People who complains they are fat, but they are wearing S size.

People who complains of being old, but they are actually young in age.

People who complains they are unlucky, but they striked on draws or contests many times.

People who complains of their partners, but at least they are being loved and had someone to love for.

People who complains they have no money, but they are splurging on luxury comfort over the weekends.

People who complains of not having enough leaves, but they have yet to clear last year’s leaves.

People who envy others for having many short trips, but they are going for few long distance travels.

People who envy others for having recent hi-tech mobile phone, but they have many working past-dated mobile phones at home.


Sometimes, these people who complains they have nothing, but in actual fact they have everything.

They are just not satisfied.

P/S: 人往高处爬,水往低处流。。。跌(X )才知道。

Oops! 小女子今天脑精坏了。。。 😛


Farewell for SC @ Chikuwa Tei

After having been here for 8yrs, with absolutely no plans of leaving, but ever since 烂人当道, this mild tempered pretty mummy is finally bidding goodbye to us.

And so I arranged our personal farewell dinner for her at Chikuwa Tei, not because she refused to join the earlier official farewell (she tendered days after the arrangement, so it was soooo 顺便…) dinner we had at MELT, but being one of our close kakis, we must do it! 🙂

we treated her for the dinner and bought her a poppy series coach wristlet @ $225

Who’s next? hmm ….

Farewell for SC @ Chikuwa Tei

Taste Paradise @ ION & ALT @ Heeren

I wouldn’t have come to this part of ION if not for our dim sum lunch at taste paradise.

I like the place the moment I stepped into the restaurant.

We were 1st greeted by a short walkway where ‘hidden’ private rooms and kitchen are. The grand interior of the main dining area were decorated with ancient chinese emperors’ paintings, and ancient-style of furnitures and cutleries. Basically a strong chinese culture with a little modernized deco incorporated.

Groups of family started streaming in at the opening hour of 11am. It was indeed a good and cosy place for such gatherings.

Despite having cold sore, I was still savouring away the dim sum … knowing most dim sum filled with bits of seafood fillings like prawns 😀 (sorry no photo on those dim sum cos the photos came out too yellowish to adjust 😦 )

But also because of this cold sore, I couldn’t join the gals for the crabby feast at AMK’s Melben in the evening 😦

We dropped by toy fair at taka sq and then went on to heeren.

I only get to know of the existance of this lifestyle store that occupied the ex-HMV 3-storeys premises in heeren today.

Things selling inside were rather pretty, with some common items easily identified to arrive from japan or korea.

Taste Paradise @ ION & ALT @ Heeren

阿嫂 At Work Again!

We have been collecting these points lately. 妈咪 and her friends always surprised me with their ‘marketing’ power :O

And tata! Here’s what we redeemed recently! 😉

2 cabin size trolleys for short trip use, one for us and one for Mag

a backpack for Mag. saw many people carrying this in the train and so i decided not join in the crowd 😛

messenger bag for SC’s maid

Material seems rather sturdy and durable. Not bad.

updated on 5 aug

妈咪 redeemed this vanity bag for our coming ipoh-cum-cameron highlands trip use @_@

阿嫂 At Work Again!

Heaven and Earth : Ice Lemon Tea & Ice Apple Tea

JJ and SC came back with free cans of Ice Lemon Tea on their way back from lunch at tanjong pagar hawker centre yesterday and distributed their collections to us (the rest were all lunching in then).

Today we headed off to amoy hawker centre for lunch and saw on-coming people each holding a can of similar drink on their hands. We reckoned that there must be distributions going on too. And true enough, there were one distribution centre located at each entrance of the hawker centre distributing Ice Apple Tea 😉

ice apple tea appearing on almost every tables.
drink stalls must be cursing and swearing then 😛

here are 雷门, JJ, and my collections 😉

P/S: I think we missed out the free passionfruits one 😦

Heaven and Earth : Ice Lemon Tea & Ice Apple Tea

Welcome/Farewell Dinner @ Melt, Mandarin Oriental

As long as there is someone from 红点 transferred over, there will be a welcome dinner. So 顺便 for a leaver and her replacement too. (Times are different from last …)

Since the present head asked me for suggestion, I chose a place where I had never tried before 😉

It wasn’t hard to compare with The Line as their rate (S$68++ for the tuesday we went) was almost the same for their dinner buffet where they had the same international cuisines.

But in terms of food quality wise, each has their wins.

There are more varieties and fresher seafoods at The Line than Melt.

Local and some grilled food seems tastier in Melt than The Line.

Melt’s indian dishes were nicer, especially their naan which I love very much 🙂

Local noodle and Italian food shared the same section. The prawn noodle was (MSG) tasty while the small bowl of creamy pasta wasn’t too bad either.

Their desserts-cum-fruits section runs round the pillar near the entrance. In terms of creativity, The Line wins it!

chocolate fondue + ice cream section

cakes section

nyonya kuehs section

ice kachang section

I was too full by then to try the food from their japanese section 😛


Overall to say, I like their buffet as much as I like The Line one. The atmosphere here however was so much better than The Line. They gave more privacy with their spacious walkway inbetween each table, and had more sectioned areas for bigger group like us. We felt very cosy here, and we were glad that we don’t have to raise our voice over too.

I wondered how it would be like to have lunch or hi tea here where the sunlight bathed in 😉

Welcome/Farewell Dinner @ Melt, Mandarin Oriental

Our missed 老爸 is back!

He was back on a short business trip after being transferred back to tokyo headquarter since end sept last year, and had requested for a dinner gathering with us (the locals during his ‘reign’) prior to his arrival. 2 other 1st timers to spore joined in too.

See what I had done for our congrats email after his new appointment as CO of our company in mid march 😉

animations with photo editing done by me but cartoon graphics from a fav. blog site of mine 😛

Peranankan cuisine is new to him and so we decided on Blue Ginger, a place where I had not been to for more than 10 years.

I like this kind of shophouse restaurant, especially their window seats on upper levels, and so specially requested for such without knowing how the interior might has changed over the 10 years. We were so glad when we arrived to realise that we were given a private section by the window.

The whole restaurant was still packed by the time we stepped out near 9pm. It seemed quite a good place for family gatherings as what we noticed.

BTW, the treat was on 老爸 and so here’s what we had ordered 😛

ah char and sambal belacan
the jap lady and SC loved the belacan so much that they each bought a pack home!
1/2 filled on those kind of dessert container for S$6

chap chye (S$9.50)
some chap chye gave out a bit of raw taste, but this wasn’t the case. this was wet and cooked soft enough.

kangkong lemak (S$8.50)
the sotong was quite springy, not too hard nor too soft.

otak otak (S$3.20 per piece)
not too bad as a whole, though hint of fish taste was rather faint.

beef rendang (S$11.50)
of all the dishes, i like this dish the most.
the beef was very tender, and after mixing the gravy with the rice, it was simply wonderful 🙂

ayam buah keluak (S$15.80)
honestly speaking, i have never tried buah keluak, and so were the rest. but we unanimously didn’t like the weird taste of it. we don’t know how to appreciate that 😛

babi pong tay (S$9.90)
the meat was very tender too, just like the beef rendang dish.

ngo heong (S$9.90)
i like the meaty and crunchy taste of it

udang nonya (S$19.80)
the chili was nice. i would rather have many smaller prawns to savor with.

fish head (S$26)
kind of bland to us. not too fragrancy and spicy but instead full of coconut taste.

the desserts
the coconut gravy of the bo bo hitam (S$3.50) was replaced with coconut ice cream instead, though it seemed healthier (not too sure how healthier) but less fragrancy.
the durian chendol (S$4.80) in terms of taste and volume really lost to what i had in malacca’s jonker88

Some of the dishes came with double orders for catering the long table of our group. So plus the drinks, wines and some miscellaneous costs, the bill came up to S$400+ 😛

I stopped 老爸 from ordering a cup of chinese tea (can’t really remember how much it cost but I think it costs more than a dollar or even more) cos he could easily has it FREE in the hotel. Helping him to ‘save’ leh … hahaha …

Old times are over. What is left of are memories. Fond memories ~_~

Our missed 老爸 is back!

Being WATCH-ed For 5 Years

Times flies. I have been in this company for the 5th year, and I was told to choose a watch as my 5 years service award.

None of the watches from that specified retailer caught my interest. And so I started searching online since I can top up whatever amount exceeded from company’s subsidy 😛

And then I suddenly remembered some watches ad which I archived in my folders whenever I fancied any from fashion mags 😀

I like the Tsumori Chisato black one which cost 42,000yen (about S$647)

I saw this Van Cleef & Arpels’ Pont des Amoureux watch from the ELLE mag 大妹 brought back from her HK trip few mths ago.

After a search online, I was shocked that it was priced @ US$116,000 😮

And so, I chose this in the end …

Emporio Armani Ceramica Watch @ S$895 … after supplier discount and company subsidy, I’m only paying S$403 😀

Quite a good deal, but then sudden lost of S$400+ still quite a heart pain 😦

And so to ease the ‘pain’, I went around telling ‘everyone’ how much the original price was and how much it was subsidied, and that it was really worthy for me 😉

Ya, I like to do such nonsensical thing to make myself feel better after a splurge … kekeke …

And today, I had this heavy watch with me!!!!! ^_____^

Being WATCH-ed For 5 Years