Botak Jones @ Clementi (AGAIN)

Wah! Someone actually joi me out … hehehe … since it was near my ‘territory’, I obliged to her ‘invitation’ for the dinner ^____^

We 3 were back at Botak Jones again!!! This time round no more “hide & seek” and so managed to reach there early and found a nice spot =P

While I was still deciding on my order, the other 2 ‘dumped’ me aside and left for the nearby confectionery for their famous yummy wholemeal loaves. EK was nice to offer me 3 pcs ^_*

This shows how important packaging can be. Which pack will u choose?

Serving was fast this time but …

Caesar salad that no longer taste so refreshing and crunchy

Cajun Chicken that downsized and rather cold

Ham & Cheese Sandwich (1st time ordering) that served rather cold and too cheesy (complained by NL)

Only my Fish & Chip was served hot and fresh cos there seems no way not to fry it before serving out.
Just by heating up on microwave or oven will only make a pre-fried fish soggy. (that’s our thinking only :P)

Ok something not relevant to food 😛 …

Someone who claimed that she will not post her horrendous face (after cutting short of her hair) till she find a satisfactory, fake “slim-looking” photo.



hehehe … ok hor … I din place a 500 pixel pix of u hor =P

Botak Jones @ Clementi (AGAIN)

Will Never ‘Graduate’ …


Fri, 21 Mar 08 3K 687
Departure 15:00 Arrive 15:55
$48 SGD Per Passenger

via airasia to Penang:
AK 6310 1450 (KUL) 1540 (PEN) 55.99 MYR
AK 6316 2130 (KUL) 2220 (PEN) 55.99 MYR

Sun, 23 Mar 08 3K 688
Departure 16:35 Arrive 17:30
$48 SGD Per Passenger

via airasia to KL:
AK 6319 1225 (PEN) 1315 (KUL) 55.99 MYR
AK 6315 1455 (PEN) 1545 (KUL) 55.99 MYR


Tiger Airways

Internet Discounted Fare 39.99 SGD
Fri, 21 Mar 08
Flight TR 148
10:50 Depart Singapore (SIN)
11:45 Arrive Kuala Lumpur (KUL)

via airasia to Penang:
AK 6318 1110 (KUL) 1200 (PEN) 55.99 MYR
AK 6314 1340 (KUL) 1430 (PEN) 55.99 MYR

Internet Discounted Fare 14.99 SGD
Sun, 23 Mar 08
Flight TR 149
12:15 Depart Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
13:10 Arrive Singapore (SIN)

via airasia to KL:
AK 6313 0810 (PEN) 0900 (KUL) 55.99 MYR


Air Asia

Singapore(SIN) to Kuala Lumpur LCCT(KUL)
21 Mar 2008 AK 124
Departs 1130 Arrives 1225
78.00 SGD

via airasia to Penang:
AK 6314 1340 (KUL) 1430 (PEN) 55.99 MYR
AK 6310 1450 (KUL) 1540 (PEN) 55.99 MYR

Kuala Lumpur LCCT(KUL) to Singapore(SIN)
23 Mar 2008 AK 123
Departs 1000 Arrives 1055
48.00 SGD

via airasia to KL:
AK 6313 0810 (PEN) 0900 (KUL) 55.99 MYR


Malaysia Airline

MH652 Singapore – Changi International
Penang – International
Fri, 21 Mar
11:05 12:30
SGD 117.00

MH653 Penang – International
Singapore – Changi International
Sun, 23 Mar
13:15 14:35
SGD 118.00


Singapore Airline

Depart: Fri 21 Mar

SQ192 Economy Class (B777-200/200ER)
Singapore (SIN) 08:05 Penang (PEN) 09:30

SQ5652 Economy Class (B737-400)
Operated by Malaysia Airlines
Singapore (SIN) 10:40 Penang (PEN) 12:05

SQ196 Economy Class (B777-200/200ER)
Singapore (SIN) 15:55 Penang (PEN) 17:20

SQ198 Economy Class (B777-200/200ER)
Singapore (SIN) 18:55 Penang (PEN) 20:20


Return: Sun 23 Mar

SQ191 Economy Class (B777-200/200ER)
Penang (PEN) 10:25 Singapore (SIN) 11:50

SQ195 Economy Class (B777-200/200ER)
Penang (PEN) 18:15 Singapore (SIN) 19:40

SQ197 Economy Class (B777-200/200ER)
Penang (PEN) 21:15 Singapore (SIN) 22:40

Fare for 1 Adult: SGD 280.00
Taxes & Surcharges: SGD 134.00
Total Fare: SGD 414.00

I just dun dare to send this out after my 1st email, of which it also took me great courage to send out after the few ‘discussions’ over lunches.

I just want to say … I’m trying my best to minimise the ‘work’ to be done for the seems-to-be-ON Penang trip (where I have never been before) … with the chances of being played out (AGAIN) getting high. I wondered when can I ever learn … ** pondering-ing **

Will Never ‘Graduate’ …

Tonkichi @ Suntec

I kinda missing the kinda of group gathering and immediately send them an email on another outing on the following day after the mass cny visiting … basically it was just less than 24hrs since we last met … hehehe … I’m physcologically bored! =P

As we had never suceeded in having a proper shopping after our dinner, we decided to have our dinner after our shopping session … but still ended up buying nothing 😛

‘appetiser’ before the main course

new zone at the revamped Suntec Galleria … seems very ‘spacie’

First try out on Tonkichi. Read reviews on how non-oily their fried stuffs were which was true enough. But the crust bite on the tongue which really back me off **wat a waste**

ODS Potato Salad – S$3
I LOVE this. I’m a POTATO FREAK!!! =P
additional knowledge : ODS stands for Office of Dietary Supplements
if only I could find this near my office … simply worth the price too ^_*

Crispy Salmon Maki – S$15
I prefered Sun and Moon’s one

NL’s order – Rosu Katsu (deep fried pork loin) – S$18

self-grinding sesame to be mixed with the japanese soya sauce on set meal with pork

EK’s order – Prawn & Fish – S$21.50

My order – Prawn & Chicken – S$24

‘missing’ Rosu Katsu from CL’s Prawn & Rosu set (S$24) which was later delivered in such a nice manner

Service was simply good. How often do you see crew bringing your request of a fork placed in a tray manner when it was delivered to you?

After our dinner, we decided to proceed to Millenia Walk for … a drink 😛 (eat and drink non-stop … that’s wat we were :D)

waited for years for his EP which has actually released near end of last yr.
it would be much more perfect if they could include all the drama theme songs he had sung before.

And so ended up at starbucks again with my same order of the raspberry frappuccino (with wipped cream inorder to complete the sweet look of the drink) … yayayaya …

Tonkichi @ Suntec


当我收到大妹发给我的短讯 “FEI FEI PASSED AWAY” 时仍是一头雾水。后得知是指肥肥,其实有点莫名的伤感。











作詞:黃霑 作曲:黃霑 編曲:Anthonyau

當你見到天上星星 可有想起我
可有記得當年我的臉 曾為更比星星笑得多
當你記起當年陰 你又會如何
可會輕輕淒然歎喟 懷念我在你心中照耀過
* 我像那銀河星星 為你默默愛過
更讓那柔柔光輝 為你解痛楚 *
# 當你見到光明星星 請你想起我


CNY Visitings of the Year

Today is the 1st CNY visiting since the start of the CNY, which I forsee it to be the only one.

All 8 of us planned on a 3-visitings-trips-in-a-day, starting from 2x Woodlands to 1x Sembawang.

I dropped by at 大妹’s hse since AG’s hse was within walking distance. As usual, I was the most punctual one ^__*

A big spread awaiting us, which according to AG was a 临时抱佛脚 preparation. Wah! So if she had made plan for us, wouldn’t it be 满汉全席? :-O

After staying around for 3 hrs and before we decided to make a move for the next hse, I felt some hidden conspiracy spreading in the air. Totally unknown to us(me), they brought out a birthday cake for the 3 of us, me (belated), EL (belated) and AG (pre). How nice ^___^ though it was bought last min and 1 cake for 3 birthday gals … hahaha … it’s the thought that count la …

It was 7+ by the time we reached babygal’s hse, cos we waited almost 30mins for the feeder bus ** hit forehead **

After ta-bao-ing some nicey tzs char from babygals’ hse nearby coffeeshop, we headed off in 2 cabs to EK’s hse, our last hse for the day’s visitings. It was near 10 by the time we settled down at her hse.

these bunch of goodies had been “following” us through all our visitings … my unique way of clearing ‘leftovers’ =P

my birthday gift … hello kitty! =(^_^)=

Let’s do this again next year ^__* (I will ‘pack’ my hse ‘presentably’ enough for u all to come 😛 **faded away**)

CNY Visitings of the Year

Shimbashi Soba @ Paragon

Although we were going to join the rest for the mass cny visitings the next day, but it seems that we couldn’t wait any longer and decided to meet up today too 😛

We decided on Shimbashi Soba @ Paragon just because NL has never been here before.

All 3 of us had taken this set. But my set was different from theirs … or rather theirs were different from the original. Can u spot the difference? ^___*

Simple is good : ) Obviously green tea ice cream was mine (and CL’s). Only NL chose the NORMAL vanilla flavour one.

While they were ‘strolling’ for sales coach bag, I came across this display at the NAC information counter and was rather fasinated with how the 荫柳 could actually be wrapped in such a way, only to realise that there were quite a no. of such pot at many corners in NAC @_@

We ended up at Topshop AGAIN … cos no choice, most shops were closed or near closing after our dinner : (

We had a small chat @ starbucks, accompanied with these colourful frappuccino. Raspberry one was mine … cos I was attracted by the pink colour ^__* … which happened to be the best choice among the 3 =P

Shimbashi Soba @ Paragon




我最喜欢的quote ^_____^ 。。。与我的杯杯(有15岁半了。。。是在间garfield专卖店里买的)是一样的。。。是我其中一位好友在数年前买来送我的。



哎哟!实在太多了!又要放captions,有些地方还要翻查reference,请耐心等待吧!=^_____^= ** paisey 中 **













看!其实我可以想出这么多的DIY ideas 。。。





也不是什么热闹啦!只是好久不见的花鼠来咯!^_______^ **想念想念**

哇!怎么原本较小的花鼠两个星期没见就变成有点儿大只了: P (你吃了些什么啦!)





时而喜欢有人对他讲话。看他笑得多开心,心都甜了 ^___^ 。。。真是卡瓦伊的花鼠仔。。。



最容易准备的莫过于。。。火锅了!但似乎准备了太多。。。 =P



有这群古灵精怪的爹地妈咪大小姨们,花鼠仔又怎么能不常呵呵大笑呢? =^___^=




We had been going to Melaka for cny celebrations with our relatives for the past 2 yrs. However this yr we had decided to remain in Spore even though they had wanted us to be there, mainly because little chipmunk will be celebrating his ever 1st cny with us, and most importantly, 妈咪’s present condition does not allow her for any long distance travel.

Nevertheless, calls from Melaka had been calling in ways before the clock strike 12midnite. As per every cny eve, I will be staying till 1-2am.

The 1st day of cny was exceptionally different from the past where we would wake up early to make preparation for cny visitings in the north. But due to some unpleasant encounters, we decided to refrain from these visitings. And so I could sleep till … =P

The usual cantonese lotus+red dates+longans dessert for breakfast, plus the cantonese must have vegetarian mixed vegetables on the 1st day of cny. Most ingredients came from my dept cny hampers … wat a save 😛

I thought it would be a quiet day for us, but was rather surprised that 2 grps of 妈咪’s friends came for the visiting. And I still get to receive ang baos despite being overaged for that 😛

She is one of my childhood friends. And both (including me) had grown … bigger 😛

Me and 大小妹 still remembered when we were little kids, we would usually changed into this kind of brand new pajamas on the eve after reunion dinner. It had been years since we did that. I suddenly remembered this set of sweet precious moment pajamas lying inbetween a stack of clothings and so since nothing to do, I took it out to wear and took some self-taken pix on it =^____^=

Being nothing to do except surfing the net or watching some tv programmes, I took out my camera and start shooting around in the hse. I was trying out some photography techniques after watching too many nice pix from flicker … but my works suck 😦 Can my camera really do tricks?