A Fruitful Day @ Vivo

As the goddess cun make it on tues and wed, and both the princess and queen not available on thurs and fri, the king declared our movie outing on Sat =P

But still, princess was too lazy to come out ~___~

Intitially when they mentioned about trying out on Carl’s Jr, I thought wat ‘Cow’s Jr’ … a new restaurant? hahaha …

It was a high-end fastfood restaurant which accepted credit card too (only cc give out discount)… cos just 3 burgers alone with a box of fries cost more than $20+. But the price was simply worthwhile considering that they weren’t just simple burgers and fries 😛

Beef Chilli Cheese Fries
it do look gross on the pix but this was an enhanced cheese fries of KFC … which I love too ^____^ (note: it’s “love” not “like” :P)

NL’s order – Portobello Mushroom Burger
according to NL, this was better than my fav mushroom swiss burger from Burger King. I gotta to try it for myself next time.

CL’s order – Carl’s Catch Fish Sandwich
she cun wait to eat up her burger and so only managed to stop her for my pix taking after one bit of it … so u can imagine how irresistible the fish sandwich was 😀

My order – Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger
Ok, one word … YUMMY/SEDUP/赞! And it was until half way thru that I realised there were fried onion rings in them … not simply cutted out raw onion rings but like those fried onion rings side order from Burger King.

These burgers were huge, and one cun be too much of a lady to eat them (excuses for me :P).

Movie for the day was the long-awaited (since NL intro it to me some times ago) Water Horse.

I like true tales/myth. Wat more I read about this myth many times some years back from those thick hardcovered books on the unexplained. Moveover the trailer attracted me to it alot.

However I din know that the story was set in during WWII cos I usually dun read reviews or storyline when I wanted to watch a movie, but rather thru the media (tv/radio) recommendations or trailers. Some were of cos words of mouth from friends ^_*

Though both NL and CL found Cursoe disgusting, but I found it ‘disgustingly’ cute and humourous ^___^

Overall, it was a touching movie **sob sob** I had been watching cheaply discounted subsidised movies to know that a sat movie tix could cost as high as $10 :-O

this was given out when we bought our drinks and pop corns, but I din managed to relate this to the Horton’s movie.
Saw the little white ‘speck’ there? ^___*

Our next excitement began … shopping and eating … yeh!!!! ^^

The Queen had a great fall the day before and had refrained herself from getting near the easily excited me who anytimes could just ‘slam’ on her injured and braised arms 😛

Even though that, she still needed me for helping her putting on with clothes. Oops! Dun misunderstood! I only helped her to put on a jacket outside the long queuing fitting rooms. And because of such ‘greatfulness’, she offered me a mattress in her room until she recovered. Well, having a nice bed at hm, I totally turned her down … hehehee …

While searching for a nice dinner, the contents in the menu @ Shin Kushiya attracted us in.

Jako Sarada (S$11.80)
dun it looks Lou Hei :P. Rather crunchy and refreshing, but we decided that we would try other salad dishes in our visit.

Satsuma Imo (S$4.80)
the charcoal-baked sweet potato was heavenly … I felt such a sense of happiness even on the first bit … exaggerating abit … but it was really good which made me missed bbq-ing 😀

Ika Sugatayaki (S$10.80)
I think my bbq-ing ‘recipe’ of sotong with sambal sauce taste better 😀

Ton Katsu Curry Don (S$15.80)
Curry was served separately with fully stuffed potatoes bits.
But like wat NL mentioned in her blog, this really cannot be compared to Tonkatsu. I would forgo this in my next visit.

Hiyashi Koimo (S$4.80)
ay…I think our ‘tang yuan’ taste better 😛 … but both of them like it though

From left to right
Tsukune (S$1.90) – minced chicken meatballs
Aspara Maki (S$2.80) – wrapped with thinly sliced pork
Gyu Enoki Maki (S$3.60) – wrapped with thinly sliced beef
Gyu Karubi (S$3.80) – prime beef
Nikuzume Shiitake (S$2.60) – mushroom stuffed with minced chicken

Their grilled sticks were simply wonderful. Fresh and juicy, except some disappointment with their beef sticks. The marinating taste only appeared on the surface but not deep into the meat itself.

Chimmi Yakitori (S$2.80)
Quite an interesting combi of chicken thigh with special tako-wasabi topping. I kinda of like it cos I like wasabi choking feel =P

Cha Soba (S$9.80)
The 3 bundles of soba were just nice for each of us to try … but somehow I preferred those at Waraku than this cos dipping into the sauce mixed with wasabi, minced radish and spring onions tasted so much better.

Tempura Mori (S$14.80)
this assorted seafood and vegetable tempura wasn’t so fantastic but may try out other tempura dishes in the next visit though

Kuro Goma Heaven (S$7.80)
nicely presented. I felt as if I was taking the sesame paste cos the sesame taste was very rich : )

Tofu Cheesecake (S$4.80)
tasted just like chicago cheesecake, but a lighter version. Maybe that’s how it was called Tofu Cheesecake.

Macha Ice Cream (S$3.80)
“how can a japanese meal complete without a green tea dessert”, and so we ordered this.
Very creamy but I would prefer stronger green tea taste 😀

It seems as if we were possessed cos we ordered sooooo much food … with CL calculating the amt we going to spend on this dinner after placing our orders =P

But pls be warned to avoid ordering all in 1 order cos the dishes were served rather fast and so earlier dishes get cold easily.

And coincidentally, our total bill (excluding svc charge and gst) was S$111.00 ***strong 4D feel again =P***

2 good meals + 1 good movie + shopping + 2 good friends on a relax Sat, wat more can I ask for? ^____^


But pls dun remind me of the carbo we had intake for the day **hmph! :-\**

A Fruitful Day @ Vivo


Recently these words have been recurring in my mind, which I felt was soooo much better than the “忍!不然我是乌龟王八!”

Don’t remember wat/who’s word(s) has just hurt u.
To remember that, u r only continuously hurting urself when actually such word(s) was(were) delivered once.
So to stop that, forget it!


I have been told by different ppl that I have been very unfriendly in words(sms/msn) recently esp good friends. Ya true enough, I knew that too, cos this may be a symptom of an upcoming explosion to my tolerant.

While my mum is trying her best to lower and controlling well on her sugar level, I am trying my best to lower and control my EQ level too.

Forgive and forget can be difficult, but I will try. Trust me! p(^_^;)q


Central Mall? No … it’s The Central

I wun go into too much details on the difficulties in ‘organising’ this gathering dinner. 太烦了!哎~~

The initial plan was to have a dinner at Ikoi Japanese Restaurant in Miramar Hotel. But we were too late to book a table due to a late confirmation of attendance. And so I proposed a change of venue to Sun with Moon at Central Mall.

The joke about this Sun with Moon was … MY mistaken it for a change of appt to sun or mon (cos I put Sun n Moon in the sms =P).

Next joke, Central Mall. I had never know that there is a “Central Mall” located in a ulu lane opp the main road. While all along this ‘Central Mall’ that I knew of is actually called The Central. Poor MY made a wasted trip and walked all the way to our meeting pt, THE CENTRAL. ***solly m(^__^)m***

Oh ya! And I had changed venue to Waraku (more ‘economical’ pricings) instead since some already questioned about the pricings and menu type at Sun with Moon (~_~;)

We were given a riverview window table ^_______^

I ordered my usual Cha Soba … and the other 2 ‘copied’ me … hehehe …

And of cos Okonomi Yaki … highly recommended by me 😀

Yakitori Touban Yaki – the rest was too fast in action for me to ‘snatch’, and so I dun quite remember how this dish actually tasted. But one thing for sure, the chicken meat was good … maybe because it wasn’t breast meat 😛

Salmon Teriyaki which MZ ordered it along with a bowl of rice. I din try out on this cos I had been taking fried/steamed salmon quite often lately as it was in my mum’s diet.

Tempura Yasai Mori – not a good choice. This can be skipped the next time I’m there again.

Seafood curry udon – LC was actually in a dilemma (though she was very hungry) and started panicking when the rest had placed their orders. The friendly crew who took our orders saw this situation quickly helped to stream down her choice of food and eventually to seafood curry udon. We were quite amazed with that ^___^

Potato Mensai – very guilty though cos it was full of cheese … but but … it was great! The mixture of cheese and potato … u simply got to eat it hot ^_* We just felt that the pan was too small to be share among 5 of us … cos it was emptied out in no time =P

Total bill for the 5 of us was a nice $111.11 ***4D 4D***

As the rest had to leave for home earlier after a ‘speedy’ chat, only Cat, MZ and me went on for a drink at Coffee Club.

once again we were given a riverview window table ^___^

Muddy Mud Pie
this is a must order for chocolate lover

Mango Peach Smoothie
taste ok but not so fantastic. I would prefer a stronger mango taste : )

Strawberry Smoothie
too sweet that made me felt very ‘fainty’ :S

Ice Earl Vanilla (think it’s called something like dat)
my order … fragrant Earl Grey with sweet vanilla, quite a refreshing drink which one wun feel too guilty with =P

Central Mall? No … it’s The Central

4D3N 新加坡探访之游

20-21 Mar Thurs-Fri

Well … as mentioned in previous post, another grp who were waiting for me at hm were none other than my 2 dear aunts and M from Melaka.

The main purpose of this trip was to visit 妈咪 which would have been earlier if not for the cny and work commitments. Anyway, 有心了 ^^

2ndly, the elderlys were rather eager to see our 花鼠仔 cos they had never seen him since he was borned, but only thru the pix attached in the online albums.

And since their purposes of this trip weren’t to shop actually, inorder not to get them feel bored for the trip, we brought them down to our hawker centre for early breakfast (I would have slept till late hrs on a Sat :P) for the famous wanton mee and economical chee cheong fan + wu tao gou … my fav mah 😀

After our breakfast, we went back to our void deck to wait for 妈咪’s friend, who was going to pass some laksa leaves for 妈咪 to brew as drink.

It was a funnie sight when u see a grp of aunties comparing the marketing they had done, not only thru their mouth (spoken) … but thru their hands. Yes hands, as in … they literally took out each and every items from their marketing plastic bags.

M and I were amazed by the sight and I took a pix of them secretly while hiding behind M … hehehe …

One thing for sure, their unselfishness of sharing stuffs* they bought IS something worth for us to learn.

*unselfishness of sharing stuffs = simply give out without inexchange of $$ or other stuffs

见面礼 angbaos from the his grandaunts … dun he look adorably cute in romper ^___*

花鼠仔 will be 4mths old in another 2 days, and so we decided to have his hair fully shaved. Surprisingly he was very cooperative throughout the whole ‘shaving ceremony’ … good boy ^___^

花鼠仔 is now a 小和尚 ^_______^

22 Mar Sat

Now, one more day to spend, and so we decided to bring them to AMK hub … shopping together with 花鼠仔 ^____^

Right after we reached the mall, we headed off to Pin Si for our lunch. As there would still be awhile for any available and suitable table, we went for a short stroll after leaving our contact no with the staff.

When we thought we could ‘safely’ handover 花鼠仔 for the 2 elderlys to look after while T went for his toy shopping and we 3 gals went for our clothes shopping. Just as we made a small turn out of sight of 花鼠仔 and 2 aunts, we heard a familiar thunderous cry. Wat we saw upon our return was T calming down of his son with shocked faces from the 2 elderlys … plus eyes from everyone around that area.

Well, wat happened was, 花鼠仔 was frightened by a sudden pop-in face of Ema. And dunno was it because he understood the meaning of “妈咪他们不要你了”, he cried in fright. Poor boy … though it was really a funnie sight =P

So after calming him down and patted him to sleep, we received a call from Pin Si. We were all making orders in the slightest noise possible but still 花鼠仔 woke up and cry : (

As he still seemed to be in fright with the earlier incident, we took turns to bring him out of the restaurant for a stroll cos he love to be carried and look around @_@

their snacks were good d(^__^)

猪扒包 which was totally different from those in Macau … they used teriyaki sauce instead which actually taste good too : )

looks and taste were equally bad … can forgo this.

We were also sourcing for a suitable bb walker at the ntuc x but look how scare he was when I placed him into those walkers. He dun dare to move much … hehehe …

23 Mar Sun

Before they set off to Melaka in the evening, I had my shaving … oh no it’s hair cut … absolutely FREE by my veteran Ema ^___________^

how’s my hair cut? ^__*

4D3N 新加坡探访之游

Horton + Cafe Cartel @ PS

“A person’s a person, no matter how small”, a tagline in the movie. The message was clear and simple, but how often do ppl really practice that? There are too many arrogant ppl around.

The whole movie was simply a bedtime kind of storytale movie, which didn’t managed to make a nonsense kid to be quietly sitted down. If not for the $4 offered ticket organised by XXXXXX, I dun think I will spend the $$ on this =P

*** side track *** the nacho with cheese was yummy ^______^

It was until the end of the movie that I realised the voice behind Horton belongs to Jim Carrey. Nothing special … cos I only know who is Jim Carrey … hehehe …

After the show, all 11 of us went for our late dinner at the Cafe Cartel.


Passion Colder – just a ice blended mango drink with vanilla ice-cream

Cesar Salad – oh dear! I forgotten how good or bad it was, cos it was the 1st dish after our 3 hrs of ‘fasting’.

Seafood Jumbo Combo – The problem with sharing food on a long table, one tends to miss out some food.
I managed to grab abit from here and there except for this combo set which I was only ‘offered’ fried potato and prawn : (.

Pan Fried Linguine – taste very much like hokkien fried carrot cake … yummy.

Garlic Chesse & Herb Bread – very crunchy and I took 2 cos it was nearer to me 😛

St Louis Pork Ribs – very tenderly yummy!!!! I regretted to take the bigger cut of it though they were all cutted up by me!!!!

Country Chicken Stew – this was nice too which I dunno how it would be if I were to take the whole bowl of it.

I was lucky to be offered a free ride back home … and so I ‘abandoned’ the rest and went off with AY and her bf (not in the grp pix) =P

Sumimasen m(=^__^=)m, got to be home ‘early’ cos there were visitors waiting for me at hm.

Horton + Cafe Cartel @ PS



chocolate chips, cranberry and raisin scones. I preferred raisin one.

wooo… ^_*

昨晚买了些scones,在兴高采烈的将要将其中两块scones’分解’时,在以清水随洗水果刀时,一时失手切伤了大拇指 😥 **痛痛**

在家人都已睡着了的情况下,我’勇敢’的自行处理了我的伤口。翻乱了整箱first aid box还是找不到ok绷,只发现了很多过期的绷带。@_@ 找了许久,终于在某处发现了唯一的ok绷。

使用ok绷时突让我想起了较早前看到屈臣氏售卖了些可爱snoopy的ok绷。哈哈!终于可以买来用了!**变态指数 = infinite**


都这么可怜了,就将可怜转为可爱吧 ^____^ **借口多多**


Marche @ Vivo

Hmm … when was the last time we get together? … during GM’s bb’s full mth which was last Apr :-O So the girl is now almost 1yr old. And BT’s thunderous cry (according to the couple) bb gal was already 1yr old+. How times fly …

C going 1 next mth … whao!

Look! The gal looked more like his brother, which is another cute boy ^___^

Other than our ‘usual’ high tea hangout at Merchant Court, we chosen Marche @ Vivo.

My first trip to this branch. Quite a nice and cold cosy place. They had replaced the stamping paper card to electronic card instead.

After browsing around for … 15mins or so, I finally decided on the seabass filet, which was a better choice than BT’s order of their (rather dry) chicken and GM’s order of their kampong chicken.

Seabass Filet (S$14.50) / Squid (S$9.95) / Baked Potato (S$2.80)

Seabass was nicely grilled, which didn’t leave any fishy smell behind. Servicing was just nice if you want to try out on the others as well. But mind you, the price was higher than that of the grilled chicken.

The squids were nicely fried, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside … though a bit oily.

Baked potato was nicely baked, with a bit of sour cream and bacons, it was simply perfect! ^__^

For whoever’s info, all the above were my order =P

And of cos, not to forget my fav drink order in Marche … Ginge Bunda Root Beer (S$3.20)!!!!

Quite a nice gathering … cos I was chauffeured to and back = P


the unintentioned ‘pool’ at the skypark was under maintenance since the last time I was here half a mth ago. I wonder how it will be when it was reopened.

Marche @ Vivo