As usual … I’m the one making the restuarant booking @_@ However I was rather excited about going there cos it was my first time to this BIG branch which is so near my place.

Though we roughly know where the restuarant was, we were still not exactly sure where to alight. Splited into 2 cabs, me, birthday pig + bf and my temp ‘lover’ Fel (since they were all paired up … hahaha) alighted at the wrong way :(, while the other 4 were waiting at the main entrance of the restuarant.


‘Mai tu liao’ (delay no more), let’s FEAST!!!








It was around 8pm+ when we finished our dinner. Not knowing wat to do after that, the birthday pig suggested a rare family karaoke gathering.

When we came to know about the ‘ 天文数字 ‘ of the room rate, we almost left the place for the other karaoke nearby. But since it’s the birthday girl paying (using her birthday ‘ang bao’) for the session, we went ahead with it.


Initially we (other than the piggie + bf and my temp ‘lover’) thought of singing for a while and will leave around 11pm+, who knows my mum and I stayed till the end of the extended hours and left for home around 2am.

Well, not only did the birthday pig enjoyed the whole event, we enjoyed ourselves too : ) But but but … my singing had really deteriorated ~ ~;


烟花节 Finale

A whole stretch of events has been awaiting me after almost one whole month of rest … rest as in no shopping, no hi-tea/dining out, no hanging out blah blah blah … they jokingly related this as the confinement month release hahaha … Anyway, will post up those events postings at a later date. Do keep a look out for the back dated postings.

11 Aug Fire Drill Exercise

Can you imagine the kind of muscles aching for a non-exercise person…like me… to walk down a 39 storey of steps?! @_@ Though I was informed of the fire drill exercise in our office building days ago, but I underestimated myself. Thought it would be easy to walk down in a pair of track shoes, but it’s equally bad. My legs were wobbling in the middle of the stairs and of course it’s worse when we reached to the ‘safety zone’ where everyone assemble.

Some of my friends who knew about this actually asked me if we needed to walk up the stairs back to office … SIAO AH! You thought it’s the vertical run meh! Fire drill exercise is for us to get readily and safely out of the building in case of real fire, who would go into the fire again!

Anyway the after effect of this exercise is getting worse over the weekends. I can’t imagine how it would be when I get back to work on Mon. The way I walk was like those of some ah gong(s) ah mah(s) who have difficulty walking. It’s exceptionally pain for me when I walk down the steps @_@ old ah mah me 😦

12 Aug Karaoke + Seafood Dinner + Fireworks + Bar Drink … + Legs pain

We have planned this like about 2 weeks ago, but it was until this week … rather on Fri night that we ‘confirmed chop’ the itinerary.

2006081201020405We were supposed to meet up at around 1.45-2pm for the karaoke but was held up by SOMEONE. Punctual was my nick 😛 I reached outside of Ochard Partyworld at 1.45pm sharp! … I took cab lah cos my leg muscles is quite unendurable. So while waiting for PL to arrive first, I took an unintended drink at the Starbucks. After sitting at the very comforty and cosy cafe for a cup of my favorite Mocha Frap, I saw 2 of their staffs walking out of the cafe with a cylinder and a paperbag of small paper cups. As what I have thought it’s for, they are distributing FREE coffee out to the pedestrians. Arghhhhh…wasted my $5.20 when I could actually grab one from them and just sat outside waiting for the rest to arrive.

Soon PL arrived and I told her about it. Having finished my drink, I moved out and sat by the street stone seat with PL, watching them distributing with my heart aching LOL

Finally the other 2 arrived … at around 2.40pm.

It’s my first time karaoke-ing with them. It’s fun as usual. Dunno was it because I have not been to karaoke for more than half a year liao, I have been problem singing properly cos my eyes couldn’t focus properly on the screen…am I aging…oops! no no no! 😛


Soon 3 hours of singings ended with a page of song list still unsung. We got to leave and reach City Hall mrt station by 6.15pm. Who knows JT’s shoes gave way and we accompanied her to buy a new pair of sandals. And yes…I ‘accompanied’ her to BUY shoes too…with mine cost more than hers **faint**

Ok…we are really running late cos our dinner booking at One Fullerton was 6.30pm and we are still at Orchard. So we rushed all the way to Somerset MRT and went all the way to the platform almost getting in to the coming train when we realised we forgotten A waiting for us at the control station 😛

It was super crowded in the train as well as the City Hall station. Basically everyone was here to watch the fireworks finale at the marina bay. Though we thought walking outside the building would be much easier than walking through the Citylink Mall, we underestimated the crowd. The underpass to Esplanade and Esplanade bridge to One Fullerton is super x100 congested. It took us almost 45 min to an hour to reach One Fullerton from the station.

This is only 1/100 of the crowd we saw

By the time we reached the restaurant, it’s 7pm+ liao, and they have moved our table from the outside table to indoor instead, in which we appreciated that cos we are sweating, tired and hungry after the ‘ordeal’. Luckily N reached first and secured our booking.


while waiting for our orders to arrive…

One point to note…though we were informed of their 2 booking time slots, 6.30pm and 8.30pm, but we were only told (have to) to give up the table at 8.15pm. Kinda of ridiculous cos the food we ordered was quite ‘messy’ ones. I supposed the customers at 8.30 could wait for a while since their table were secured and they could take their own sweet eating time till the closing hours. Not sure was it because of the rush cooking, all the dishes standard dropped tremendously. Especially the most expensive dish, Chilly Crabs. The gravy and the crab were kinda of tasteless. The butter prawn is salty. Of all the dishes, the fried rice and baby squids were the most ‘edible’ one. Well, after this rush, unsatisfied and expensive dinner, we left the restaurant with ‘unfilled’ stomach.

Servings for 6 pax

Being left half an hour to the fireworks, we make our way out of Fullerton Mall, going through yet another congested crowd to one end of the Esplanade bridge. And finally we managed to secure a ‘comfortable’ space to stand and started counting down to 9pm.

Note: You are going to see some wiggling light flashing photos. Please do not mistaken them for any unidentified flying objects. They are actually the fireworks…hehe…paisey! camera shutter speed too slow.


The fireworks ended in 15mins, and soon the crowd started to disperse. Knowing how congested it would be to take mrt back home then, we started walking towards Raffles Place for the coffee club but it’s equally packed. Even the field in the center is crowded with couples, families with kids, big groups or small groups of fireworks ‘leftovers’…hahaha… N left from there cos she need to recharge energy for a one day ‘zoologist’ on the following day…cleaning the poos of the animals hahaha 😛

2006081245sWe started heading to Boat Quay for any available resting place but… so we continue our long walk. It’s PL’s turn to leave (she din say ‘bye bye’ to me…hmph!) cos she can’t tahan liao…her legs pain. HALO! Despite my leg muscles pain since morning, I’m still tolerating leh.

Well…basically all roads, be it human or traffic, are congested. Even with the help of traffic polices, it took 1-2 hours to clear, cos after our 1+ hour of search (for a resting place) which we finally ended up at Swiss Hotel, we still saw traffic police at the traffic junction controlling the traffic.

Soon we settled down at the Ink Club Bar in the Swiss Hotel. Our legs were like “嗡 嗡 嗡”. After resting for 2 hours at the cosy bar, we finally set off home and ended our eventful and tired day.


後 记

My leg muscles pain still doesn’t go off today … tomorrow how?!? 😦

烟花节 Finale

记得当年我们 。。。

前 阵 子 因 睡 房 大 粉 刷 ,因 而 将 橱 柜 大 整 理 了 一 番 。将 已 没 砰 许 久 的 相 簿 清 理 之 即 也 翻 了 一 翻 。在 每 翻 页 的 那 一 刻 都 勾 起 我 许 多 美 好 的 回 忆 。

就 在 翻 到 念 理 工 学 院 的 那 批 相 片 时 ,心 想 不 知 他 们 还 好 吗 ?

其 实 我 们 毕 业 以 後 的 一 两 年 间 还 常 见 面 。一 起 找 工 作 、一 起 庆 祝 二 十 一 岁 生 日 ,一 起 欢 度 农 历 新 年 等 。之 後 的 几 年 ,因 工 作 繁 忙 便 较 少 联 络 了 。相 聚 的 时 候 都 是 在 某 某 人 的 婚 宴 里 ,一 起 庆 生 及 新 年 也 少 了 。虽 偶 而 还 会 约 出 来 聚 餐 。她 们 说 我 经 常 因 工 作 繁 忙 而 ‘ 放 她 们 飞 机 ‘ ( 指 失 约 也 ) 。。。哪 有 哦 ?! 😛

就 因 这 次 的 橱 柜 大 整 理 ,想 念 的 心 突 强 。想 想 最 近 的 一 次 见 面 是 。。。噢 ! 两 年 多 前 在 A 的 军 式 婚 宴 中 见 面 的 ! paisey ! 这 麽 久 哦 ? 😛 因 此 就 发 了 个 ‘ 感 人 ‘ 的 电 邮 给 她 们 。隔 天 收 到 所 有 的 回 覆 ,还 真 是 无 比 的 高 兴 唷 ! 😀

予 是 一 置 通 过 的 约 在 Merchant Court 的 Elleborough Market Cafe 那 ㄦ 聚 餐 。但 这 次 只 有 我 们 女 人 帮 而 已 噢 !


之 後 我 们 从 回 到 七 年 前 在 克 拉 马 头 所 拍 过 的 地 点 ,看 看 我 们 的 变 化 有 多 大 : )


( 似 乎 我 的 变 化 比 较 ‘ 大 ‘ 😛 )



克 拉 马 头 的 变 化 也 很 大 哦 !


记 得 ! 有 空 常 联 络 噢 !

记得当年我们 。。。



由 予 我 们 家 的 小 姐 们 对 煮 都 是 一 窍 不 通 的 一 群 。( 注 :这 里 指 的 ” 煮 ” 不 是 煮 白 米 贩 或 即 食 面 之 类 简 单 之 举 的 ‘ 烹 饪 ‘ ,而 是 起 火 生 贩 的 烹 饪 。) ,所 以 这 一 举 是 很 有 ‘ 纪 念 性 ‘ 的 🙂


一 班 来 说 ,现 今 社 会 的 女 孩 子 们 ( 虽 不 能 打 翻 一 船 人 ) 开 始 学 烹 饪 都 是 为 了 锁 着 男 人 的 心 。因 我 家 的 两 位 小 姐 就 是 如 此 ~~ 嘿 嘿 嘿 !:P 我 家 大 妹 也 是 在 婚 後 才 开 始 向 我 妈 咪 讨 教 的 。而 我 小 妹 是 因 为 要 在 男 友 生 日 前 学 个 一 招 半 示 好 在 他 生 日 那 天 准 备 个 大 餐 给 他 。女 人 啊 ~~ 都 是 男 人 奴 。。。虽 然 都 是 自 愿 的 啦 ~~ 哈 哈 哈 ~~



我 呢 ? 只 会 将 火 锅 所 省 的 肉 菜 加 上 味 美 的 韩 国 即 食 面 就 是 一 碗 美 味 可 口 的 一 餐 了 😛


自 第 一 集 开 始 就 每 周 日 晚 上 都 会 锁 定 的 《 美 女 厨 房 》 ,看 着 每 集 的 女 艺 人 嘉 宾 们 手 忙 脚 乱 的 在 限 定 时 间 里 准 备 食 物 ,简 直 啼 笑 皆 非 ,笑 料 百 出 。我 妈 咪 说 若 我 上 场 也 会 跟 她 们 一 样 ~~ 哦 ~~ LOL