proper breakfast, we ordered the highlyly recommended 莲子鸳鸯冰 which wasn’t as fantastic as we thought so … tasted more like our chendol.

Upon payment (HK$115), I approached the lady boss and asked her about the opening hour of upper level. She told me that they will only open the upper level to public at 11.30am. Who knows! (maybe I looked so sincere :P) She told me that if we like to, we could go up and have a look. I almost couldn’t believe my ears cos I reconfirmed what I heard with her again before I told the rest the ‘good’ news … hehe …

After thanking the lady boss and was about to leave, she told us about their dinner serving time and closing hour at 9.30pm, hoping to see us again for their set dinner … but I think we preferred to have dinner at a different place instead 😀

So now to our next destination on the itinerary… Central 中环 … for The Central Mid-Levels Escalator 中环至半山自动扶梯 which at 800m long, it is the world’s longest covered escalator. It links from Des Voeux Road Central 德埔道中 to Conduit Road 干德道. As the escalator only run one-way downhill from 6am to 10am, and then uphill from 10:20am to midnight, as advised by HKTA website, we should take that after 9am when the morning rush hour is over. Anyway by the time we reached Central, it’s 10pm+ liao.

We started off going through the shops and markets at Li Yuen Street East and West 利原东街及西街 before arriving at the long long escalator. After which we stopped by at the SoHo 荷南美食区 and went towards Lan Kwai Fong 兰桂坊 which was a quiet place during the day.

As we walked along Stanley St 士丹利街, we chanced upon this herbal teashop 海天堂 and decided to take a break there. Each of us ordered a herbal drink, while PL ordered “Tortoise Jelly” 龟苓膏 and AG ordered Almond Paste 杏仁糊.

After the dessert (HK$78), we noticed a boutique directly opposite which ended up as a killer to us cos we bought a lot of clothes there at their low pricings.

It was 1.30pm+ by the time we stepped out from the boutique and were quite hungry then. JT suggested having lunch at a famous Yung Kee Restaurant 镛记 which specialised in roasted pigeon 乳鸽, where none of us know the exact location. After the directions given by the salegirl of that boutique, we headed up straight to Wellington St. 威零顿街, passing the distinctive street of stone-slab steps of Pottinger St 钵典乍街.

After walking up so many steps, we were super hungry and tired by the time we reached Yung Kee Restaurant. While waiting for our order, we saw someone familiar … and oh my! 蔡一智 (of 草蜢) was there with 2 others dunno-who too!

After our satisfying late lunch (spent around HK$95), we roamed around that area again and starting seaching for this famous tea stall 兰芳园. It seems that the OLs/OBs on the streets of Central were not so approachable until we went into a nearby office building and approached their friendly and helpful receptionist and security guard for direction. Sadly to say that none of them know where Gage St. 结志街 was but when we mentioned 兰芳园 which sell 丝袜奶茶 with stall on a slope, they could immediately point out the direction to us. With the given direction, we finally found it just at a turn from the corner further down.

Though we were full from our lunch taken not long ago, but given the excuse of energy used for slope walking and searching through the streets, and being one of the main teahouses where we die die oso must go, we couldn’t care much about our stomach and went ahead to the tea stall. While figuring out how were we going to sit on the only 3 stools available at the stall, we were led by their friendly staffs to their seating teahouse just behind the stall. We were quite welcomed by the staffs the moment we stepped in … dunno why … cos they kept talking to us, finding out where we were from lah, how easy it was for Singaporeans cos we knew so many basic languages lah, the currency exchange rate lah, blah blah blah … until I dun think I remembered how the ‘stockling’ milk tea 丝袜奶茶 and toasted bread we ordered tasted like … hmmm??? Since they were so friendly, we also take the chance to take shots inside their shop and even at their counter … hahahaa … well … we were tourists wat!

It was 4pm+ then and our next destination was to the Victoria Peak 太平山顶. I returned back to 兰芳园 for direction to the bus terminus where it could take us to the Lower Peak Tram Station 山下览车站. The friendly staff pulled my hand and showed me where to take a cab instead, which cost only HK$20 up to the Upper Peak Tram Station 山顶览车站 since it could be easily shared by the 4 of us. Super friendly sia 😛 However in the end we just took the cab to the Lower Peak Tram Station instead which cost only HK$15 cos we wanted to exprience the tram ride. Upon reaching at the gantry, a familiar figure caught our sight … Jackie Chan!!! Not the real person but a wax figure … but it’s incredibling real lor … As the tram was reaching to the terminus soon, we quickly tabbed our octopus card and went in to wait for the tram. Extra info: HK$20 for ride up. HK$10 will be reimbursed for the ride down.

We standby-ed in a nice position for a while so as to take some quick shots when the tram was approaching … well … we were not the only one doing that 😛 Upon boarding the tram, we realised that the flooring was unusually waved … quite difficult to walk … but might be to served as a safety precaution for some gravity pull or whatever during the ride cos when the tram was going up the slope, I felt as if my neck was going to break. The gravity pull was exceptionally great when the tram was going up at a steep angle of 60 degree (I think). Anyway it was an awesome ride.

We reached the peak after the 5-10mins ride. A weird feeling when we alighted as we still had not ‘recovered’ from the steep slope ride. We went straight to the top of the Peak Tower to have a panorama view of Hong Kong Island, the harbour, Kowloon and the hills beyond. All the while we were a group of hyperactive tourists but when JT and me was at the top, we were quite 乖 … reason being … we were afraid of height!!! ( _ _ ) Both of us tried to stay away from the railings while the other 2 were taking pix non stop at the top. After waiting for a while, the 2 of us decided to go back into the tower for some souveniers shopping while that 2 were STILL taking pix @_@

We walked out of the tower and started taking the peak walk which seems easy from the walking route given on the HKTA web for better scenery views. After a long walk, we realised we were the only 4 there. Since the air is fresher up hill, we decided to walk on to embrace the mother nature and went in search of … superstar’s houses? … Tony Leung or Andy Lau?? hahaha … dreaming … As we came to a junction where it seems nothing much ahead, we decided to walk back. The returning route was more tedious cos it was up the slope … AGAIN!

By the time we reached back to the tower, we were very tired liao. After refreshing ourselves and taken pix with the wax figures of Bruce Lee and dunno-who, we proceeded to go opposite to the Peak Galleria for a different angle view at their top and also for some window shopping.

As we came out from the Peak Galleria, not knowing what to do next, my eyes caught sight of a big Hello Kitty balloon which attracted me to it 😀 This big balloon was actually belonged to the ice cream shop Gino’s Gelato behind it. This was an interesting ice cream shop. As we had no idea which flavour to choose, the cute guy kept scooping small tea spoon of different flavours for us to taste and choose … and it’s absolutely FREE!! (our local ice cream shops never offer such service) … cos I think the amount of ice cream we tried could have accumulated to a scoop or 2. So we (or rather me … hehe) jokingly teasted him that we were full and so no intention to buy liao … hahahaa … well … with such cute guy around … we were not that ‘cruel’ lah 😀 So after ordering 3 scoops of dunno-wat flavours, I requested to take a pix with him and he was so ON! … hehe … think I only dare to do such thing overseas cos no one knows me there 😛

Actually the air at the Peak was quite chilling cold then, but it was a nice experience to eat ice cream at such atmosphere … haha … So after our chilling dessert, it was around 7pm then. We decided to head down to Li Yuen St. East again to buy the bag that I spotted in the morning before we returned back to our hotel and left for dinner elsewhere.

The ride back down was quite fast due to gravity pull. As we reached back to the Lower Peak Tram Station, we took some shots with Jackie Chan’s wax figure which we didn’t have the chance to do so earlier on.

And soon we took a cab back down to Li Yuen Street and look for the stall I saw in the morning. The old lady must be too happy to see us as we bought almost HK$500 worth of bags from her cos she kept smiling away and willing to give us lots of discount 🙂

As we had too many barangs on hand, we went back to our hotel rooms to put down our barangs and rest a while before we set off to Temple Street (again) for our late dinner and night market shoppings.

There was a big contrast of the day and night of Temple Street. It was rather quiet where you could hardly see any soul walking around during the day. The night however was full of activities. Other than the numerous nightclubs around, there were lots of eating houses selling claypot rice.

Not knowing which to choose, we just tried our luck in one of them since we were hungry liao cos it’s about 9pm+ then. However the table given to us was rather bad … or extremely bad … it was beside a very dusty aircon compressor. I was quite scare of this area cos maybe I watched too much of the late 90s’ Young and Dangerous movies (古惑仔) series. So I was quite afraid to leave the place as we had already seated down. Anyway we proceeded to leave the place after much hesitation but was called back by 2 of their staffs … suggesting us to go upstairs for more choices of tables and there was tv available too. So we thought should be fine and went up. It was much better there but still not up to our expectation, in terms of cleanliness. Nevertheless, we just placed our orders and hopefully the meal could atone for that. But who knows this dinner was the worst dinner of our trip cos the dishes were either too salty or overcooked. Somemore I still felt quite uneasy cos there came a big group of funny hairstyled young chaps and a young girl. They looked like those in high school age. It wasn’t until another big group of 2-3 families with kid came in that I felt safer 😛 Anyway, we made our way out as soon as we finished our meal and foot the bill of HK$104 … mai tu liao (dun delay in hokkien).

Hmm … if we reached there much earlier, we would have chosen Mido Cafe which was on the same row, just 2-3 shops away.

Anyway after the dinner we din really shop much at the Temple Street. The stalls along the Temple Street towards Public Square St. 众坊街 was opened concept with only a table and some simple set up. It’s different from the other side of the Temple Street leading from Kansu St. 甘肃街 to Nanking St. 南京街.

There was a very interesting lane Market St. 街市街 just infront of the Tin Hau Temple where 2 rows of chinese fortune telling and tarot cards reading stalls were set up side by side along the whole stretch of both sides of the street. As we moved along, we saw a set up where some aunties and uncles were enjoying themselves singing away with band of their own (just like those scenes from 新不了情). After recce-ing around the Temple Street, we realised nothing much there as compared to Ladies’ Market, and so we decided to head off to Ladies’ Market again.

Even though we were there the night before, we were still able to buy some more stuffs there 😛 After roaming around some shops along Nathan road, we finally settled down inside a popular dessert shop 许留山 which branches were easily seen everywhere. However this was the only dessert shop where they prohibited us from taking pix (shit! cos my other friends who went to other branches could do so). Anyway, that night dun seems too smooth for us cos some dessert that we wanted to try were sold out … so sad 😦

It wasn’t until 12.30pm that we were back at the hotel lobby again. Though we were very tired (but not as tired as the nite before), we were still very happy cos we had covered quite a lot of places and bought a lots of stuffs. After our daily routine of gathering in our room, we went to sleep near 3am AGAIN!!!

My 战利品 of the day

Day 3 – 20 Sep (Hong Kong)

Day 2 – 19 Sep (Macau to Hong Kong)

After a long nice sleep, we set off fresh to have our breakfast at Cafe Sang Lei 生利咖啡面食, located at 17 Rua do Comandante which is just opposite our hotel, along a small alley behind a building where a big jewellery shop called Chow Tai Fook 周大福 was. As the small road/alley names weren’t shown on Macau map, we based on the directions given by the hotel recep.

When we reached the alley, the first cafe we saw was the famous Magaret’s Cafe and Nata 玛嘉烈 which sell the famous portugese egg tarts. But since our plan was to try their traditional tea house breakfast, we proceeded to Cafe Sang Lei where we ordered porkchop noodle 猪扒面 (MOP13), fried fish slice noodle 炸鱼片面 (as recommended on the Macau tourism website – MOP11), ham & cheese sandwich 火腿芝士 (MOP8), butter sandwich 奶油芝士 (MOP4), yuan yang 鸳鸯 (combination of tea & coffee – MOP7) and almond milk 杏仁奶露 (MOP6) … all shared by the 4 of us where we spent MOP62 in total.

The recommended fried fish slice noodle wasn’t as fantastic as it stated as “irresistable” on the webby … it tasted more like soggy kolobok in a bowl of soupy noodle. Their porkchop noodle was good cos their pork was tasty and tender. Yuan yang and almond milk weren’t bad either though I dun really fancy thick almond taste like the rest … but still worth a try.

After our breakfast, we proceeded to Magaret’s Cafe and Nata to buy the 4 portugese egg tarts at MOP5.50 each as our tea break on board the ferry. While choosing the tarts, someone spoke to us … it was Magaret! … 夸张! as if she was a big star or wat 😛 … but she having been interviewed and appearing in many travel & food programmes where Macau food was recommended, that caused the famous ba. So you see how excited I was 😛 … and plus she was so friendly, I bucked up my courage to approach her to take a pix with us … err … rather me actually 😛

With all the ta bao-ed portugese egg tarts, we headed off back to the hotel to check out and headed straight to the ferry terminal via the hotel shuttle bus.

We were much too early when we reached the terminal. We was told that we could take any ferry earlier than the timing we booked for. So while dilly dally as to whether to board or not to board the 11am ferry, the gate closed 😛 So no choice, we just had to wait for the next scheduled time, 12pm.

Finally the gate reopened once more at 12pm ‘sharp’!

One thing to take note … there will be crews stationed at the entrance of the ferry, instructing every passengers to put their luggage in the front deck of the ferry regardless of where your seat will be. And you better follow their instruction cos they will not give you ‘face’ if you do not follow so … regardless of whether you are the locals or foreigners, or whether you understand their language or not. They will not repeat more than once to you even though you seems to look blur or trying to finger out what they were saying. Though this kind of ‘rude’ attitude wasn’t to any of us 4 (cos we are very 乖 … hehe …), we heard and saw those from our seat which was quite near to the entrance. Other than the attitude of their crews, the ferry was very clean and pleasant to travel. JT who was sitting beside me during our journey to HK was still able to ‘look here look there’, but I think I got a bit of sea sick then cos I seated quietly in a straight sitting position all way 😛 Anyway, none of us took any of the egg tarts on board the ferry… just in case we waste the food … haha …

It took about 1 hr before we finally reached China-HK Ferry Terminal at Tsim Sha Tsui. So once we stepped out of the custom, that’s where my first 冤枉路 started. As according to the MAP, the first traffic turn once we were out of the Harbour City Ocean Centre will be the shortest way to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR. While writing the post of this trip, I realised we should be looking at China HK City 中港城 instead. BIG MISTAKE!! Anyway, I was leding the way confidencely then until I saw Austin Road 柯士甸道 sign, and then I realised that we had long passed that turn and the nearest MTR has become Jordan 佐敦 MTR :P. We were then stucked at a big junction where inorder to cross over to the other end of the road towards Jordan MTR, the only way was to go through the underpass … which involved a lot lot of stairs … pai sey =^_^=

After climbing up and down from many stairs from the underpass WITH OUR LUGGAGES, we went through the Bowring Street Market 宝灵街市集 before we reached the nearest entrance to the MTR. And when we finally saw the entrance, we were ‘shocked’ to see another flight of stairs. This was when we realised how good our government (or SMRT) was to install lifts and escalators for our convenience. So by the time we reached the MTR ticketing office, we were patting like hell.

Finally we reached the YMCA hotel (@ rate of S$163 per rm/nite) located along Waterloo Road 窝打老道 in Yau Ma Tei 油麻地 near 2pm. After unpacking, spraying perfume around (cos it’s quite smelly) and resting for a while, we headed off to our next destination on our itinerary, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙嘴, for lunch and shoppings 🙂

Upon reaching Tsim Sha Tsui, we started going in search for a dessert shop called 甜蜜蜜 located at Hau Fook St 厚福街. You must be thinking that we must be crazy to choose desserts for lunch, but they do sell proper lunch too which was very yummy. I especially like their 日式鳗鱼炒饭 and 炸香芒春卷伴芒果沙巴翁. Their desserts were simply full of mango. We spent HK$127 there.

We began our shopping spree after recharging from our late lunch-cum-dessert. We first went to Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard 柏丽购物大道 for window shopping (I managed to buy perfume there lah :D) before heading off straight to the Avenue of Stars 星光大道.

Along the way of Nathan Road 尼敦道 to Avenue of Stars, we were ‘distracted’ by an electronic signboard which ‘told’ us to ‘come in’ 😛

Well, before reaching the Avenue of Stars, we had to go through underpass again. After the ‘ordeal’ in the afternoon, we were quite phobia towards stairs 😛 Luckily it wasn’t as bad as we thought so, but it was rather the extra walking due to the uncleared direction given on the map. We almost going to climb the stairs to the Intercontinental Hotel inorder to get through to the Avenue of Stars. After some directions given by people in the New World Centre 新世界中心, we finally found ourselves at the Avenue at last! Phew! **stress** … hehe … It was around 6pm then. The harbour wasn’t as clear as what I saw 10 years ago … dunno was it caused by the air pollution or because of the fog? Anyway, since the sky was getting darker, we might as well take the night shots more instead.

It was 7pm+ by the time we reached the Star Ferry Pier 天星码头 area. JT suggested dinner at 唐朝 (full name is 唐朝甜品专门店 … you see! It’s dessert place again :P) and so we headed off to the restaurant at 88 Canton Road 广东道 which was located on site after The Marco Polo Gateway hotel. Understand from JT that it was a famous chinese restaurant where they sell good dim sum and chinese dishes. But we were shocked to see people smoking in the restaurant. Think some people were just reluctant to be educated not to smoking in an air-con area like a proper eating place. Anyway he was seated quite a distance from us, so we just continued to enjoy our meal : )

We ordered 叉肠 (char siew zhu chang fen – HK$28), 柴鱼咸瘦肉粥 (HK$32 … I missed the 柴鱼花生粥 from Ta Po in Chinatown which they had stopped selling 😦 … ), 萝笋糕 (carrot cake – HK$13), 热木耳 (PL’s – HK$28), 子合 (almond paste … AG’s – HK$18), 冻花 (mine – HK$20) and 小丸 (JT’s – HK$19). Spent HK$174 on the meal.

We started ‘marching’ off to the night markets, Fa Yuen Street Market 花园街市集 at Prince Edward 太子 and Ladies’ Market 女人街 at Mong Kok 旺角. When we reached Fa Yuen Street 花园街 around 9pm+, we were wondering whether the stalls were just going to open or closing cos most stalls were unoccupied. Nevertheless, we still managed to spend some time and $$$ at the shops along the street before we headed off to Ladies’ Market.

Along the way back to our hotel, there was this small and unnoticeable shop, along Dundas St. 灯打士街 just opposite Kwong Wah Hospital 广华医院, selling homemade carrot cake 萝柏糕 (HK$2) and bowlcake 碗仔糕 (HK$2), which we bought as our supper, were very tasty too (I forgotten to take pix of those).

By the time we returned back to the hotel, the main entrance of the hotel was closed! Din realised that they will close the main entrance at 12am, and since it was 12.15am then, we got to make a big round to the back entrance (where we came from in the morning which is nearer to Yau Ma Tei MTR station) to ‘report’ to the security guards stationed at the temporary counter that set up after 12am … quite safe sia …

I started sorting and packing the barangs bought today into another luggage that I brought along, until JT told me about the 1 luggage restriction per passenger on the ferry to Macau. Actually PL only checked out this restriction for TurboJet Ferry but just in case First Ferry also practised such restriction and prevented us from boarding their ferry, I had to be ‘wise’ with my purchases for the next 2 days in Hong Kong … At this moment, I really regretted not bringing a bigger luggage!!! 😦

Anyway, as usual, we would gather at our room for settling the ‘debts’ for the day cos I’m oso an unofficial ‘financial accountant’. But I was too confused with my own record, plus I was also too tired to carry on, we ‘dismissed’ and ‘postponed’ this ‘report’ to the following day instead. It was almost 3am liao and we were only left with 5 hours of sleep before our planned set off time at 8.30am the following day … or rather that morning.

My 战利品 for the day … did I missed anything out? hmm …

Day 2 – 19 Sep (Macau to Hong Kong)

Day 1 – 18 Sep (Macau)

Our plan was to reach the Budget Terminal at 7.30am, but due to the ulu area where JT stayed, she only managed to get a cab around 7am++ … then came by our area and pick me & AG up.

So by the time we reached the terminal, it’s around 7.45am liao … and so coincidently PL reached at the same time right infront of our cab. We were still considered early cos the check in counter wasn’t open yet. And so we settled down at the Hans for breakfast.

Soon the check-in counter opened around 8am+…

Thought the earlier we checked in, the chances of choosing the seats we preferred will be higher. We forgotten that it was different from Jetstar where seating no. will be assigned upon check in. For Tiger, we were only get to choose the seats when we were up on the plane. Kiasu us 😛 Not knowing that, we had checked in more than an hr earlier than our actual 9.50am flight. We just got to roam around the waiting area for an hour+ lor.

And when the gate opened, we quickly rush in to queue up to the airplane.

The Macau airport is situationed at Taipa. Though not as grand as ours, but still considered quite neat and clean. By the time we touched down, it was already 1.30pm … but think we were more excited at the start of our ‘adventures’ than our lunch then.

When we reached the Macau airport, we went straight to find out about the ferry tickets to Hong Kong, but there is only TurboJet counter around, where their ferry reached Star Ferry at Sheung Wan in Hong Kong Island instead. As our hotel stay was situated in Kowloon, we could only buy the First Ferry tickets at the Ferry Terminal located at Macau mainland. And so we decided to head straight to our hotel, Sintra 新丽华, to check-in first before we proceed to Ferry Terminal.

Note: Cab fare from airport to Sintra = MOP/HK$57. The exchange rate of MOP to HK$ is very minimal, so it’s almost 1 to 1 exchange. You can spend HK$ in Macau. So it’s advisable to change into HK$ then to MOP where you can use in both Hong Kong and Macau. MOP can only be used in Macau and so it’s also advisable to spend all your available MOP instead of HK$ you have if you seldom go to Macau.

Soon we reached Sintra (@ rate of S$106 per rm/nite), a 3-stars hotel located at Av. Infante D. Henrique 殷皇子大马路 (one of Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s group of hotels).

We set off to the Ferry Terminal via Sintra-Lisboa free shuttle bus to terminal after checking in.

Upon arrival at the terminal, we were approached by a few local agencies. Not knowing where the First Ferry counter was, we ‘followed’ a guy who said he could help us obtaining the tickets. Sounds scary right? … but not true lah … we are not that stupid too 😛 Anyway, he brought us to his little agency at the terminal and introduced his day tour package to us. Looking at the places covered … particularly to Taipa to eat the famous Pork Chop Bun 猪扒包 … cos it’s 2.30pm then and we had yet to take our lunch. Since he could solve our tickets problem at MOP135 each, we decided to take his offer which included 4pax in a private van for 3 hrs (we actually took 4 hr+ at no extra cost) at a single rate of MOP550.

The tour guide said that our timing was just nice for lunching at the famous eating place, Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei 大利来记咖啡室, where it was said to sell only 300pcs of pork chop buns during weekdays and 600pcs during weekends. I had long heard of this place through many travel and food programmes and now we were actually sitting at the place eating their local Fish Ball Noodle 鱼旦面 (MOP15) and their speciality 猪扒包 (MOP11) 😉 Their 鱼旦 tasted different from our fishball which tasted more like our meat ball. 猪扒包 was simply fantastic! Not because we were too hungry, but their pork meat was really very tender and tasty … slurp! … drooling now :P. The buns were freshly baked before they were served to us, so still hot and crisy when we ate.

After our late lunch at the cafe, we returned back to Macau mainland and headed off to our first sightseeing location, A-Ma Temple 妈阁庙.

Along the way, the tour guide told us that Macau girls dun like rich man, in which JT and PL jokingly said that they dun mind rich man and just leave those guys with them 😛 And when he furthered said that there were 26 casinos there, JT even jokingly (but sounds very ‘serious’) that she wanted to stay in Macau because she wanted to work in casino … as manager! hahaha …

Next we were brought to Penha Church which was situated high up on Penha Hill which offers excellent views of Macau, Praia Bay and Taipa Island. On the day that we went, we even saw new couples taking their outdoor wedding shots … but the bride was wearing sport shoes instead HUH?! (we tried to take a pix of them but was very blur 😛 )

As we parted from the church, the tour guide drove through the old district area where it was once used to be very prosperous and lively until the build of the ferry terminal at the outer harbour.

Soon we reached Macau’s icon place, The Ruins of St. Paul’s 大三巴牌坊. Having watched many dramas and movies taking scene at the ruins, we were so excited when we were right there standing infront of it 😀 … and that’s explained for the numerous pix taken at different angles 😛

Our next destination was the Fishermen’s Wharf 渔人码头 … same name as the one in Taiwan. This theme park was newly opened early this year. One of the main attractions of the year. All our macau maps that we took during our trip still shows that it’s under construction (huh? almost entering into the 4th quarter of the year and still not updated?!). We spent quite some time there and din know that we had overshot our time … the tour guide thought we couldn’t find our way out and went in search for us 😛

Initially our last stop should be at the Macau Tower. But after considering the high entrance fee to the top, and since the purpose of viewing Macau mainland on high level has been done at Penha Church, we cancelled that trip and proceeded for dinner at the authentic Portugese restaurant recommended by the tour guide, which was also near to the casino, Sands 金沙 where we planned to go after the dinner.

After directing us the way to the casino, the tour guide alighted us at the restaurant and left for the day.

This Portugese restaurant Ho Ma Pou Kuok Sio Hau 河马蒲国烧烤 wasn’t very big … seems kinda of a family business restaurant to me. Maybe we were not used to Portugese styled of cooking which used pumpkin for the cheesy feel. Not a bad choice though … still worth a try if you are interested in trying authentic Portugese food which are rich in taste.

After spending MOP443 on our dinner, we proceeded to Sands (which had recently taken over the casino project in Marina South). My first time to such a grand casino … I was like “whao! whao! whao!” But then we din play … first we dun know how to … secondly we dun want to waste our $$ at the table … we would rather shop and eat more with the $$ 🙂 Since we couldn’t take any pix there, me and AG managed to grabbed a bottle of their FREE mineral water bottle each as our remembrance … which we aimed right from the start as we stepped in 😛 (cos we were not allowed to bring in any mineral bottle … was even told to finish up the water before stepping in … funnie rules … hmmm … )

Note: Cab fare from Sands to Sintra = MOP16

It was 10pm+ by the time we returned back to the hotel. After packing our luggages for next day trip to Hong Kong, we settled down to ‘clear our debts’ and calculate each of our expenses for the day. So by the time we went to bed was … only 11pm+??!? … that’s early for me! … considering on an overseas trip.

Day 1 – 18 Sep (Macau)