Kampong Ubin Resort Retreat

We were smart enough this time round to send out only 1 ‘invitation’ 😛

—————— Day 1 ——————

As EK had duty on Sat morning, JT and I met up earlier for our brunch at Mc before taking a cab down to fetch EK and headed off to compass pt to meet up with NL. EK had been grumbling hungry since she stepped into the cab all the way down to compass pt. Even the cab driver also laughed at her … ~_~

And being a long ‘westerner’, I seems more familiar with compass pt then those ‘northwesterner’ and ‘northerner’ **骄傲中**

After waiting for about 20 mins at the super ulu mrt taxi stand area for the mcc shuttle bus, and passing by a long stretch of ulu route, we finally arrived at MCC.

The signboard at the pier was rather misleading when we realised it stated pier 5 for ferry to ubin and not pier 3 as was told by the receptionist. But as we were comfortably seated at the drink stall near pier 5, NL who has been doing all the bookings received a call that the ferryman was waiting for the 4 of us at pier 3. Yes! 4 of us … ONLY … to the big ferry! As we were happily ‘playing’ inside the ferry, a couple insisted on boarding cos they missed the previous ferry. The ferryman relunctantly return back to fetch them. There goes our ‘exclusive’ booking :-\

JT and I took the upper level room initially until EK kept on complaining the smell at the ground floor room till we switched room.

While the rest happily settled down with packs of snacks and goodies, NL and I went out for a walk, taking some nice pix and booking for the nite bbq at the only restaurant there.

A tranquil place, plus the sky wasn’t too cloudy, so basically it was only blue, green and brown 🙂

We were quite shocked and ‘abit’ angry when we were told we weren’t able to bbq cos the whole bbq pit area was booked last min by a grp of cc members with their minister. After letting know our main purpose to be here, they arranged another area which was just at the side of the restaurant rather that the bbq pit area right beside the swimming pool near our room. Ok nevermind, ‘no-prawn-fish-oso-can’ nice attitude of us agreed to that.

As the bbq was 1hr+ later, I went out to take some sunset scene. While happily doing so, a black dog came near me and started licking my leg and hand, mistakenly thought I’m playing with it @_@.

After ‘hiding’ back into the room, we came out again to take more sunset scene before heading off to our bbq pit.

guess who were they? ^__*

The light was very dim at our bbq area as the nite came, so much so that we weren’t able to see if our food was cooked, though most of the time I was the QC gal for the nite, checking under the only pathetic lighted light near us. And that explained why our food looked so ‘chao-dar’ … hehehe … Anyway, we couldn’t finished up the food. The chicken wings were tough, fried rice was bland, fish was too fishy, other than that the rest still edible. We even ‘smuggled’ and bbq-ed our own sweet potatos 😛 Yummy!

the nite was exceptionally nice too, with bright round moon hanging high up the sky reflecting on the man-made lake

—————— Day 2 ——————

Soon it was time to set off back to mainland. We were supposed to be taking the 11.15am ferry but was forced to board this public-unconsciously-turned-into-the-grp-of-cc-members’ ferry. Some petty ppl treated us as if we had intruded into their territory … saying thing like ‘should anything happened to us doesn’t concern them’ or wat. Rubbish! Even when we were queuing to embark, someone said to someone in a loud voice that there was a laptop inside the luggage … where we were standing near at. Anyway we totally ignore them and even offered our helping hand to the auntie who was carrying that pulled luggage. Well … we were well-brought-up ‘kids’ ^__*

We ended our day after lunching at compass pt.

So when’s our next bbq outing? ^__________^

Kampong Ubin Resort Retreat

Retreat off Mainland Spore

I will be here again tomorrow. But this time will be staying over at their chalet with bbq at nite.

I was told no outside food allow for bbq-ing in the chalet. And so we thought we could just choose the food there as were in a supermarket … the most they will cost slightly expensive than buying from our nearby markets. But wat replied back shocked us … or ME rather.

The bbq (2 person’s share @ $38) consists of:
prawns – 6pcs
fish fillet – 2 pcs
sotong or sotong balls – 2 sticks
satay – 12 sticks
chicken sausage – 14 sticks
potato – 2 pcs
chicken wings – din state how many pcs
fried rice / fried bee hoon
dessert (longan beancurd / sea coconut)
1 jug of juices (orange / lime / barley / rose)

FOC – fire starter, charcoal, wire mesh & 2 tongs

And with comparision to my usual ‘useful’ bbq list below, the above really shocked me @_@

1) Chicken Wings
2) Sausages
3) Corns
4) Magarine
5) Ice
6) Fire Starters
7) Charcoal
8 ) Spoons, forks, cups, butter brusher, sticks, bbq sauce, so on…
9) Satay (Chicken, Mutton, Pork, Rice in cubes…)
10) Packet Drinks
11) Otah (Fish)
12) Sweet Potato
13) Sotong
14) Tiger prawn
15) Sting Ray

I din know I still need to prepare instant noodle or drink milo if we get hungry AT NITE … hahaha …

Ok, let see how we will survived with those. Will ‘report’ more after I return : )

P/S: coincidently, I’m sick for the past 2 days 😦 … hope my headache-cum-fever will go down by tomorrow … please pray for me ^___^

Retreat off Mainland Spore

Now You See … Now You Don’t!

So even our popular streetdirectory.com is getting concerned with the diminishing buildings of Singapore.

Quote from http://www.streetdirectory.com/stock_images/travel/share_image.php

Dear Friends

At Streetdirectory.com, we are currently compiling past images of Singapore buildings and scenery. We hope to build a strong collection of Singapore Historical images to help in preserving our heritage and remembering Singapore’s past. This is especially important in today’s context as more and more buildings are torn down to make way for newer ones.

If you do have old images of Singapore e.g pictures of old buildings, old houses or scenery, we would love to have them published on Streetdirectory.com for sharing among the community.

With your support, we hope that eventually when users search for e.g IBM Towers, we will be able to show both existing images of IBM Towers, and past images of how the building used to look.

There are various ways that we can collaborate in this project. You can either loan, donate or sell the images to us (depending on the quality of the image). So please start digging into your old albums, and we hope to hear from you soon.


Now You See … Now You Don’t!


「用心体会,自然能领略生活的精妙」。。。讲得好!: )







有好的就会问为何不分享。当所谓的麻烦来了就避得远远的,索性避开问你。将你以’友’代’劳’当成是你该做的,简直就是 take you for granted。有如好心被雷劈,死无全尸。







Sentimental Sammi Nite

Hmm let me see … when did I last went for a concert? …

Oh, it was near 10yrs ago when I went to watch the 1st concert of my life, 雪。狼。湖 :-O So 10yrs later I’m back here for Sammi Show Mi Concert : ) However I dun seems to excited until I stepped into the Indoor Stadium, cos maybe the only person I know going along is CL.

4 of us went for a dinner at No Signboard at Oasis, which I heard will be demolished by end of this year … to make way for circle line? Quite a pity cos they had a good Spore river scenery. With the demolishment, there will be lesser choice of dining places before attending a concert at the Indoor Stadium located just nearby.

It was my 1st dining at No Signboard which 1st thought of it was their CRABS ^_____^ (I has been craving for that for quite some times … not that I cun buy and eat them on my own, but it’s more fun to eat with a group of crab lovers at appropriate places)

drunken prawns

sambal kangkong (a common dish ordered by almost every table)

claypot sea cucumber

mixed tou fu

These dishes were equally nice but the big plate of chili crabs and crayfishes ordered by our neighbour table looked more tempting 😛 They were seen taking pix every now and then … same ‘pattern’ ppl huh ^_____*

wow!!! (getting excited as I stepped into the stadium ^___^)

a plain stage

Our seatings weren’t that good since we only bought the $118 tix. I felt kinda of weird sitting sideway watching the concert with strangers sitting sideway so near me … behind (when one supposed to be sitting beside u sitting in a tilted position, that position has changed to ‘behind’ @_@) … the kinda of being watched feeling made my movements rather constrained … though I can hack care them … but … Anyway after the 2.5hrs, my neck become stiffed 😛

commotion!!! … cos sammi going around shaking hands near the stage …

reluctant to leave … cos hoping for encore …

My conclusion for this concert … great! I enjoyed the fun-ness of Sammi which was rarely seen on tv or other appearances. The thing she said, the jokes she cracked … a rather sentimental side of Sammi.

Most importantly, the cantonese spoken. Well, I do read some blogs or other sources mentioned that it would be better if she could sing or speak in mandarin instead. My own opinion IS, since they are Hong Kong singers and since it was a concert, those kind of constraints from a live or recorded telecast in Spore medias shouldn’t fall on this kind of event. I feel the kinda 亲切-ness for these artistes to speak in their native languages. I believed it goes the same for the movie 881.

P/S: I’m mixed cantonese/hainanese blood … that’s why 😛

Sentimental Sammi Nite


2 of us specially took half day leave while 小妹 off today to bring 妈咪 out as she hasn’t been in pink of health lately and has been feeling bored at home.

But not realising that we actually when to 4 different places … and ate a lot 😛

Ying Yong Ice – S$2.90

Teh Xi – S$1.40

Pork Floss Fried Rice – S$8.90
Nice dish simply because I like pork floss. But actually nothing special.

S. Pork Soup Noodle – S$6.50
simply instant noodle with canned stewed pork and egg

Chyepo Soup Noodle – S$7.50
another simple dish … instant noodle with pork floss and egg

Pork Rib Bee Hoon – S$7.90
taste like 妈咪’s dish … best dish of all 🙂

French Toast – S$3.90
妈咪 was afraid that we will be chased out for staying too long in the cafe that she ‘forced’ me to order this.

And soon we headed down to Far East Plaza as 大妹 will be meeting T at Taka for a buffet dinner. After a few walk and shopping buys, we settled down for some snacks 😛

小妹 has been sourcing ideas to design her handmade cheerleading costumes and since nothing suitable could be found in FEP, I suggested going down to PS cos spotlights is there. And zoom … there we went … but soon we settled down at gelare 😛

Eventually we went down to chinatown for more sourcing as we couldn’t find anything cheaper at spotlights. After buying wat she wants, we finally headed back home. 妈咪 was deadbeat by then 😛

went to grab the famous rojak before we ended our outing day 😛


Gone with the wind

Have you ever bought the famous ikan satay (satay fish) from msia? I used to buy them in packs when returning from my frequent school vacation trips to malacca. But I had stopped doing so for the past … hmm … 10 yrs? Reasoning being very obvious for those who bought them as frequently as I do (then). The tibits HAD gone down-sized TREMEDOUSLY!

This is one of the most pathetic packs which my colleague ‘innocently’ bought back recently.

I happened to find a small weighing scale for mail use, and I decided to find out whether it was the same weigh as stated on the package. Really pathetic I would say 😦

Not only did those ikan satays gone down-sized, the used-to-be/supposed-to-be crispiness has gone too.

Have you ever noticed that you oftenly heard ppl saying “it taste better in the past”, “it’s not the same as before” … and so on?

I have been wondering … was it because we get to taste more or expose more nowsaday? Or simply was it the ‘heartlessness’ of the businessmen who were only looking at profits more than qualities?

Gone were the qualities of the past … when everything is much simplier.

I think I had been thinking too much recently 😛 … maybe too bored. But nvm, there will be a sammi’s concert and a dinner at No Signboard waiting for me this sat “P Time for me to release the unknown tension : )

Gone with the wind

Act Cute or Simply Cute?

什么是 “act cute”?是他人装出来的?还是因为某些人无法接受而已?或是自己’年纪’大了,也要逼着旁人跟着’长大’?


Cute = ugly but adorable


Cute,这种举动或样貌不是你说要就有的。当然有些人怎么装都装不出来,这你可以看得出他是在act cute。







再拿莫小玲来说,虽称不上是大美女,但自信的她还是带点美感。Act cute吗?我不觉得。


Act Cute or Simply Cute?

Rapid Changes Around Us

Something to share …

I have always been looking out for such clips featuring Spore cos I have always been very curious about the life of Spore half a century ago. Though I could refer to the pix on the books, but that’s too still for me.

Spore has been changing rapidly even throughout the past 10yrs. Will most of the sights we saw today be still around 10yrs later? It’s time for pondering …

Rapid Changes Around Us