Farewell Again …

These days we gathered a few times … with different grps and different treats at different places.

23 Jan Wednesday

He treated me, LX and AP @ Han’s.

29 Jan Tuesday

We treated him for his farewell @ Lagun Sari, which we ate until we almost stop the waitresses from bringing MORE dishes =P

BTW, their chili was good, and when we asked for more helpings, they said they ran out of it. Cun believe it cos it was only lunch time then. @_@

SeT came down all the way from his working place to join us. Nice gathering … everyone was together again ^^ … which is getting very rare nowsaday : (

31 Jan Thursday

Official farewell-cum-welcome dinner @ Moti Mahal.

a little each from our buffet table

A boring organising cos 老爸 insisted on having standing cocktail style so that we could mingle around (within only 13 of us). The plate was too heavy to hold throughout and so I ended up sitting down (dun care liao). And soon the locals followed me 😛

Just imagine we standing occuping half the restaurant where the other half (and alfreso seatings) was filled with customers (giving us such weird looks). Even though we were standing, trying very hard to ‘mingle’ around, we just feel awkward cos we had nothing much to say to each other (I meant between the locals and those …). There were times when awkward silent occurred.

Hopefully he realised that such dining doesn’t suit us at all and will NEVER suggest that again : P

Overall, I love their naan … and I ate countless of that … and so was TOO busy eating them to take a pix of any … hehehe ^______^)

And so today is his last day. Watever misunderstanding or unhappiness in the past simply gone by the wind. All the best! ^_^

Farewell Again …

0122 Surprises

22 Jan Tuesday

While still worrying for my 妈咪, 小妹, her bf and 爹地 gave me a little surprise as the nite striked 12midnite. It was my birthday today!!! ^___^

23 Jan Wednesday – 1st day back to work after 2 wks of leave

received these from my colleagues. one of them was actually secretly bought from hokkaido.

Story goes … I had came across this bigger version one several times at different souvenir shops … giving out a ‘pls buy me’ look … but after looking at the price, I forgo the thought and so told SK I would just take some pix of it. Who knows SK actually went to buy the smaller version as my bd gift. She must be having a hard time trying to hide that from me =P Thanks for that … cos lavender has been my fav too ^__^

0122 Surprises