Dian Xiao Er @ CWP

It’s 大妹’s birthday in another 3 days time.

This branch was so much smaller. We were ushered in to one of the 3 big tables.

Other than the duck roasted with ten wonder herb and kankong with belacan which I tried before, we ordered the mongolian pork ribs, hotplate toufu and fish slice something (receipt not with me liao), all very flavoury delicious and wiped out in no time.

The other table which were filled with china national customers were having a great time there before we came and till we left. Dishes were served to them non stop. So you can imagine how good the food were 😀

We were very surprised when we were told of a 20% discount for our table upon making payment.

Ya! We have 2 “老” (old) and 1 “幼” (kid) from our table. Din expected this though 😛

After browsing around CWP, we settled down at the kopi alley for coffee break before we set off to 大妹’s hse.

Clever 小王子 could now memorised the whole of the richard scarry’s counting vcd. My memorising means every single words from the vcd which includes exclaimings and other sounds made from the characters. So funnie lor him … but of cos loh … watch this for a yr liao @_@

greenery along BKE

Dian Xiao Er @ CWP

Relaxation @ Tanglin Mall

I accompanied 妈咪 here to buy the specially recommended shoes by her doc.

How many shoes shop really bothered to measure the foot size of their customers … with a special measuring gadget, and gave professional advice on the type of suitable shoes to wear? Maybe becos they were here to provide professional services to patients who were recommended by their podiatrists, cos even the brochure can only be given out by the podiatrists than directly from the sales staff.

a pair of this cost S$249

but we were surprised that the brochure given by the podiatrist came with a S$10 discount 🙂

and with free nice eco bag too ^___^

After the shoes purchase, we browsed around the mall. Though it was small but somehow it gave out a different sense of atmosphere here. We felt cosy and comfortable here. It was as though we had came to a small foreign town. Maybe becos of the many shops that sell aroma related stuffs and nice european home deco stuffs. But best of all, pace were slower and with no crowd … which made people around here seems friendlier and courteous.

It was indeed a nice place to settle down for a cup of drink … even if we had ours inside the Mc 😀

chance upon this … my dream interior deco 🙂
seems like a nice place … gonna consider this for my next tai tai day ^_*

bought this little basketball set for 小王子 … though 妈咪 said he will throw it anywhere …
but nvm … will be putting this in his own hse anyway … hehehe 😛

It was a nice day indeed … green, blue, white … the beauty of nature … Which is also the reason why I love to take bus that goes along this stretch.

Enjoy too 🙂

Relaxation @ Tanglin Mall

Whao Whao From Barcook Bakery

After reading this … and CL’s order almost ‘hijacked’ by a customer who din want to wait another 30mins for the next batch, I really treasured these man!

the precious bread @ $1.30 each … shared with 妈咪 and 大妹

Quite a nice bread … the combi of the cheese & raisins filling with the dough mixed formed a soft and sweet taste. But I believed it would be nicer when it was fresh out from the oven, cos I only ate it a day after it was purchased. And it seems not enough with just 1 but 2 😛

Whao Whao From Barcook Bakery

New Mall In Town 2009 : ION & Watami Dinner

Just few days before, we received an email on the opening of Watami in the new mall of the yr, ION. So here we were.

ION, new mall of the yr

long queues outside all restaurants

We were finally led in after approx. 20mins of waiting in the queue. But we were soon shocked to see so many empty and cleaned tables around after we passed the passage way. So dunno was it they trying to follow the queue trend in ION, or not enough staffs around to led the way in -_-”

Best part was … they gave us a long table enough for 6pax when they could jolly well give us the 4-seaters table nearby. So when there came a family of 6, a 2-seaters table beside was combined to that 4-seaters table for them. Wat a weird management and waste of space @_@ The queue was still very long as we left the restaurant too.

only 1st 20 customers daily for 30 days … so we wun have the chance lor …

Our orders came in quite ‘fast’ at first. As we were waiting for the rest of our orders, we heard some commotions behind us. We could clearly hear their complaints of having to wait for their 5 nabe orders (individual hotpots) from the time (7.05pm) the orders were taken down till then (7.50pm) and yet none has arrived. (We realised ours hasn’t arrive too.) And after their numerous reminders, they were still served with wrong orders.

I could understand cos a hungry man is an angry man.

So back to ours. Our kimchi nabe arrived after theirs … which we wondered whether it was one of the wrong orders of theirs @_@

The supposedly 1st dish (salad) to be served on every dining arrived last instead after we asked to check order and have it cancelled away should it not be ready to serve.

teriyaki chicken nama harumaki (S$6.80)
teriyaki chicken salad spring roll
the taste of the chicken pc was covered fully by vege

mochi cheese gratin (S$5.80)
rice cake cheese gratin
the only dish we like

teppan bou gyoza (S$6.80)
hotplate pork dumplings
nothing special

kushi moriawase (S$9.80)
assorted skewers platter
disappointing … esp the chicken meat which seems to have been boiled before they were put on grill … no marinating taste at all!!!

crispy teba karaage (S$3.80)
crispy chicken wings
it seems like the marinating process failed for this too …

kimchi nabe (S$11.80)
sliced pork hot pot with kimchi
flavour not strong enough … it tasted more like fermented vege soup

tako satsuma age (S$5.80)
crispy fish patty with octopus
tasted like those thai fish cakes … not bad thought

ebi tempura (S$9.80)
deep fried prawns coated with tempura flour
the batter was too much … we had to remove the batter away which only left with a skinny prawn meat after that

ebi & hotate mayo salad (S$7.80)
prawn & scallop salad with mayonnaise
we almost going away without having this served up cos it took us to finish our whole course to receive this
if u noticed, the plastic tongs was placed right on top of the salad with mayonnaise around O_O
the taste was nothing to shout about too … cos maybe we got too frustrated by then

Total damage = S$80.30 (after svc charge and gst)

Reminders for refill of tea/water may be common in some restaurants, but if asking for bill oso @_@ … We simply wanted to get out of the place.

Wat an unpleasant experience we had here. I doubt we will come back again.

We unanimously agreed that spending at mac would worth more than the dinner earlier on -_-

should have taken these exclusive ones at shaw centre instead 😦

Anyway despite the delay caused by our dinner, we managed to made a short recce around ION before we settled down at mac.

burger king! so stylish yo!

New Mall In Town 2009 : ION & Watami Dinner

Pre-BD Tai Tai Day

the feeling was so good during non-peak period …

I was ‘supposed’ to treat 大妹 on the lunch and pedicure. But since we will be treating her officially next sun (nearer to her bd), she decided we go dutch on this lunch.

Xin Wang @ Cineleisure

constructions beside cineleisure had blocked away the once a greeny view from the window. **sigh**

chicken chop & fries (S$8.50)
i thought i wanted to order something different instead of always going for pork rib bee hoon
but this was a great disappointment … hard and not savory …

prawn paste chicken (S$6.90)
inferior prawn paste? tasted kinda of funny. the chicken pcs were cold too. another disappointment 😦

ying yong / iced hk milk tea / iced macau coffee
the other 2 were commonly ordered and so I tried the iced macau coffee … taste like kopi-si … not bad

french toast (S$3.90)

curry roti prata (S$4.90)
potato cubes were hard and tasted raw. even though it was just a gravy for prata to be dipped with, but the curry was way too diluted. prata was cold and tasted more like those from supermkt ready made pack.

pork rib bee hoon (S$7.90)
something which is always that good

With the member’s bd mth, we received 10% disc plus a bottle of red wine. Renewing of the card allowed us to less out a drink cost and S$15 disc too. Ok la … though my lunch was disappointing, all these disc kinda made up to it.

New malls coming up along orchard road. We din not explore orchard central cos it wasn’t fully ‘equipped’ yet.

Arrived @ PS

Since we were allowed to bring snacks in while we had our pedicure, we decided to grab the yummy nicey yami yogurt. And this sotong 小妹 kept misunderstood my request of getting a peach flavour one and ordered natural flavour with peach toppings instead @_@ But heng she finally got it rite with 大妹’s help.

Ay … is preggie always like dat … blur yet insisted? 😀

We ended up with free pedicure from 大妹’s package. BTW they were having GSS promotion for signing up their package at S$300+ … which I preferred to save that up for my niece-to-be ^_*

My lousy dry foot cost me 29 bucks more for the ‘special’ treatment … arghhhh ….

Since 大妹 went on a different way hm, 小妹 and I decided to take the free shuttle to TBP … shortened our trip hm with no hassle. Good good! ^__*

the shuttle bus passed by my poly days’ trails!
wat used to be the times hse, row of terraced hses and my campus back then were now replaced with tall condos.
someday i will re-walk these trails again …

Lai Lai @ JP2

We thought they only sell beef noodles (as misled by the signboard) until we browsed thru their menu before we decided our dinner here.

my taiwan vermicelli set (S$11.80) with choice of pig intestine toppings
as compared to the shilin’s one, the vermicelli here seemed thicker but flavour not as strong

my choice of side dish included in the set … century egg tofu and cold jasmine green tea
just a normal cold dish but not too bad …

小妹’s choice of Lai Lai special spicy soup noodle (S$7.80) with choice of fried fish fillet toppings
like very oily leh 😛

BIL-A’s choice of braised pork rice with peanut (S$5.90) with additional S$1 for a braised egg
enjoyable set for him he said …

fried squid (S$5.50)
not too bad. the batter was rather crispy and squid itself not too hard to chew.

BIL-A’s additional order of the red bean freeze (S$3.90) and he enjoyed every bits of it very much … quietly ^_~

Went in to some creative shops along that stretch after dinner.

Strong inspiration from this shop floating in my mind now … hmm … ^_*

Pre-BD Tai Tai Day

Crab Bee Hoon Soup @ TPP

It was EN who 1st tried it. Everyone gave an envy look back then. But being a slow eater, savoring a dish like this with 1 full crab was never easy. Moreover when there are fast eaters around … and not only 1 but 2.

When BS started ordering hers for the 1st time, I was very tempted to try too cos both told me how good the dish was.

So one fine day … today la … I finally ordered 1 for myself =P

I thought without the 2 fast eaters around, BS and I could enjoy ourselves to it. But who knows today’s order came rather slow. By the time it arrived, we were left with less than 30mins for lunch (not forgetting that it takes about 10mins walk back to office).

Nevertheless, it was a very savory dish.

Though I cun dig up all the meat from every corners of the crab, I could still taste the freshiness and sweety from the crab. It wasn’t a big crab but would do just fine on a noodle dish.

The fish soup base used tasted just like those from the fishhead steamboat. The yam cubes, cabbages, carrots and evaporated milk together with the sweetiness of the crab contributed to the flavoury taste.

They do sell fried/fresh fish slices bee hoon soup too. Bascially, they are from a new seafood zi char stall located inside the newly renovated with new management coffeeshop located on the 2nd level of Tanjong Pagar Plaza.

Go try it! ^_*

Crab Bee Hoon Soup @ TPP

Ms Sotong’s BD @ Shokudo Bugis

I’m back here again! But this time with a different grp cos we were here to treat Ms Sotong for her bd.

I had initially booked a table at my fren’s restaurant, but due to circumstances, the venue was changed. I managed to joi EN along too! ^_*

We sat in the restaurant from 6.30pm and were about to venture to other places when BS, who had been trying to reach us for an hr, said she could join us after she settled her work, and so we eventually stayed till 10pm :-O … too bad SK cun join us at the eleventh hr.

We were told that all 3 of them (雷门, JJ and BS) called to our hps simultaneously and yet none of us picked up the calls … cos we were too engrossed with our gossips …hahaha… So when EN suddenly realised that it was time for her to take a look at her hp for any work related calls, we were shocked by the nos. of missed calls =P

JJ couldn’t wait and so left on the bus by the time we managed to return her call … kekeke … Only BS continued to stay in the office then 😀

sakura ebi and bacon salad (S$8.80)
the bacons were still ok but I dun quite like the japanese baby shrimps which tasted rather fishy, … will be better without that

hakodate seafood cheese pizza (S$12.80)
pizza bread than never failed me … and finally I can choose seafood one =D

seafood avocado carbonara spag (S$14.80)
EN’s – wafu base were the same for all cheese spag.
din really try much so cun catch any hint of avocado in it

tsukune carbonara spag (S$12.80)
meatballs tasted too porky to me … though BS and YT enjoyed theirs much

arabiki tori cheese spag (S$14.80)
mine – sausages are my all-time fav. and so usually any dish that goes with them I wun reject.

yuzu tea (S$4.80)
honey pamelo tea … cold and hot equally nice … soothing to the throat and comfy to the gastric 😛

Toilet trip before we set off hm … but ended with all these …

Wat a crazy MONDAY NITE!!!!


JJ was finally back from her 1wk HK/Macau trip … and bought back my fav Maxim’s almond flake pastries.

forever delicious and crunchy
1st try on lemon flavour one which tasted like our childhood’s sandwiched-cream cookies ^___^

She bought me a cute little hello kitty hankie while SK who was oso back from her bali trip had bought me a hardrock shot glass to add on to my collections … thks bth ya! v(^___^)

Ms Sotong’s BD @ Shokudo Bugis