2009 Car Rally

The annual car rally was held this date. But this time round luck wasn’t on my team’s side as we were pulled down by ‘not being loyalty’ towards the end.

As usual we had to finish up the 500ml of mineral water plus a snack (swiss roll this time) before we can start off to our 1st pt.

This 1st pt seemed to be a same start pt for all as everyone was dashing towards Chinese Garden. “Pagodas in the West” seemed pretty obvious to link to Chinese Garden but we overlooked on the “s” in “Pagodas”. Luckily the only carpark is at the main entrance instead of the entrance from the mrt, and so here we were at the correct TWINS pagoda … together with our ‘twin’ team grp 🙂

2 members of the team were to climb up to the top of the pagoda before we were given another clue which led us to another spot in the chinese garden. Luckily it was a spot where I took pix few times and roughly know the exact location.

I thought everything ended here before we can proceed on to the next checkpt. Upon receving the next clue, we then know tat there is such a Water Venture facilities at jurong lake which is just next to the main entrance of Chinese Garden. And the task here is non other than the Kayaking.

Though all 8 of us were fast enough in the beginning, but the luck dun seems to be on us cos it started to drizzle when we arrived at Chinese Garden. And it got even heavier at the water venture pt. Due to safety reasons, we were not allow to kayak until 20mins later when the rain gets much smaller.

By the time we completed our task, another team arrived. And off we dashed to our next pt with this clue. Given the Dalhousie Lane clue on the pix, we started heading off to Little India.

Upon arriving at the spot where the pix was, there was no committee member in sight until she appeared infront of us. The task where we were to carry out was actually located on level 2 opposite. We were to thread the jasmine flowers into a wristlet and take pix together one of the members who will be wearing the indian clothes (looks like baju kurung to me).

Obviously I was the one wearing it. And luckily we were the 1st grp to arrive at this pt, if not imagine no. of members who arrived sweatily and wear it … :S

Just the nite before, BT and I was trying to spot places tat might be selected and museums were among our discussion. Being not ‘creative’ enough and still tagging on the nonya craze, of the many more challenging museums, they chose Peranakan Museum. Talking about this museum, I should try making a visit here one day.

One thing to mention here, we were trying to get someone to take a grp pix for us and we approached a indian lady security guard of the museum who rejected us down flatly cos she was rushing to clock her time for exchange of duty then. It doesn’t really take much time to shoot a grp pix. Imagine if there are REAL TOURISTS around asking for similar help. Isn’t it very embarrassing for such an unfriendly encounter when it’s happened in a tourist spot.

Our grp pix was ended up taken with the help of a friendly lady who happened to be there introducing her foreign guest to this museum.

“make a Statement and Be Heard” … tat’s led us to the Speaker Corner @ Chinatown. This is the only pt with creative tasks to fulfil. Those committee members here must have been ‘brainwashed’ by taiwan variety shows. Each team had to guess the 5 sauces correctly and to complete all 4 actions plus scripts-reading in 100sec before we were given the next clue. We had taken up quite some times here as our hands were too wobble to grip out 10 tiny beans from the bowl using a pair of rounded aluminium chopsticks and thus had to repeat the whole process again after failing to complete them in 100sec 😦

We thought they were referring to the bullock cart at bottle tree park or even chinatown since it was named after this … we were too creative 😛 Anyway on simplest thought, we decided to head off to Malay Village. I only remembered seeing such bullock cart there during my sec 3 excusion 😉

We were hold 10mins by the previous team. Good time for a toilet break too 😉

We were rather hungry by then and ‘good enough’, we were given malay snacks to finish before we can obtain the next clue. I almost choked on kueh lapis 😛 … luckily SY had bottles of drink from his car for us to wash down the dry food 😀

Everything was going smooth and well until this last round. We had to find our company ‘sign’ on the road. This is where we wasted our 20mins for search in vain … while the rest were all quite lucky to spot it along the way and therefore could head straight back to our start pt.

We lost the game to our luck then our speed. Though it was fun every yr, but I doubt I will join again next yr. It wasn’t becos we had lost this time, in actual fact I had opted out of it this yr but were ‘begged’ back :P, it was rather due to my poor stamina. Wat added on was the committee refusal to be more transparent with all our clocked time ‘angered’ us in some way.

2009 Car Rally

Xian De Lai Steamboat @ Bugis

sookee xmas tree @ bugis junction this yr

There are a lot of steamboat restaurants at bugis. Today we specially came to their recommended place, Xian De Lai, a shanghai cuisine steamboat place along liang seah st.

We opted for a chicken soup base and a ma-la (spicy) soup base. The stir-fried chicken bits used as ingredients for the ma-la were so nice tat we almost finished them up before the soup was even poured in 😛

look at the dried chili!!! and they still dun find it ‘ma-la’ enough :-O
i could feel my pimples ready to pop out :S

the anyhow mixed sauce :S

It was rather cramp inside the restaurant actually. Luckily for us, we had a small corner for placing our dishes seperately on their foldable stand.

and soon our pot were filled up!

Oh ya! Eat-all-you-can for the price of S$17.80+

xmas tree @ raffles city

lightings along bras basah rd


Just before the dinner, I picked this up from CL … another jap mag purchase just becos of the … free tsumori chisato bag.

InRed mag @ S$18.18
(oh I forgotten to mentioned. CL has their privi card and all our jap mag purchases were after 10% less :D)

basically it is a eco bag

with some shimmery star prints

but the bag was very thin and so it can be seen thru a bit under light

The watches nice rite? 39,900yen (about S$615) each for the 2 beige/gold ones while it cost 42,000yen (about S$647) for my fav black one :S 看就好 😦

Xian De Lai Steamboat @ Bugis

Fish Mahattan @ PS

It was my 1st trip here and I quite like their food. It just reminds me of the fish & co. which served similar dishes too.

We tried their xmas promo, grilled mahi-mahi and grilled pacific dory sets. Both sets came with a bowl of double-scoop ice-cream and bottomless (refillable) drink.

seafood chowder (S$4.90)
thick and creamy … very yummy!

my order – grilled mahi-mahi with hohoho sauce (S$21.90)

cat’s order – grilled pacific dory (S$16.90)

Overall to comment, mahi-mahi was a better choice cos it was tastier. Dory taste was a bit weird … maybe too fishy.  We had a choice of chips or rice. The rice was nicely fried with a nice fragrant. Not bad!

They served drink in quite a big cup and so we did not go for any refill. But also becos the tall table where we were sitting was so freezing cold tat we wun wan anymore helpings, even when they served us ice-cream, we were ‘frightened out’ 😛

m&m chocolates as toppings yo!


See wat I found @ daiso today?!

a bag hook @ S$2

But of cos being S$2, the quality may not be strong as those stainless steel ones tat were also imported from jap selling around S$9-S$13 or even higher on the web. I’m temporary satisfied with this … can carry it along when I go for my meals 🙂

Fish Mahattan @ PS


His actual day is tml but since today is our family day and so we had the celebration 1 day earlier.

We had him sing birthday song for himself. Instead of “bird-day u”, he could now sing a clearer birthday song, though not so complete but tat was good enough 🙂

he can finally wear the astroboy tee (大妹 bot for them 2yrs+ ago) together with his daddy’s …
time to buy similar ones for the daughter and the mummy loh …

care bears craze now har?

slowly savoring his corns 🙂


Expo Fairs Hop

It wasn’t a hop initially. But after we had booked for the kittylab, we realised tat there are some other interesting fairs going on too.

And so we invaded into 4 selected fairs/exhibitions from the time we reached around 9am till we leave expo around 5pm (tat’s normal working hrs :P)


free cardholder with lanyard

Each and everyone was given a gadget (cun remember wat’s tat called). This gadget had to be placed on the interactive machine located at all stations. Each station had their own action to be completed, such action will be captured by the interactive machine, and if u passed (it’s easy to pass), u can choose the accessory or dressing to dress up ur hello kitty. Watever ur choice was, it will be saved into the gadget. By the end of the game, u will receive a card of ur own designed hello kitty where they will analyzed the kind of character ur hello kitty is.

our kitty id cards

I’m a ‘Trouble Kitty‘ who never stops asking until the answer is found 😛

Frankly speaking, if just the game alone, it was kinda bored. But when we were allowed to shoot, tat’s where the best part and worthy of the entrance fee was 😛 We were ‘told’ not to shoot in the exhibition, but I think they had lost control of everyone doing it at the same time, and so instead of stopping everyone, they allowed us to shoot without flash. But as the exhibition hall was very dark, we had no choice but to on our flash.

the city map of kittylab

wan to shop? let’s go Kitty Boutique!

looking for a suitable job? Kitty Company Ltd is here to help 😉

ur car need some servicing? the car mechanic here in KT Formula is skillful enough 🙂

but if ur body need some urgent ‘repair’, they have good doctors here in Strawberry Hospital

saw the suspect? quickly report police at the Kitty Police Station!
(NL is one of them – refer to the bottom corner)

let’s head off to the Star Museum for more knowledge of your stars and horoscopes!
wat’s ur? mine is aquarius 😉

oh I’m too fat to get thru them at the Badtz Maru Playground 😛

ok, it’s time for classes! I’m proud to be a student of Kitty College! 🙂

hey hey … hair too long! time for a good haircut at Mrs Ribbon Salon

time for tea break! they have large varities of nice food here at Kitty Cafe!

eiffel tower at paris, tokyo tower at tokyo, there’s Hello Tower here too! 😉

so tat reminds us of a good trip ya! let’s book a package here at Daniel Travel 😉
they have package to go outer space too :O

time to go … let’s take the train from Nekosen Station!

Here’s more shots taken from around the city …

My buys from the Kitty Lab Souvenir Shop. Just something practical and usable 🙂

eco bag @ $3

and the spoon & fork set @ S$15

but it seems too pretty to be used 😛

Time to collect(buy) the photo taken before we enter in to the city …

S$12 for the photo with cardboard photo frame and cute little stickers

all these were placed in this medical report like envelope 🙂

Given the chance to shoot inside, we decided to forgo the limited ed good citizen badge for those who can complete the whole game by their designated time. And so we ended up staying till the next session (we took the 1st and earliest session) before we headed off to food fair for our lunch 😛

saw this on our way out and was told of a registeration for a free webbased email acct plus a free photo shot

each of us was given a barcoded card in which different animated characters will appear
on our screen when the barcode came in contact with the barcode reader on the camera

and tat’s how the keroppi came near me 😀

grabbed a capsule toy outside the hall … strawberry one … so sweeeeet …. 😉

Food Fair

delicacy from taiwan booth … Ma Lan Gong Wan (hot & spicy fishballs) S$3.50
though it’s kinda oily, but the taste was good … we almost emptied up the oily soup 😛

traditional kueh pie tee @ 4 for S$2.50
not too bad … the cup were still crispy and fillings were still warmed

leo satay @ 10 for S$5
after eating the too dry and non-tasty satay of theirs, we regretted sticking back to city satay 😦

a little bowl of S$1 laksa from Defu
cold and tasteless … kinda disappointed …

all these otah  and otah buns for S$5 at Defu too
too light for taste … another disappointment 😦

ai yu (jelly drink) @ S$1 from a taiwan booth
very refreshing and it’s all we need after all the spicy food 🙂

3 for S$3 deep-fried yam with almond flakes from teochew city seafood restaurant booth
yam tasted was covered by the almond flakes … I would prefer stronger yam taste
we were thinking of trying out their yam paste too but the ppl savoring it were expressionless to convince us

John Little Sales

I din make any spree here though NL bought alot of big & heavy bottles of toiletries here. I only bought a S$12 blouse for 妈咪 which she likes it so much and ask me why din I buy another colour for her @_@

break @ coffee beans

our legs are breaking … we need a rest …

NL left us early from here …

MPH Sales

I was quite amazed to see so many ppl carrying or leg-pushing their filled up carton boxes around. Some parents were even seen throwing children bks into their overflowing carton after a few flips, cos each bk only cost them S$1.

I may be doing so if it was kino sales instead … cos I will aim at all chinese books 😛

After browsing thru a few rounds, I picked up 2 bks from the 5 for $20 section … the other 3 went to CL. The additional 3 travel guides belonged to CL too.

a box of yummy half tongzi chicken complete the day 😉

Expo Fairs Hop

Sailing Xmas @ Bugis Junction

Taken these while waiting for the other 4 …

I thought I was only going to meet up with 2 but din know ST managed to get the couple out too. Am glad SL had got over her lost infant … but maybe she tried not to think of it. Anyway we dare not mentioned anything too, just updating each other since we haven’t met up for a long time.

Life has been hard on us sometimes, but we still have to go on no matter wat, cos we only live once. So enjoy as much as u can, laugh as much as u like. Remember! There is no take 2 in life 🙂 (specially to my pessimistic frens :P)

Sailing Xmas @ Bugis Junction

The ‘Nitemare’ Is Here!

About 2 wks ago, Xris informed us of a Women’s Fair @ MS (http://www.herworld.com/happenings/index-womens_fair_09.php). But the main reason behind was … their goodie bag!

And these were wat she has got for me … all items from the $6 her world goodie bag!

We bot 2 jap mags from kino too … specially becos of the freebies 😛

steady @ S$15.03

sweet rite? ^___^

Care Bears had always been my fav cartoon characters since 80s, and so how can I not miss it when I saw this?! 😀

cutie @ S$13.95

care bears shop @ harajuku! i would love to make a visit here if i were to visit tokyo one day …

Oh no! Freebies craze! I’m stuck! :S

The ‘Nitemare’ Is Here!

Romankan @ Taka

Romankan, an unnoticeable little eating corner tucked at the back of taka’s food zone. Heard it had opened for many years.

They basically served teisyoki, set meal tat comes with rice, miso soup and pickles. There are 9 set meals inclusive of 2 sandwich sets to choose from. All sets not exceeding S$17.

NL’s order – katsu curry teisyoku (S$15)
fried pork-loin cutlets with an original curry sauce, rice and salad

mine – rosu katsu ni (S$15)
cooked fried pork-loin cutlets in an original sauce, served on a hot plate

CL’s order – chicken katsu teisyoku (S$11.50)
deep-fried chicken cutlets

All cutlets we ordered but in different styles. Though they were all deep fried, but there isn’t any greasiness in them. Not a bad choice for dining at a food hall.

CL had been talking about a particular indonesian snack which tasted similar to tat of an indian snack. We had no idea wat she referring to until we saw it at one of the food stall nearby.

I think it tasted more like the Putu Piring I had in malacca (a flour-er and bigger version of our Tutu Kueh) which was taster.  These were way too soggy and tasteless.

The toy fair for this time round came with more ‘collectables’ than just toys for the kids. I din get any though … just some photoshoots with the ‘toys’ 😛

this yr xmas tree @ NAC

Romankan @ Taka

Ootoya @ Orchard Central

We q for 45mins, placed order within 15mins, and left the place after 20mins.

We had decided, if we were to return, we have to either make it earlier or in the afternoon. The food wise was almost similar to tat of Tonkichi, which was another place with long q in the same mall. Basically these were the only 2 restaurants with long q. Price wise was cheaper.

I do not know which is which, but the total bill of 4 set meals plus the S$6 ceaser salad cost less than S$80. So average to say each fork out about S$20. Quite reasonable I would say.

Orchard xmas lightings has lighted up. We had also fixed the date and venue for this yr xmas gathering, and it will solely within the gals. Ya it’s easier to find a place to accomodate 7 of us, rather than with 12 adults and 7 kids 😛

Ootoya @ Orchard Central