What’s going on at Clementi Central?

I’m sure those who work/study around Clementi as well as Clementi ‘leavers’ are curious about what’s the construction infront of the mrt station is all about, as well as the hackings around the central.


Well, after searching through my nicely filed ‘treasures’, I found the newsletter dated in 2005 from the town council and hereby share the news with everyone ^^

Future of Clementi Central by 2010

What’s going on at Clementi Central?

Botak Jones @ Clementi

EK and I planned this dinner week+ ago, specially for our haircut at the neighbouring salon which me and my sis frequented. We pulled NL along cos we knew she ‘would love…’ to have dinner with us in Clementi 😛

After knowing that our haircut would take about half an hour, NL preferred to walk around the central instead of waiting for us in the salon. Who knows our haircut took only about 15-20mins cos we purely went there for a haircut and nothing else. We started calling NL to gather and set off for our intended dinner at Botak Jones.

After failing to get in touch with her for 5-10 mins, walking around the central twice in search of her and yet still no sight of her, we started to get worried. According to EK (me a betrayer … hahaha…), NL ‘is’ a very absent-minded gal and Clementi (other than that bus-stop she frequented) being alien her, she might had lost her way. EK even thought she might had been kidnapped … if that’s the way, she will be the FIRST to be kidnapped in Clementi’s history … hahaha …

Being super hungry and tired by then, EK and me decided to take a rest and have some drink while we continued to get in touch with her. Who knows, as soon as our drinks arrived, she called us. This woman was actually doing her manicure just few shops away from the salon and she did not even hear her hp ringing. ** BOX U! **

After the 小插曲 , we headed straight to the recommended Botak Jones in Ave 4 for our ‘late’ dinner.

Having lived here for sooooo many years, I had rarely come to this part of Clementi. Not to say patronising this stall which started these 1-2 years.

When we reached the coffee shop, it was already packed with ppl where almost all tables were ordering food from Botak Jones. At this point, I really pity the other stalls around. It seems like the whole coffee shop had belonged to Botak Jones. However, I heard from my mum that the other stalls were doing fine during other hours. So maybe patrons preferred to have western food at nite esp after knocking off from work and study.

The ordering style from Botak Jones was rather similar to that of a zi cha stall in a coffee shop. They specially set up the ordering stand near the walkway where they placed their menu, printed in normal photocopy papers, for patrons to browse through while waiting for their turn to place order. The kitchen is situated at the corner stall where zi cha kitchens are usually located.

There are a lot of such ‘long-winded’ signs around the ordering stand

The white and blue signboard is where the kitchen is


It didn’t really took long for our orders to be placed and served. Queuing + servicing … around 20mins. The queue however was incredibly that long, cos we just couldn’t see the other side of the queue even though we had been sitting near the queue for xx mins.




Caesar salad … refreshing but think we were ‘over’ hungry then so it doesn’t seems satifiying enough.


Cajun Chicken … my favourite! I had never preferred chicken breast meat cos it was usually very dry and tough, but surprisingly this grilled breast meat was tender and juicy, especially when it was topped with melted bacon and cheese. Hmm … yummy!


Fish & Chip … the first taste of it, I immediately compared it with the same from Fish & Co. This is simply nicer and fresher. Very generous with their serving of side dishes too.

Their main courses serving was simply big. The 2 mains courses we took was actually the regular orders, which we found very filling. So we couldn’t imagine how big the serving will be for large orders @_@

Actually while waiting for our orders to arrive, we had noticed other tables’ order of sausages. Wah! It’s was big and it looks juicy! Hmm … something like those from NYDC. But we do not know how the taste was. And so we decided, we will come back for more. Most probably we will order the sausage as one of our side orders “P

Botak Jones @ Clementi


基 本 上 ,我 在 家 闲 着 没 事 做 时 都 会 整 理 我 的 东 西 。虽 然 经 常 不 定 时 的 整 理 ,但 新 饰 品 也 不 定 时 的 增 加 ,就 像 “Filing” 一 样 ,将 喜 欢 的 文 章 ,报 导 及 事 物 等 全 都 好 好 的 “File” 起 来 。

就 像 在 前 个 周 末 ,看 着 ” 堆 积 如 山 ” 的 旅 游 资 料 及 收 据 等 ,我 想 应 该 是 时 候 整 理 了 ! 予 是 将 我 这 几 年 来 搁 在 一 旁 的 旅 游 ‘ 文 件 ‘ 好 好 的 放 进 文 件 套 里 。哇 ! 看 回 好 几 年 前 去 过 的 国 家 及 买 过 的 东 西 ,真 是 回 味 无 穷 哦 !




我应该还有五六年前第一次到Bangkok的那批。。。可要找找看喽 😛

那 除 了 六 月 尾 将 会 到 上 海 游 玩 外 ,下 一 站 我 要 到 哪 ㄦ 呢 ? 台 湾 ? 日 本 ? 韩 国 ? 还 是 又 到 香 港 澳 门 吃 吃 喝 喝 呢 ?

旅 游 真 好 ! 旅 游 万 岁 !


Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Bt. Timah

Someone is leaving XXXXXX too, and I took this opportunity of her last day there to visit my ex-ofc (after their recent reno) as well as arranging a dinner gathering with the rest.


Not knowing where for dinner, Ms C suggested this korean restaurant at Bukit Timah. So all 8 of us, including 2 newly introduced cols of theirs, headed off to the restaurant which is just located opposite Beauty World.




After our fulfilling HOT dinner, we headed off to have our dessert down the lane. As the shop was fully packed, and since our dinner wasn’t yet digested (not that fast yeh), someone suggested taking a walk down to the nearby hawker centre instead.

Well, not that after the walk could actually digest down the heavy and hot dinner we had just 15 mins ago, we were just finding excuses not to leave so early cos it’s only touched 10pm … *** hey! nite is still young on a Fri nite you know ***


Soon we settled down with our desserts and chat till 11+ before we finally decided to leave for the day : )

Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Bt. Timah


上 周 提 到 的 好 消 息 确 定 了 ! 但 因 众 所 周 知 的 理 由 ,暂 未 能 与 大 家 分 享 🙂


因 偶 然 的 机 会 ,结 识 了 《 简 单 就 是 美 》 的 照 型 / 美 术 指 导 兼 美 工 ,Mian Han ( 她 应 该 不 会 解 意 我 将 她 的 名 报 出 来 。。。吧 😛 ) 。

其 实 也 不 是 有 砰 面 的 那 种 。只 是 简 单 的 在 部 络 格 里 留 言 交 流 一 下 。而 这 一 切 都 因 我 在 节 目 中 看 中 了 的 一 群 木 偶 ,而 她 对 所 有 留 言 都 会 迅 速 的 回 复 ,这 在 一 般 的 部 络 格 是 少 有 的 罗 。

就 是 这 群 木 偶 。但 当 我 买 时 也 买 不 到 《 空 姐 》 及 《 护 士 》 的 木 偶 了 😦

很 惊 讶 看 到 她 特 地 给 我 的 留 言 。

附 写 中 还 提 到 我 ,真 感 动 :^_^:
亲 友 们 ,若 你 有 任 和 构 思 ,一 定 要 告 诉 我 噢 !



今 天 收 到 一 份 好 消 息 。

因 有 待 确 认 ,所 以 无 法 将 消 息 公 布 出 来 。 但 还 是 想 将 此 日 记 录 下 来 。


20070410s备 录 程 序 几 乎 白 日 化 。只 差 最 後 的 确 定 步 奏 了 。

稍 微 整 理 了 我 的 网 记 後 ,闲 着 没 事 做 就 拿 出 我 鬲 在 一 旁 有 好 几 个 月 的 报 纸 。。。有 《 我 报 》 ,《 Today 》 及 《 Life! 》 。从 约 去 年 十 一 月 份 的 到 近 期 的 几 乎 都 在 内 。 但 还 有 些 留 在 办 公 室 里 ,还 未 ‘ 搬 ‘ 回 来 。看 着 那 一 小 堆 的 报 纸 ,突 觉 得 我 像 个 garang guni ( 收 旧 报 纸 的 ) 。

说 到 报 纸 嘛 ,我 道 偏 看 读 华 文 报 ,由 其 是 联 合 早 报 内 的 副 刊 《 现 在 》 及 免 费 报 刊 《 我 报 》 。觉 得 文 章 较 生 活 化 及 有 趣 。也 可 能 是 因 为 华 文 较 贴 近 我 吧 ,比 较 有 亲 切 感 。