Last Thurs during our dinner @ Sushi Tei, everyone seems enthused to organise a “Moo Moo Nite 07” (mid-autumn party). Main purpose behind it was to clear the mooncakes we had at home or office, and oso to taste on different flavours.

NL who wasn’t at the dinner knew about such arrangement via our msn chats on the same nite, and so sent an email out to the rest on Mon morning to confirm on the party.

I had oso reserved a brand new box of Tung Lok pandan flavoured single york mooncakes, a brand new box Si Chuan Dou Hua restaurant single york mooncakes, 1 whole pc each of Amara hotel and Shangri-la hotel mooncakes.

Responses were totally negative … as usual.

Nevermind, I brought all these home today … for 妈咪 to share with her friends at the kopitiam/hawker.

It was a ‘super hot’ weather this evening. It might not be that ‘hot’ if I could board any of the 4 packed trains only to board the 5th train which air-con seemed to be down. ~_~

Having to carry all these was ‘bad’ enough, but to squeeze thru to get out of the train … **sigh** … Cun those standing near the door just step out and allow others to get out from the train rather than me rising my voice to say “EXCUSE ME!” after a polite attempt.

Ok, it’s 中秋节 today. Will not let these unpleasant encounters spoil my mood on one of my fav festives.

Looking out of the window, I could see a big, bright, round moon high up on the sky.

Too bad it was slightly ‘hidden’ behind the tree branches 😦



中秋佳节之 By The River

It’s time for another round of meeting up, I suggested Central Mall (again) cos I wanted to take the mid-autumn deco at the spore river outside the mall.

And because I wasn’t able to take a better pix of the fairies decos along chinatown main road that day, I decided to take a long walk route to Central Mall from office.

Sun with Moon was our choice of dining for the nite. A very cosy place which turned very COLD after seated for 15mins. Nevertheless, the ambience and food was nice : )

Soft Shell Tempura (S$8.50)
This tempura wasn’t in the menu but the waiter was nice enough to make a special request for us to the chef.
It was nicely fried and not oily at all.

Sun Salad (S$8.80)
The salad was actually placed in a spagetti container and will be shaked to mix through before pouring them onto the plate

Salmon Sashimi (S$19.60)
The salmon was generously freshy and fresh. Sweet to the taste too : )

Ebi Ten Roll (S$10.80)
quite a filling piece as compare to those economic sushi

Gyu Katsu Roll (S$12.50)
the beef taste was rather covered by the rice

Ton Toro Yaki (S$12.80)
best of the lot … the beef was grilled perfectly without losing the tenderness yet crispy

Sukiyaki (S$14.50)
my knowledge of the bowl of egg was to be used as a dipper for the beef, but the rest seems rather reserved with this way of consuming and preferred to have that mixed into the soup instead. It tasted equally great though the soup base was rather sweet.

While my dinner was almost through, I received a call from 妈咪 saying that 小妹 and her were heading towards Central Mall soon. And so after our dinner + my fav. hokkaido ice-cream, I ‘tricked’ sharky and 老公仔 into the japanese supermarket below where they started buying a lot while I bought nothing 😛 … before I headed off to join them back home.

P/S: the events at Central Mall were all done up by 小妹’s bf and his team. Not bad huh ^_*

中秋佳节之 By The River


Where is the best place to go during Mid-Autumn fest? Chinese Garden 裕华园 of course! ^___*

After the failure attempts to take good festive pix at chinatown, we decided to head down to the chinese garden for more shots … and oso to try out my camera nite shots : )

I ‘invited’ YT along since she stayed so near there.

Though the firework displays weren’t as grand as those during fireworks celebration month, they still bring festive atmosphere around the garden. A grand finale of the nite : )


Another Lazy Afternoon @ Bugis

It’s time to go down to Si Ma Lu for praying again, and since I had been the one accompanying her for the past few trips, there’s no reason to reject her request though I had very much wanted to save my leave for future use 😛

Before setting off to the temple, we met up for lunch at V8. Lunching at such shopping mall without thinking of rushing back to think office is ever so relaxing.

Grilled Salmon Fillet (S$11.80) for me and Fish n Chips Set Meal (S$8.80) for her

spiral staircase structures at the back lane of the Bugis Village … I like : )

It wasn’t long, think less than 2 hours, before that we stepped into another cafe 😛

The gourmet level had revamped to a much nicer and more varieties place. The previous occupant, Hoshigaoka has replaced by Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. I was basically attracted by the name of the cafe, which should be rightfully spelt as Mong Kok Cafe instead. But they might just want to be outstanding and attract attention like us ^_*

After stepping in to the cafe, I dun feel any ‘cheapo copycat’ with it at all. But was rather attracted by their interior and menu. The overall setting was nice and cosy, which probably also because of the hour we arrived. So much so that we were started taking some leisure pix of ourselves ^_^

Cold Hong Kong Yuan Yang Tea (S$2.20) / Hot Stocking Milk Tea (S$2.20)

French Toast (S$2.80)
the butter was rather pathetic, but the taste was just nice though with the smooth peanut butter fillings combination

Fried Nissin Noodle with Pork (S$6.90)
this dish was rather oily … but she finished up everything 😛 A bit saltish for me.

we were so coincidently wearing matching tops 😛

And soon we were shopping for T’s bd tee at the astroboy retail shop below. We were supposed to buy a tee each only when she spotted a similar tee of a super small size … for 小 T … which had to wait till 2 yrs later before he can actually wear :-O

Another Lazy Afternoon @ Bugis

Sushi Tei @ HV

In order for the convenience of the gals who will be bringing our ordered clothings all the way down to JT and me, we suggested having a dinner at HV 😛

Normal routines of emails were sent to all gals/guys. Only MsC, SL, AG, PL, JT, me and … ta lang! WY joined us too! ^_^

After some suggestions, we finally ended up at Sushi Tei. The restaurant wasn’t very big and so there wasn’t any suitable table for us around the conveyor-belt. But the upper level seatings were cosy enough for us, though the big and weighted menu was simply taking up most of our space.

warning!!!! dun be frighten by wat u going to see below 😛

that’s how much a grp of 7 gals had ate for the nite … and some of the above were with double orders too 😛

The dinner once again ended with nice and fun chats, with satisfing meal and HUGE BILL :-O

Sushi Tei @ HV



动动脑筋 guess 8 words…










Day 3 – 22 Jul (Last Day … Returning back)

As usual, I was too lazy to wake up as early to join the rest for the sunrising view. Almost half of our group joined this round. And after gaining the experience from the previous morning, SK borrowed a large torch from ‘Alex’ the nite before for shining up the path in order to reach to the other side of the beach for the best view. But the sky was still as cloudy and blocked the sun away 😦

Anyway they managed to catch the chance of watching the releasing of the little turtles back to the sea. Understood from them that the manager told them that due to lack of fund for raring them, they had no choice but to release them though their survival rates were low 😦

Soon it was our last breakfast of this trip … nasi lemak ‘buffet’. I couldn’t take much cos I was scare of ‘merlion-ing’ during the ride back to the mainland.

We decided to take some group pix together with ‘Alex’. As ‘Alex’ had to lead the other group for their snorkelling trip, he relunctantly bidded us farewell. St had provided his namecard to him, so hopefully we will meet again in Spore when he is back for ‘hibernating’ 😛

After packing up our stuffs and returning the keys to the PIC, we finally bidded farewell to Juara Beach.

The speedboat, without the guarding from ‘Alex’, alighted us at Tekek instead of Salang. We would have better seats on the ferry if we were to set off from Salang instead, though we were still able to do some sourvenirs shopping at Tekek village. But due to the poor organising of the ferry management, some of us couldn’t get a seat though we had actually PAID for it, while some managed to squeeze into any available empty seats. The journey back took much longer than it was supposed to.

As our driver had not arrived at the mersing jetty to pick us up, we went straight for more souvenirs shopping nearby. And … we really bought a lot … especially ML … cos she bought for ALL her family members and relatives back in Spore, while KF bought for ALL her closed colleagues 😛

As soon as the driver arrived, SeT suggested dinner at an eating place where one can find lots of local products. After driving for quite some times (which shouldn’t), the driver (said) missed the turn to that eating place, and since we were rather hungry then, we obliged to his suggestion to another eating place just ahead. But we were wondering if it was done on purpose cos he actually planning to buy his 4D which will be too late to place any bets when we finally reached Spore at 7pm+.

these muslim dishes could taste better … only the bbq sambal stingray was nice … the rest mah …

Other than this unpleasant ‘incident’, we simply had fun along the journey … making fun of someone … heheheee ^_* (to be sensored … if not 朋友都没得做 :P)

The traffic at the custom was suprising smooth considering it being a Sunday evening. After dropping some of us at the Kranji MRT station, we ‘officially’ ended our 3D2N weekend trip.

A very fruitful trip I would say. Jungle trekking for the 1st time, snorkelling in the sea for the 1st time, 1st time of encountering good food in a resort, last but not least, met a group of wonderful and fun companions ^_* Hopefully we will have more trips together … but no jungle trekking pls … once bitten twice shy 😛

Day 3 – 22 Jul (Last Day … Returning back)

Day 2 – 21 Jul (Snorkelling Day)

Maybe because my energy was almost ‘drained’ away by the jungle trekking that I was knocked out right away … though I could hear the loud ‘tong! tong!’ on top of our roof in the middle of the night. As our room was under a big fruit tree which fruit bats frequented, and so the residues fell directly onto our roof which caused numberous and continuous ‘tong’ sound.

Though I had requested SK to ‘try’ and wake me up to see if I wanted to join her in watching the sunrise, she must had found me so deep in sleep that she din wake me up and left alone instead. I did ‘blur-blur-ly’ saw her went out of the room, but after looking at my watch and realised it was only 5.30am (i think), I decided to continue to fall into ‘concussion’ state 😛

However I woke up in a ‘shock’ when I realised it was raining outside. My god! Will she be wet? I thought … Thinking that the rain might stop soon, I fell back into ‘concussion’ again. But something seems bothering me that couldn’t ‘put’ me into sound sleep. I was wondering if I should go out and look for her.

Pacing around the room in a semi-zombie state, and after taking a look at the ‘sleeping beauty’, YT who slept like a log, I decided that I should do something. So quickly washed up and went out of the room.

I had wanted to knock on SeT’s room but was afraid to disturb them. Looking towards the dining room, I seemed to see someone at the window looking towards my direction. And so I decided to walk over to approach whoever for help. I was happy to see ‘Alex’ around and told him about the ‘missing’ SK who was stucked outside for near 3hrs, thinking that he will drive me out together to look for her.

Who knows he just told me to wait for a while cos she might have taken shelter at the covered jetty. So 无奈-ed, I returned back to the room. Soon I heard car’s engine and I thought he had went out to fetch her. But was very disappointed when I saw that it was the malay chef and he was driving back alone. 😦

So instead of pacing around the room, I simply stood at the door to wait for her. After waiting for a while, as the rain started to get smaller, true enough I saw SK returning back, with her camera ‘nicely’ wrapped in her jacket. Oh dear!

The ‘sleeping beauty’ finally woke up cos we made such commotions as we stepped into the room. She wasn’t aware that SK had gone missing for hrs @_@ And because she was too used to such noise at her hometown that she wasn’t even aware that it had been raining outside for hrs too … OMG! @_@

Soon it was time for breakfast, we related the whole incident to the rest as we gathered around the dining table. Poor SK 😛

This morning breakfast wasn’t as fantastic as our dinner last nite cos it was rather oily. We thought we should eat something so that we would have the strength for our snorkelling. But we made a big mistake! (u will know why later …)

SK related her ‘ordeal’ as we walked towards the jetty taking our speedboat to various snorkelling spots. We thought the whole jetty would be sheltered, but poor SK (again) was actually trapped at the end of the jetty cos the path to the land was only partially covered! :-O

The journey to the 1st snorkelling spot was fun and enjoyable. The sea was rather rough due to the rain in the early morning and so the speedboat ‘braving’ through the big wave made us ‘wah!’ all the way …

It finally came to a stop when we reached the 1st snorkelling spot. Few snorkelling groups were already there, with their speedboats ‘parking’ around. And with the guiding from ‘Alex’, we ‘dropped’ down to the sea one by one, taking each step carefully cos it was difficult to swim ‘normally’ with flippers on.

It was my 1st snorkelling experience in the sea and the feeling was simply amazing! Though without my specs on, I could still see the colorful-ness of the underwater. Beautiful corals beneath my feet, colourful fishes within my reach, especially when I fed them with bread crumbs … and ‘merlion-ed food’ “P Yes! I ‘merlion-ed’ (** vomitted lah **) all my breakfast (urghhh :P), cos the wave was big which made many of us feel rather uncomfortable after floating for less than half an hour.

We ‘floated’ for almost 1 hr before we went onboard the speedboat again ready to set off to the next spot. Few of us were already in total giddiness and nausea state by then @_@

We soon reached to an island for resting, where we saw a lot of groups having picnic and games at the beach. It was lunch time then and so had our lunch which had been ta-bao-ed onto our speedboat before we setting off in the morning. It was a pack of fried rice with sausage and big drumstick. I managed to take a few mouthful cos the pack smelt too good to resist 😛 Some others however were in no mood for any.

Upon seeing us in such a slacken state, ‘Alex’ suggested the ‘终极密码’ game again with rule changed to ‘buried’ the loser under the white sand. St lost the 1st round and was ‘buried’ after the rest had happily done with their digging of the ‘grave’ “P

YT volunteered to be the next one after the 2nd loser ML was too ‘tired’ to be ‘buried’. Anyway everyone enjoyed themselves very much. 🙂

After some discussions, we decided to snorkel awhile at the 4 other spots before returning back to the resort, which I ‘officially’ surrendered to and chose to stay behind while the rest went towards a snorkelling spot just not far ahead.

They soon returned in yet another ‘merlion’ state :-O

After arriving at the 3rd snorkelling spot, in order to persuade us to get down to it, ‘Alex’ proclaimed that we would be able to see more varieties of fishes and corals, but most of us had given up due to exhaustion. So after the ‘brave ones’ returned in total pale state, we returned back to our resort.

We returned all the equipments as soon as we reached our resort and ‘dispersed’ towards our rooms. As I was too exhausted, I requested to bathe first, followed by YT. After freshening up, I joined SK at the cafeteria for a stick of ice cream before returning back to the room for nap.

I think I slept for almost 3hrs without realising ‘Alex’ and some others had set up BBQ pit for our dinner. And when I approached the cafeteria, another group arrived at the resort. ML and YT who had also waken up from their nap joined this group of ‘ah gor’ (brother in hainanese cos this grp belonged to the hainanese clan of eastern johor) for a game of beach volleyball.

It took quite a long while before the chicken wings were BBQ, and so the boss of the resort took the remaining food to be cooked in the kitchen instead. I believed we wouldn’t mind the wait but the new group with kids and all were starving then.

Right after dinner, I suggested taking pix of the fruit bats that made all the noise at nite. And this particular fruit bat might had wondered if it had become ‘famous’ as there were non-stopping of cameras’ flashlight on it … hahaha … it might have gone ‘blind’ for an instant 😛

This nite was extremely fun as we had our game of the ‘终极密码’ as usual, which included Sn and ZY who were absent the previous nite. And of course being the “beginner’s luck”, both became ‘powdered face’ 😛 While relaxing on a hammock, ‘Alex’ swung the one which YT and me were in, and he seems ‘enjoying’ it as we I screamed :-O

Day 2 – 21 Jul (Snorkelling Day)

Day 1 – 20 Jul (Jungle Trekking Day)

While everyone was sleeping soundly and sweetly in bed, SeT travelled all the way from Kovan to fetch me in Clementi as it was then an ‘unearthly’ hour of 3am @_@. Afterwhich he travelled down to fetch YT at Lakeside and SK at TP before travelling back to Kovan to board the 10 seaters mini bus chartered from JB.

Upon meeting up with the other 4 who were already waiting at the Woodlands Checkpoint, we went into the immigration centre. We had never been so early at the centre before and so were quite surprised when we saw neither officers nor lights at the counters. Instead we were led to the immigration office by the side of the centre. The officers might be surprised to see so many of us at this ‘unearthly’ hour. But we were all decent-looking ppl and so they dun seems too worried 😛

The journey to Mersing was rather scary to me. I ‘slept’ with eye half-opened cos keeping a ‘watch out’ of the road as it was basically in pitch dark. The driver had to shine on his headlight to the fullest in order for the road path to be visible. I seriously hope M’sia government will do something to their road. At least have proper street lights installed. It concerns road safety leh.

It took us almost 2 hrs to finally reached the Mersing jetty. The morning air was refreshing. We could see travellers like us having breakfast at the food centre near the jetty, elderlys having their morning exercise while others enjoying the sunrise …

rarely seen merry-go-round in spore liao


The ferry was actually scheduled to set off at 7.30am, but it was delayed by nearly half an hour as it wasn’t fully occupied yet.

The ferry travelling on the south china sea took almost 1 hrs+ before we reached the first jetty of Tioman, Lanting.

When we finally reached Salang Jetty, we were greeted by ‘Alex’ (actually he is called 阿力 … which we happily assumed and called him Alex during the 3D2N stay :P) and our resort, Juara Beach Resort, speedboat awaiting us.

After travelling on the speedboat for 20mins, we finally reached Juara Beach Resort, Juara, the only village where sunrise can be seen as it is a very quiet beach at the east coast.

Room keys were distributed to us upon reaching the resort. After settling our luggages, we proceeded to have our first lunch there which wasn’t included in the package.

this resort had a good cook … simply yummy dishes … good 1st impression 🙂

Immediately after our lunch, we quickly changed into our ‘armor’ and with ‘Alex’ leading the way, we finally headed off for an ‘adventurous’ jungle trekking at the Kajang mountain … my 1st jungle trekking and probably the last in my life 😛

We took every step with extra caution as the paths were very slippery and muddy caused by the rain 2 days ago.

There were times when we had to climb up and down big rocks, or go under some falling trunks. Basically most of the paths were very rocky and steep. At this point of time, there was simply no strangers. Everyone of us helped one another on the way, holding hands, giving a hand to cross over, giving a push up high rocks, simply 患难见真情.

It took us almost 2hrs+ to reach the waterfall at the top of the mountain, which seems years to me cos it was the toughest route of my life @_@

After the natural spa rest and tasting of the spring water, we began our journey back down the mountain before the sky get dark.

Honestly speaking, the route down was supposed to be easier than climbing up the mountain. But the route being slippery and steep, we had to be in extra caution. Unfortunately, I fell back flat at the most dangerous ‘hole’ and even dragged ‘Alex’ down who was helping to pull me up from the top. We could have fell into the trappy hole if not for the many strong and unbreakable branches below which were actually the rattan tree branches. I was in a total shock then and couldn’t control my fear, I broke into tears when I’m finally up to the safe spot after many helping hands. Being in tears and shock, I wasn’t aware that KF fell the same way behind me too.

Everyone was watching out for me every now and then, with ‘Alex’ helping me at few rocky climbing points, and YT holding my hands all the way. 极为感动 though my hands and legs were simply shaky along the way.

It took us merely 1hr to return to the ‘ground’. However we did not head back straight to resort, instead we went to the turtle hatchery nearby, afterwhich we strolled along the sandy south beach back to the resort.

As all of us seems exhausted and were dragging our way back, upon seeing this, ‘Alex’ hitched on a villager’s bike back to the resort and returned to pick ‘the scattered’ us up with the resort car.

Upon reaching the resort and realised that most of us do not know how to swim, and since it was still early for dinner, ‘Alex’ instructed us to get into the snorkelling attire and taught us the basic in preparation for next day’s snorkelling trip.

About 1hr later, everyone started returning to their room for washing up before settling down at the dinner table for a sumptuous dinner. Maybe after the ‘ordeal’ in the afternoon, this dinner seems exceptionally fabulous to us cos soon the plates were emptied “P

equally yummy … especially the flower crabs … mmm … yum yum …

Everyone was still high in spirit after dinner, and so we decided to play a famous taiwan variety show game ‘终极密码’. Whoever was the loser will have the powder ‘painted’ on their face. ‘Alex’ joined us in the game and had fun with us till midnite.

Day 1 – 20 Jul (Jungle Trekking Day)