Coincident ‘Celebration’

Ms pilot initiated this dinner mainly for her collection of the bak gua. JT joined in for the same collection too. Soon AG and SS was pulled in. But eventually, AY, C joined in for the dinner too, with FY joining in during our dessert session at the other coffeeshop.

Ms pilot had planned to go for the famous chicken chop but it was only after reaching the stall that we realised it was closed. Heard from 妈咪 that the satay-turned-bakgua stall’s lady boss was actually the wife of this western food stall’s boss, and since the wife needs help for her million dollar bak gua business during this festive season, the husband had to close stall to help out.

Sorry, I wasn’t that kpo and din know of their direct relation even though I stayed in the neighbourhood for as long as I moved in since 4yrs old, neither did I realised it when their signboards were of the same designs =P

And so eventually we moved over to this coffeeshop where I always mentioned to NL of the nice zi char they served. But no zi char for tonite. Instead, 3 of us tried out the newly opened italian stall and ordered pizza and onion rings to share with the rest, while some of them took local delights.

But it didn’t live up to our expectation, the dishes were a big flop. Good presentation but bland to the core. It took quite some times for the young chap (he may be one of the bosses?) to understand wat is tar tar sauce? The ultimate was … their pizza … or rather the one we ordered tasted more like a naan then a pizza with cheese-spread-alike on top. I think we can fare better than these. A BIG NO NO for 2nd try.

Just before meeting up with ms pilot and me, AG, AY, SS and C were in search for a big plastic container to rehouse the 100pcs pineapple tarts which were accidentally ‘crashed’ by the bus door, from a square-shaped container into a triangular-shaped one, simply due to some miscommunications between them. So one can imagine the fate of the pineapple tarts from the ‘crashing’. Wun be going into details, but it was the joke of the nite.

After knowing that I was staying nearby and had a similar but rounded one at hm, they requested me to dash hm in search for it while the rest headed off to the dessert place where FY joined in. Oh btw, this square-turn-triangular one belonged to him 😛

Unknowingly to them, they ‘treated’ me to the crashed pineapple tarts on my bd. All of them thought the actual date was last fri and so when they finally realised it, AY initiated the bd song … at the coffeeshop @_@ … heng soft level but still paiseh =^____^= …

Anyway, thks pals for the lovely nite!

BTW, Ting’s son was borned today, same date as me 🙂 Welcome to the Aquarius Club! ^____^

Coincident ‘Celebration’

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