How Bad Can A Want Becomes A Need

I have been enduring the warm weather since the aircon unit in my room was down. I thought I have overcome it since the weather appeared better as it entered into Jun. But I realised, other than sitting in front of my computer watching my online streaming shows with the fan blowing directly at me, I couldn’t pick up the momentum to clear more of my stuffs, and thus I failed in fulfiling the 1000ILC I created for myself in May.

For the past 2 months, everytime I started trying doing something, I started to sweat within 5-10 mins of movements. I couldn’t focus at all in this situation.

Was it because of the cupboards in my room that had caused the heat to be trapped within instead of emitting out through the wall? Or was it because our earth temperature has really gone up so high that people of this modern era could no longer enjoy a cooler weather than before? I have been pondering so.

I tried opening my window to let the air in, but I couldn’t really get into sleep at night with the sound from the expressway nearby. Yes, I’m a light sleeper. And thus I was having bad sleep lately.

Anyway I felt dismay to have the unit repaired so that I could focus better in my challenge. How contradicting it can be. A want has now becomes so essentiate that it could soon be a need in every old/new household. Aside from the increasing in expenses, I’m actually worried for the earth.

And well … there goes my $50. 😦

How Bad Can A Want Becomes A Need

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