The Line @ Shangri-la

We had wanted to dine at Shangri-la The Line for a long time and finally this round of welcome dinner was held there after getting the green light from boss ^____^

We were greeted by a very modernised interior consisting of mostly orange and white colours. Food wise we were told that there were 16 difficult culinary stations. To be honest, I was more fastinated by the colourful displays of food than the food itself. After which I realised that I din tasted much food =P

Ice-cream tepanyaki … wrong combination of mine … strawberry + mint + choco chips … yucks! 😛

The Line @ Shangri-la



在不知情下拿了我第三个病假。。。就是car rally前一天 :( 。。。惋惜是因为还没那么严重嘛,只想休息而已,以为竞赛做准备。



周三有个大聚餐,到时我会好起来的 :p


The Ever Amazing Day

Welcome Evan to the world of wonders!!! ^_______^ Izzit he cute?! Such a sweetie pie ^_^








The Ever Amazing Day

Sun With Moon Dining @ Central Mall (AGAIN)

I was at Sun with Moon (AGAIN) today … twice in a week cos SK and I wanted to buy some birthday gifts for CD from mini toons, and so I suggested Central Mall (AGAIN) since there was a branch, and moreover Sun with Moon printed discount voucher will end by end of the mth … make good use man! 😛

Kaki Bacon Yaki (S$12.80)
– whao! this was delicious lor … yum yum … though feel very guilty of the high cholesterol oysters =P

recommending my fav Ton Toro Yaki to SK ^____^

kamameshi again!

Salmon Kamameshi – SK’s order

Ungai & Asari Kamameishi (S$16.50)
– wanted to try something else so choosen this clams one … hmm … just dun feel any taste different … the rice was equally nice : )

Home-made Sherbet (S$5.50)
– freshing grapefruit sherbet!

Murasaki Imo Mont-Blanc (S$6.50)
– the japanese sweet potato wasn’t very sweet, just nice for my taste, and goes well with the crushed base which I like too ^_^

P/S: 大妹 will be warded into Mt Avernia tonite … cun wait to see my astroboy jr tml ^_*

Sun With Moon Dining @ Central Mall (AGAIN)

Sun With Moon Dining @ Central Mall

Our A380 team received our 2nd prizing amt of $1,000 this afternoon! ^_______^ Extra $$ came at the right time when we were near our mth end … though $108 has been used up in advance on Sat for a pair of Nike shoes =P

This evening I was at Sun with Moon @ Central Mall with the same grp again … cos we had a 15% discount voucher ^___*

something different for a xmas tree

Wafu Ramen (S$10.80) – ST’s order. I din try this so no comments ^^

kamameshi – was told to wait till the sand in the hour glass dropped fully before we could consume.
it was simply very much like our claypot rice =P

Yakiniku Kamameshi (S$14.80) – my order … I’m too hungry to judge but it was yummy I would say ^_^

Salmon Kamameshi (S$14.80) – sharky’s order … salmon seems wasted to eat in this way 😛

I had been going through the menu numberous time searching for the grilled meats dish I took the other time, describing how the dish looked like to the waitress until my friends concluded that I must have taken that from another japanese restaurant which I was very sure NO lor : (

Who knows when our order Ton Toro Yaki came, I was jumping with joy cos that was the dish I referred to. And it was then that I realised that the meat used was actually pork belly and not beef which I mentioned in my earlier post 😛

And of course I ordered back my fav soft shell tempura 😀

Warabi Mochi (S$6.50) – I only like the mocha ice-cream 😛

Tofu Cheese Cake (S$5.00) – if I’m not wrong, this dish was highly recommended in many reviews. Other than the presentation of the cheese cake, I dun really find it very fantastic. Still prefer those chicago cheese cake, esp those from secret recipe … yum yum ^_____^

ST who went to Wheelock’s branch a few times still prefer the serving and food taste here. According to her, the ambiance here was cosier that the other branch which was too noisy (maybe at the pt of time she was there).

Sun With Moon Dining @ Central Mall

2007 Car Rally

I have always like treasure hunt this kind of game. Ever since the last treasure hunt along the whole stretch of EC beach I joined when I was pri 5, and being one of the treasure hunt organisers during my days in Dempsey, this was the 1st time I was involved in treasure hunting via car … namely the Car Rally.

This year was the 2nd year for the car rally where it was almost unable to be held due to lack of participants. I joined into the 8th team at the last min, which we called our team A380, with our coloured theme being PINK! (not my suggestion har? ^_*)

I was rather excited as the date came nearer and almost tried not to stuff myself too full the nite before … just incase I run toilets during the game. Luckily I was sicked earlier and decided to go on mc just the day before so that I can rest well and up running for the game 😛

I woke up with heart bumping, getting ready all the barangs esp the cameras … yes with a ‘s’ cos I scared one of them down or wat during the race =P … before setting off to the starting pt.

All teams were punctual and all ready to roar. But before the rally officially start, all teams had to complete a jigsaw puzzle simply showing the tower with 2 clocks first. Our team was the 1st to complete and upon grabbing the clue for the 1st check pt, off we speed to our car.

Each team was assigned different routes and clues leading to the next checkpoints where everyone had to perform various tasks. There were 4 different routes where 2 teams actually held on to the same route. Ours was route D which went from East to West, West to North, North to Northeast, and Northeast to West.

The moment we found the location of Lor Bekukong from the street directory, I had a feeling they were referring to the famous changi village nasi lemak stall. And zroom … off straight towards the stall, bypassing the already arrived commitee members. Whao! We were the 1st to reach there too : )

We were rather lucky cos by dunno-which team, the chicken wings had finished up and the stall owner had to re-fried new ones which was too hot to be consumed fast.

It wasn’t as simple as we thought so by just eating the nasi lemak up, but to eat that with disposible chopsticks without lifting up the plate :-O Proudly to say, I AM used to using chopsticks so it wasn’t a difficult task for me. We were then the 1st to leave for the next check pt without any team started with theirs. Everyone were looking at us with dismay 😛 We heard that some members started squatting and sweeping the rice and ingredients right into their mouth. Whao!

As our car went out to the main road, a committee member called to inform us that she had given us the wrong envelope. OMG! A short waste of time. Beening eager to get our right clue, we drove into the bus terminal instead 😛

Beening a ‘westerner’ and ‘schooler’ near that area, I immediately knew the exact location they were referring to. Moreover I had been to the amusement park 10yrs ago.

After parking the car near the mcdonald’s, we dashed straight to the park without knowing we bypassed the on-duty members until they called out to us 😛 Once again we were the 1st to arrive and they were rather shocked that we arrived so fast … again.

We were told to blow 2 balloons each until they burst … but seeing some of us have phobia with that (esp me 😦 ), they changed to any form of bursting them … where we passed over to our only guy member for the task 😀

But that’s not the only task we had to do before getting the clue to our next check pt. 2 of us had to climb up the pyramid climb after which all members had to slide down the … dunno wat it was called 😛

After clearing all the obstacles, we were given 2 clues (photo taking one + another check pt).

In order to follow according to our team’s route, we had to go to the photo taking spot before proceeding to the next check pt. Upon looking at the street name, I immeditately recognised the place to be at Holland Village and off we go.

The first thing that came to our mind was the windmill tower. And it seems to go the same for all teams. After searching in vain, we started asking around. Our members saw this ‘season-ed’ uncle sitting outside a restaurant and after asking him, he plainly lifted his hand pointing towards the top of a blue building infront saying “noh”. So now we know that there stood such an old building around ^_^

Luckily I have been to this mall a few times recently and so immediately directed them to AMK hub, dashing down to the NTUC Xtra HyperMart when we founded out that NS16 (given in the clue which I forgotten to take pix of) is AMK station.

We were given S$5 and a shopping list which consisted of purchasing 1 litre of Sinaco, 1 small pack of Ritz biscuits and 4 apples. CD being a semi-hsewife led the way. We thought that was all but who knows we were told to finish everything up :-O We were lucky in a way cos we bought small apples while some team(s) simply grabbed a ready packed Fuji apples :-O

After filling up our stomach with gassy drink+biscuits+apples, we had a hard time running back to our car 😛 (where I started feeling my stamina running low soon …)

This was actually shown in the wrong envelope that we took at changi village. After realising NE is where punggol area is, a spooky hse in that region reminded me of the abundoned hse I read from email and SPI years ago. But to be confirmed, we tried login on to internet from our laptop via the blackberry network 2 of our members have but the network wasn’t that stable and was very slow. In order not to waste time and my instinct told me that that was the one we were looking for, with the road direction given by CD (cos I only know how to go there by bus or LRT :P), we headed straight to the place. We managed to search online for the article, and BINGO! That’s the one I was referring to 😀

I have always been wanted to take pix of this mysterious hse but was scare too 😛 So this gave me a bold chance for a good shot. We were told that some other teams actually went into the hse and took pix. Whao! So daring … cos they did not read the article from SPI before :S

This was the last check pt. I had been watching the Red Dot programme when they went in search for our only rainforest and oso happened read a blog on their trip to swan lake, which immediately reminded me of the Botanic Garden. But then it was a big place, and so not to waste time searching for it, we went online again hoping for their map from their website.

J was rather shocked all the while cos I knew all those places including Taman Serasi where it was used to be opp Botanic Garden. Well … she dunno me too well u see =P

Basically other than going for the good food at Taman Serasi 10yrs ago, I had never taken a good walk around the Botanic Garden. Though it doesn’t mean that I could have a good walk this time, but it did gave me a freshy feel … something new to me ^_^

In order not to waste time since it was our last stop, we went straight to the information counter. The staff was VERY familiar with the request and directed us to the area on the map immediately =P

Actually there was slight arguement on the search of the heritage tree cos they couldn’t understand that heritage tree is only a term for the trees. And so we went round and round searching for one which actually it was near us 😦

After finding taking pix of those spots, we started heading to the Swan Lake in search for our committee members. Time was wasted as we went round the lake only to realise that the pavilion where the on-duty members were stationed was actually towards our right when we came to the swan lake … or simply opp the tree where we just took our pix 😦 Dunno was it because we were too enxious to complete our rally, or upon seeing CD & my stamina running low, J used up the only help call which could actually bring us a bonus time deduction at the end of the rally.

We were given a task which was to draw the 4 swans structure as seen from the middle of the lake. J quickly grabbed the coloured crayon and started ‘drawing’ it. We helped out by colouring it in order to beautify the long-necked-turtle-lookalike pix =P We were later told that bonus time deduction will be given to the team with the best drawing :-O Oh gone case then! hehehe …

We were told by the committee members that we completed our route very fast and all were actually looking out for our car. But who knows last yr champion T888 team coming from the other side of the road reached just few mins before us which final clocked time was earlier than us by 2mins 😦

Watever it was, I was very pleased with our result since I joined in for the 1st time, moreover I enjoyed the whole process ^___^

However, the rally din really ended here. SK and I who were the only 2 hungry souls went for a late meal despite the ‘junk’ we ate during the race. We continued our ‘race’ to QWSC and Orchard =P

BTW, the nasi lemak at changi village wasn’t as great as those food review reported. Even though we rushed thru the dish, we could taste and smell that it lacked the kind of pandan frangrance and dryness in the rice. The only nice one was the chicken wings. But then I would not travel so far for just the chicken wings when I could find equally nice chicken wings with nice nasi lemak near my place and even my office.

Well, to conclude the whole day event … the ‘secrets’ behind such race were:
1) hangout more
2) familiarise with road name where u frequented
3) read junk emails =P
Lastly … READ BLOGS ^_________^

2007 Car Rally

Getting Ready For the Arrival

Fri …

大妹 has been having cramping signs quite often recently and so was ‘constrainted’ to only shop around her neighbouring heartland mall till she gave birth. Too active liao ~__~

She has wanted me to ‘play’ at her hse and since tml is Sat … ok lor :p

We went for dinner at her neighbouring coffee shop for their yummy 童子鸡 (I ordered half only … dun miss understood … though I can oso finish 1 whole chicken =P) meal before heading to her hse.

She has been making preparing for bb arrival since many many weeks ago … and has been washing all her bb clothings and stuffs recently. Her neighbours might be wondering how come this household was hanging so many bb clothes but there was no sign of bb or his cry … hehehe …

this is for the umbilical cord blood storage

dun laugh at me hor … the clothings are incredibly small and cute … cun wait to see him wear them ^_______^

contributed by his 大姨 … me! 😀

Sat morning …

Whao! It was either a bad nite sleep or we were too sleepy that all 3 of us woke up around 10+, though we had wanted to go for an early breakfast.

We went down to a nearest coffee shop for loti prata, nasi lemak and fried carrot … and I had a ‘fair’ share of them plus a whole pack of the 80cts banana-leaf wrapped nasi lemak which was very yummy 😀

After ‘hanging’ around back at their hse, we went down to CWP for some shoppings and … ay … lunch =P hehehe … sometimes I wonder who was the one who was pregnant … hehehe …

Getting Ready For the Arrival

My 1st Scrapbooking

We haven’t been joi-ed by CL a few times but gave no interest cos most of us were too used to photoshop collaging then physical cut & paste.

As 大妹 and T 2nd wedding anni is near the corner, I think it’s better for me to do some creative crafts for her instead since T is an expert on media technology himself.

And with this, I ‘onz-ed’ CL for the beginner class and was warned that we will be hooked onto it ^___*

The class was held at PS, right inside a DIY crafty shop.

I din know there were so many knowledges to scrapbooking. Thought it was just a simple craft of cutting and pasting work.

We were first given about half an hour of getting to know the nature of the items, the ways of crafting, the tools to use, … Afterwhich we had our first hand on scrapbooking. I was seriously working on the given items but to know later that it was just a DRAFT 😦 (maybe I will use that to do one for astroboy jr’s full mth ^_____*)

After an hour+ of ‘playing’ around, the actual work started!

We were told to choose any 2 plain and 1 designed papers, themed according to our own pix, from their full range of papers in their shop.

I have chosen a rather complicated designed paper which was better to be cutted out for the best effect @_@ … but the outcome was marvellous! (puay paisey! … hehehe …)

nice? =)
I was almost going to paste the astroboy cut-out pix in the middle to represent their bb … hahaha …

she was the instructor of our class

their masterpieces 🙂

The class was dragged till 6.30 or so though it should be a 3.5hrs workshop =P

No regrets attending this workshop … but the only drawback was … they dun sell the frame! How do I frame up my masterpiece then?! 😦

We were told that we could find that in Daiso but no 😦 (should anyone know where to get the 12″ by 12″ wooden frame, pls let me know)

CL’s fren left hm for dinner leaving only the 3 of us not knowing where for dinner. I cun remember who suggested but we ended up at the opp side for fish & co.

alot hor? =P we were too hungry then cos it was 7+ by the time we stepped into the restaurant

Xue who happened to be in a function with our president together with her artistes at the Istana joined us for finger food after that.

And soon we were back to PS for some 内在美 shoppings … great sales that day =P

My 1st Scrapbooking