Half Day Tour @ Chinatown

Wat meant to be a simple lunch together, after placing our luggages in the office ready for the our BKK trip after work late coming week, ended up with an afternoon ‘tour’ at Chinatown.

office –> muffins from Chocolat & Spice @ TJP Plaza –> lunch @ Maxwell (curry mee, fish soup noodle, fried kuey teow, rojak, sweetpotato balls 番薯蛋, oyster UFO) –> chinatown –> Mango sago with pomelo (杨枝甘露) & sesame paste (芝麻糊) @ Mei Heong Yuen –> chinatown pt –> capsule toys @ people’s park centre –> cheap toiletries @ people’s park hawker complex –> tee @ OG –> sambal fish balls & cds @ pearl centre –> finally home!

Din know BS was such a big eater :-OOO She was supposed to leave us at 4pm but we ended up leaving together around 6pm =P

And that ended our half day tour @ chinatown (like dat oso can ^___*)

Half Day Tour @ Chinatown

吃喝玩乐在马六甲 (Day 3 – 3 May)

We had reached the last day of the trip and will be leaving in the afternoon.

M & J still had to work on a Sat morning, and so we were on our own again for the breakfast, at the same place, ordered the same dish, but with additional order of the generous-fillings mee sua. It was only this morning that the proprietress recognised me … as the one from Spore (*____*) after Ah Ee told her about my arrival (ok enough **paisey**)


Soon it was time for SW to fetch us to their new hse before leaving for the 3.30pm coach back to Spore.

A home-cooked spread awaited us when we reached, which JT doesn’t expected that on such trip ^___* (but to tell u all the truth, I had ‘flew them kites’ many times ever since I verbally mentioned to them that I will be bringing friends to Melaka many years ago :P)

As we still had 2hrs of spare time before setting off to the terminal, we decided to head down to Makohta Parade for last min shopping. My luggage was the least heavy one when we left M’s hse in the morning. But it was soon added with 3x 700g of milk powder (obviously who it was for), 1kg of Aik Cheong Coffee Powder packed in container form (Kam-Mou & SP drove out to buy for 妈咪 while we were lunching earlier on), and additional pants I bought from the mall.

Well … how could a dramatic start of the trip ended undramatically? =^___^=

It was only 3pm when we left for the terminal. But the slight jam (actually it was the horrible traffic lights stopping time) we encountered at some points actually led to our late boarding time. J had made a call to the bus operator to stop the coach from leaving and gena ‘scolded’ by them. But of cos under ensurance, they would wait for their passenger which of cos cannot be too late. Wat shocked us was they told her that it was almost going 3.45pm when it hasn’t even touched 3.30pm on all the watches we had, including the car clock.

And so when we finally reached the entrance only to realise that the carpark was full and we had to alight outside the terminal. @_@ With the fastest speed from everyone (including SW, SY, SP, M & J) in unloading our luggages, M & J ‘chucked’ the milk powder and some kuehs (for us to eat on the coach) to me before DASHING straight to the platform where the coach was waiting. Luckily for us, the bus conductor and the driver did not scold us, but instead asking if we had overslept 😛

After settling down in the coach, JT realised that we din even had a proper bidding of goodbyes to my cousins and off we went in such a hurry. I din even had the time to show them the A&W restaurant inside the mall of the terminal which we had intention to try out their burger before boarding.

Anyway, not long did our coach left the terminal, JT and I started to plan our next trip there again. But this time round we will be taking … say a week … cos we wanted to cover Penang and KL-or-Genting as well.

I was so relieved that organising this trip was such a success cos they were very satisfied with it.

For NL who had never been to Melaka, who thought Melaka was ‘that small only’ cos all these 3 days we had only been travelling around Malacca Town, who thought there was no shopping mall around, and who only changed S$80 for the trip, for AG who’s last trip was more than a decade ago, and only remembered the Mahkota Parade being the only mall around, for JT who accompanied her mum to Melaka for a short trip with a
cny-goodies-purchasing-senior-citizens-tour-group earlier this yr, who managed to savour the authentic portuguese food at the Portuguese Settlement, found this trip a fruitful trip indeed.

The only regret was … too rushing. There were still alot of food to savour and places to visit … of some which I may not had been to or noticed before. That was why I had always been ‘playing’ as a tourist even though I frequented this state since small.

Other than the hiccup at the terminal, we had a smooth journey back and reached Spore as per my itinerary.

Carrying the luggage with the additional kilos wasn’t a joke at all. It was indeed a nice gesture of AG to allow me to loosen my body tension by exchanging mine with hers till we were in Swensen for our dinner.

Despited having food marathon for few days in Melaka, we were still able to gulp down all these 😛

chicken salad (S$10.90)

fried mushroom (S$5.90) / crispy veg mix (S$4.90) /rodeo wings [pix not shown] (S$8.50)

bbq mushroom chicken burger (S$12.50)

fish & chip (S$13.90)

mango madness (S$6.00)

nutty mighty (S$7.90)

All these above cost us S$82.98 … it didn’t even cost us that much for a full day meal in Melaka 😛

So … want to go anyone? (^_______^) v

吃喝玩乐在马六甲 (Day 3 – 3 May)

吃喝玩乐在马六甲 (Day 2 – 2 May)

Something that I will miss while in Spore and would definately go for at least once when I was in Melaka was this coffeeshop just below M’s flat. Not becos of it homely-managed coffeeshop nor becos of the oftenly-seen-daughters-scolding-proprietress, but becos of the nice, crispy, and cheap roti canai (prata) they served there. I would ‘brainwashed’ everyone with it before any Melaka trip 😛

It used to be prepared by the proprietor, with their daughters (of very young ages) helping out in the coffeeshop before they left for school. The proprietress who were incharge of making drinks was oftenly seen scolding their daughters but was usually friendly to the patrons.

However in the recent years, the oftenly gena-scolded eldest daughter had taken up the job of being the ‘prata’-girl. According to Ah Ee, local tv crews ever came and filmed on her, cos she was the youngest ‘prata’-girl in M’sia. Think she is still in upper-primary school now.

As it was still a working day for M & J, we slept till a comfortable hour before taking our own sweet time down to the coffeeshop for our late breakfast. Afterwhich we made a stroll around the estate before M came to fetch us for …….. LUNCH 😛

And we bought these traditional nyonya zhang (rice dumpling) with blue flower’s colouring as well as the bazhang. Both at RM2.80 each. Isn’t it cheap for such yummy and filling rice dumplings?! And the homely store was actually ‘camouflaged’ behind a … car garage (?)

M brought us to Donald & Lily’s for our lunch. Honestly speaking, I had came by this area many times while going towards Jonker st., but never had I ever notice a stall selling chendol just beside the parking lots. Wat more to know that there was a home-cooked nyonya food serving behind the stall up a short flight of stairs of an old house.

2nd chendol of the trip (RM1.30)
The ice were fine-shaved and very soothing to the throat.
The amount of gula melaka used seemed just nice and so wasn’t so sweet. Just the taste I like ^__^

Nasi Lemak (RM5.00)
Fri special that served w rendang ayam … which was a big serving.

Tau Kua Rojak Special (RM3.50)
nyonya special … taste just like our rojak but with the you tiao.
basically a dish with tau kua, tau pok, pineapples and cucumbers, and of cos the peanut paste … mmm … yummy!

Mee Siam (RM3.00)
very appetising dish

Nyonya Laksa (RM3.20)
the ingredients used were so different from wat we had here.
Other than those commonly found ingredients, there were brinjals too.

As M was only out with us on her lunch hour, she drove around Jonker’s Street for us to familiarise with the area before dropping us off on our own. And so, my status turned to “unofficial tour guide” with immediate effect 😛

Geographer cafe
Recognised this place? One of the filming locations for Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren’s movie, Summer Holiday 《夏日么么茶》 … the part where she finally realised that her boyfriend (starred by Tay Ping Hui) was with her good friend. Dunno-which-series of Citybeat filmed here before too.

Malaqa House Museum Sdn. Bhd.
We spent quite some times here and took some shots in this antiques selling shop while AG was choosing her gift for her ‘boy boy’ 😀

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple (青云亭)
The 300+ yrs old temple was the most popular place where the locals will go for during chinese calendar important dates. NL did her kau cim (求签) here.

After near 2hrs of walk, we decided to settle down for some cold drink. Geographer cafe was our choice of cos ^___*

Cinderella (RM7.00) / Organic Coconut (RM4.50) / Dragon Fruits (RM7.00)
Cinderella was the drink in yellow … think it suits the pink drink (Dragon Fruits) better ^___*

The distance between the Jonker Street and The Stadthuys was actually very near and within walking distance. The Stadthuys was the other location for the filming of the Summer Holiday … the part where the 1st & 2nd unsuccessful signing of the contract for selling off the island was which eventually called off.

Actually, as long as one follow closely to the map route, and with proper instructions & indications given (by M), one could even easily made it to Pahlawan ***proud proud*** Warm weather might be the only obstruction, which didn’t dampened our spirit though, cos we were mentally prepared 😛

As there was still some time before M or J picked us up in the evening, NL and AG decided to head for a haircut, while JT and me roamed around before settling down at Shilin 士林 stall.

We were surprised with how presentable the mee sua was served. Unlike those we had here that served with a paper bowl. And I din realised that Shilin’s mee sua in Spore didn’t serve oysters anymore, but substituted with sliced chicken meat instead. Wat a pity! ~_~

Each mouthful was so satisfying with thick taste and generous serving. The oysters used though were small but very fresh. Wat more they retained the original way of eating oysters mee sua … by not using chopsticks.

And next was their XXL crispy chicken. It was served bone-in and uncut, so as to retain the original flavour and juiciness … which I understood from JT that that was how it was served in Taiwan.

M went hm for some evening nap (she must had been ‘tired’ out by us :P) while it was J’s turn to drive us around. As we still had time before our dinner at Jonker Walk (the whole street will be closed for traffic for nite bazzar-like every Fri-Sun nite), J drove us to Portuguese Settlement for a short tour around before we headed off to Tan Kim Hock for local product spree!

It was indeed a spree for them cos NL and AG used up all their ringgits there while JT spent RM200+ :-O We almost had our 3rd chendol … the fav. durian chendol at Tan Kim Hock. But ‘luckily’ it was sold out by the time we were there. Understand from M & J that they rarely take any chendol only when ‘tourists’ like us were there to savour such =P

But before we reached TKH, J made a round and let them had a glance of the San Bao Jin 三宝井 where it was actually a … chinese cemetery located 😛

Oh well, I had actually feedback to NL the history of how baba-nyonya came about, and oso about this Princess Hang Li Poh’s drinking well which was now a wishing well and of cos not in drinkable condition … unless u dun mind the water passing thru those corpses from the hill 😛

Basicially this area was called Bukit Cina … where M & J were shocked that I added this into our itinerary. And so inorder not to disappoint NL, they drove pass the temple where the well was and let NL had a glance of it 😛 Good huh my cousins! … hehehe …

Soon nite came and off we went for the Jonker Walk which stretches the whole of Jonker Street. My other cousins were gathering here too.

This street totally came alive at nite. Other than the usual street stalls and handicrafts or watever one might find in nite market, those clan associations along the street became some community gathering places where one could find different groups of elderly taking line-dance, cha-cha, and even karaoke sessions.

There was this particular central performance stage, where cny count down celebrations were usually held, had became a stage for elderly to show out their singing talent. We usually bypass this place cos it was just some elderly singing some oldies, nothing special. But this nite, we were all captived by an uncle who sang … guess wat?! … it was 背叛 by Gary 曹格. Wat more it was really well sang 🙂 And it seems that all the elderly were bored with the song cos only the few of us gave him his well deserved big applause.

And next, a new try for the 3 gals … Satay Celup … kinda lok-lok way of eating, dipping into a big pot of satay sauce … something like the dip we had for satay. If I remembered correctly, this originate from Melaka. And they charged the food by the number of emptied satay sticks they found on the table. How trustful they were rite?

More and more places selling satay celup popped up these few years but we frequented more at those along Ong Kim Wee instead.

One thing about this trip was … I had only announced it to my cousins that I WILL-or-MIGHT be coming to Melaka, without informing the elderlys … like my Ah Ee, Ee-ma, 2 Kao-Fu and blah blah blah. Well … I thought my cousins will inform them 😛 And so happened that I received a missed call just the day before. It was from my KL kao-fu … which I thought he called becos he knew of my arrival. After returning back the call that I realised that he had totally no idea of my arrival and even planned to travel down to Melaka to have dinner with us.

None of my cousins nor Ah Ee believed that he will actually travel down cos he had ‘flew them kites’ many times 😛 But much to our surprise … he appeared while we were at Jonker Walk :-O … and we were more shock becos … he decided to return back to KL after our satay celup supper which was treated by him :-OOOOOOO

Oh yes! I’m a QUEEN INDEED!!!! hehehe … Ain’t my beloved relatives cuteeeeee too ^_______^

吃喝玩乐在马六甲 (Day 2 – 2 May)

吃喝玩乐在马六甲 (Day 1 – 1 May)

And indeed we made an early check-in … 15mins earlier than the stated 7.30am. But luckily becos of this, I was able to make a fast to and fro trip back home to get my FORGOTTEN PASSPORT!!!!!

Am gladful that NL suddenly mentioned to us about her dad reminding her of her passport while she was wondering why. Anyway all 3 of them were still in a daze when I told them I dun have mine with me and quickly boarded a cab, dumping my luggage to them. They meant it as a joke man! But I’m SERIOUS!!!!

I was lucky to board a cab with a friendly and helpful driver who tried all his best to have me reach hm and return back to the bus terminal within half an hour … SAFELY. Maybe because of the chatty driver that I dun feel nervous at all during the journey, despite him telling me that he was left with the last deductional points of his driving points :-O. And with the coordination from my dad to break opened my locked drawer for my passport and bring it down to the roadside instead of me going up, I managed to reach the terminal at exactly 8am. **Phew! :D**

News of my forgetfulness travelled to my relatives’ ears even before I arrived at their place. All thanks to 妈咪 that it soon became the joke of the trip, when everyone starting to remind me of my passport when we were packing to leave on the last day. **hmph**

Usually travelling by the tuas link was a breeze. But it wasn’t until the ‘limping guy’ incident that all vehicles including long-distance coaches have to undergo scanning one by one … which took us more than 20mins in the jam before getting cleared.

And partly becos of this jam, plus slight jam at the Ayer Keroh toll plaza, we reached Melaka (Malacca) an hr+ later than expected @_@

The 1st thing we did was to say hi to Ah Ee and Uncle F, as well as unloading our luggages temporary at their pl. Afterwhich we headed off for our 1st meal of the trip. Hainanese chicken rice balls v(^______^) … my 2nd times here.

From here onwards, my itinerary were all jumbled-up, but still covering the places where we wanted to go … and with additionals too ^_______^

Where do u often served with unlimited refill of soup back in spore, wat more it was nicely brewed black beans soup? Even an extra small bowl of the simple chicken rice soup may resulted in blackened-face from some hawkers.

Our unanimous conclusion was … the roasted chicken was nicer than the white chicken one. RM45.20 for the whole meal.

After a ‘heavy’ lunch, it was time for some ‘exercise’. Climbing right up to the top of St. Paul’s Hill via the flight of steep steps was indeed a ‘good’ cardio workout. If I remembered correctly, the last time I stepped up here was 8yrs ago (it seemed even longer for M), I dun remember having such steep steps those yrs back when I climbed up to this hill. Or was age catching up with me??? :-O

Time to walk down another flight of steep steps towards the A’Famosa fortress.

During the 3D2N stay in Melaka, we had spotted iguanas both in melaka big canal as well as tourist spots … and so much so that NL dreamt of them on the very 1st nite 😀

This was initially a stadium, padang Pahlawan, where Melaka obtained independence too (if I remembered correctly). It used to be a bull-cart field for tourists who wanted to experience the feel of sitting on the cart while being pulled by the buffalo. I tried once 14yrs ago.

Mahkota Parade used to be the largest shopping mall in Melaka until the build of the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall 2yrs+ ago which takes only less than 5mins walk from the A’Famosa fortress.

After having such heavy ‘cardio workout’, we decided to settle down for tea break at Old Town White Cafe as recommended by M.

Ice Fire Polo Bun (RM2.80)
The so-called “ice fire” was actually referring to the chilled butter.
Polo (pineapple in hong kong cantonese) bun without pineapple taste at all. This dish was a failure.

Peanut Butter Thick Toast (RM3.20)
Just like our own made peanut butter toast … but we still like it! 🙂

OLDTOWN Egg Toast (RM3.80)
kinda bombay toast with smooth kaya spread … nice!

Omega Soft Boiled Eggs (RM2.20)
my beloved half-boiled eggs … but wat got to do with the “omega”?? hmm …

Twin White Shake (RM4.20) / Mocha White Coffee (RM4.20) / Hazelnut White Coffee (RM4.20) / White Coffee Ice Blended Mocha (RM6.30)
cun remember which is which 😛

After shopping around at Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade, we decided to head back to Ah Ee’s hse to retrieve our luggages cos we were actually staying overnight at M’s apartment just at the next block for the next 2 nites.

We soon were heading for dinner after unpacking and cleaning up. And we bought this along the way. Tu Tu cake was the term used in Spore (wondering why was it called “tu tu” … guess must be some ways of selling via pushing cart or wat that came with a “tu tu” sound in the olden days), it was however called Putu Piring in Melaka. These were big, soft and juicy. Unlike those small, hard and dry ones of ours.

Time for an authentic peranakan dinner … Ole Sayang recommended by M (I think I saw Yummy King’s poster here).

Keropok (RM1.00)

Ayam Pong Teh (RM9.50)
chicken with salted brown-bean sauce. the sauce goes very nice with the rice 🙂

Sambal Udang (RM9.50)
simply our well-known sambal prawns

Sotong Goreng Chili (RM8.00)
the sotong were quite Q

Kangkong Goreng Chili (RM8.80)

Jenak (RM34.00)
taste just like asam fish

Chendol Kachang (RM2.00 ea)
1st chendol of the trip …

Rice (RM1.20 ea)
the chargable rice … ex wor … :-OOO

I was rather surprised that they charged on the sambal belacan (RM1.50) which we waited for so long too **fainted**

Total bill came up to RM107.40 … which was the most expensive meal of the trip. But being served in a restaurant and as compared to here, this authentic peranankan meal was still considered cheap for 5 pax.

After our dinner, as per my request, M drove us to J and her previous semidetached hses (would be side by side if not for the 2 houses inbetween theirs) at Tengkera for a look at the place where I used to stay when I was small during almost every school vacations until I stepped into tertiary level.

Another place where I frequently stayed before they moved out to the semidetached hse was the Jiu Lou building (the once tallest building in Melaka). How this building name “Jiu Lou” came about was simply because it was a 9-storeys building 😀 This building gave me both good and bad memories … which may be rather long-winded, and think if I had the extra time, I will do a write up on this separately (got to really wait loh! ^___*)

After making the trip, we proceeded to Melaka Raya to meet J and A for a round of drinks. It seemed that there were quite a number of new cafes popped up in Melaka … somemore they like to add an “Old” to their cafe name. First was the Old Town White Cafe, and now is the Old Taste Ipoh White Coffee. I guess all these were trying to attract ppl who like to reminiscence (like me :P). Ironically, those who patronised them were of the younger generations. I supposed, old (intact) coffee shops where our grandparents used to patron were still the best places for moments of nostalgia.

The nite didn’t just end here, but instead M drove us to this newly renovated place. And it was 11+ when we reached, but we were stunned by the sights we saw. Many ppl were still actively playing games like bungee-jump and rock-climbing :-O I thought mahjong is the only active game at nite 😛

Wat made me more stunned was to know that this used to be the old cramped express coaches terminal before they moved to the present roundabout one called The Sentral … Wat an AMAZING CHANGE!!!!

吃喝玩乐在马六甲 (Day 1 – 1 May)


This was the itinerary sent out to them just the day before our departure.


1 May Thur
– Depart SIN 8am
– ETA MLK 11am (if no jam)
– Makohta area (peranakan lunch / makohta parade / pahlawan / a’famosa / red church / san bao jin)
– dinner @ portugese village (pending)
– supper (satay celup)

2 May Fri
– breakfast (roti canai)
– jonker st (geography cafe … where the mo mo tea was filmed)
– lunch (dunno where … maybe the chicken rice balls?)
– nite at jonker walk (may take dinner there or grab junk food there or go elsewhere)

3 May Sat
– breakfast at Bunga Raya
– Tan Kim Hock for local products
– Depart MLK 3.30pm
– ETA SIN 7.30pm (if no jam)

Afternoon itinerary on 1 May and 2 May may switch

Our boarding place is at Ban San St (Queens St Bus Terminal) as per circled in the map attached. We can take mrt to Bugis then walk to there. My 1st time walking to the terminal so we may have to find the way there together ^____* but looking from the map, it seems a walkable distance …


and so here we go … join us on our journey to …

Melaka (Malacca)