It’s all started (to my knowledge lah :D) with the email from PL regarding this outing…

From: PL
To: 9 names on the list
Subject: Gathering
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 08:30:20 +0800

Hi all,

Shell we have a gethering this Saturday… time and venue not fixed yet… most likely is in the afternoon or evening, as some may need to work on the Sat morning..

Please reply whether you are available and suggest where shell we go… 🙂
hmmm… please help me to include anybody that I have missed out.. 😛


Thereafter where responses “Yes Yes”, “On On” all came in, and with CL suggesting hi-tea and me suggesting a few places like Le Meridien hotel, Holiday Inn Park View, Royal Plaza at the Scott, Mariott Hotel, Merchant Court till Hotel Intercontinental, we ended up at Hotel Intercontinental.

From: EK
To: 9 names on the list
Subject: Gathering
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 (somewhere in the afternoon)

Hi all

Since nobody has further suggestions on where we can go. We shall go The Lounge at Hotel Intercontinental as initially suggested. Reservation made for 2pm tomorrow. They serve western high tea (sandwich, pastry, cakes blah..blah..blah) at $30+++.

Having very much wanted to go to the World Book Fair 2006 at Suntec, I managed to ‘jio’ CL to accompany me. While waiting for CL at the City Hall MRT station, I was approached by some foreigners to help out on the usage of the ticketing machines near the place where I stood. I suddenly feel like an embassor for the SMRT … hahaha … and was glad to be of help too : )


Upon CL arrival, we headed off to the WBF. As we thought that there might be a crowd since it was a Saturday, the 2nd day of the book fair and starting of the long school holiday, our planning of going there 30 mins after the official operation hours was quite redundant. There wasn’t a crowd at all. Anyway it’s better for us cos we can browse through the books till our meeting time with the rest for the hi-tea.

Actually there are more books that caught my attention but thinking that I have already spent quite a sum, knowing it will takes me quite long to finish these books (as I have few other unread books resting in my cupboard), and having to carry those heavy books around with me for the day event, I reluctantly forgo them.


At around 1+, we set off to Bugis for the hi-tea. Upon reaching the hotel, we saw EN and EL at the table with EN waving to us, while the rest were nowhere in sight cos they were choosing their food at the buffet tables. So we ended up with only a total of 9 gals (including me) instead of the ’emailed’ 10 gals.2006052704s

Having buffet sitting on sofa seats wasn’t that good … with tummy blocking you to digest the food that you eat. Food spread also not very fantastic…western high tea…pantries, breads, sandwiches, cakes, and errr…chinese dim sum, like siu mai, ha gao…the chocolate fondue fountain was spoilt that day too -__- But nevertheless, it’s the company that we enjoyed of…1st meeting after I left the working place 9 months ago…though I have already met up some of them a week ago.


2006052709s  2006052717s2006052731s
I have submitted this big smile of mine to be Part Of The 4 Million Smiles …
want me to do that for your ‘sama sama’ smile? hahaha…

Before we left the place for our next event, SHOPPING, we took a group photo with the help from one of the waitresses.


* side track a bit *
Just as we stepped out of the hotel, we saw Mediacorp shooting a outdoor show 《永不言敗》with Lina Ng interviewing someone and Kym Ng hosting the show. The photo I took of them was very blur so can’t show it here.
* end of side track * 


privicard-lmg-sAnyway, we started roaming about until someone suggested (or it have been pre-arranged) to go to the Little Match Girl boutique at the 2nd level. The boutique was having a 35% discount sale and additional 15% discount added to member’s card. Knowing that I owned the LMG card, it’s like hungry ghost just released from hell (hahaha…joking lah :D), all of them started trying the clothes there and were happily walking away with such unbelieveable pricing after 50% discount…every clothes bought were less than $20. Me and J bought nothing ‘cos we couldn’t find anything we like there. : (

Though we were supposed to go to the Kiplings sale there, but everyone was so happy with the LMG thingy and with some not being able to get a particular design at that branch, someone suggested Marina Square.

As Bugis and MS is still within “walking distance”, by walking through Seah street to Shaw Tower, through their foodcourt and climb over the overhead bridge which led to Suntec, and through the bridge from Suntec Convention Centre that FINALLY led to MS. However we do stop a while at Suntec for some window shoppings.


2006052736373841The first shop we saw the moment we stepped into MS was LMG (OMG … suddenly the “L” just merged :D). And guess as much the ‘hungry ghosts’ swamped into the boutique … hahaha  … We almost going to have a LMG marathon when someone suggesting of going to the LMG branch at Wisma Atria when they couldn’t find that particular clothe at MS too. Anyway we din do that in the end.

After browsing through a few shops (whao! there are more shops in another wing which I din managed to ‘disclover’ during my previous trip there), we finally decided to settle for dinner. But being a Sat and start of the school holiday, all eating places were fully packed with people.

200605274045s2006052747sWell, it’s always the case when we decided to settle for something and before reaching to the ‘decided’ destination, it’s human ‘nature’ (or rather girl’s :p) to be distracted by other things like…buying Taiwan famous Sun Biscuits.

2006052749sAnyway, seeing the crowd at most eating places, we decided to try out the foodcourt at Millenia Walk instead. And as what we expected, there wasn’t a crowd, and soon we settled down for our dinner.

2006052751s2006052752sIt’s was almost 9+ then, and being packed her car at Shaw Tower, J left after dinner. We … haha … really … we have planned to head home after dinner and ‘who knows’ we came to Candy Empire and started to ‘swamp’ in for our ‘dessert feast’ 😀


2006052757sOk, finally, finally, all of us started to disperse right after that : )

Well…1 book fair + 1 hi-tea + 9 ppl + 4 shopping malls + 1 candy empire = Happy Sat Gathering



清 潔 過 的 carpet 果 然 是 與 眾 不 同 。 空 氣 顯 得 較 清 新 點 。 想 想 每 天 在 辦 公 窒 所 累 積 的 塵 埃 , 有 數 年 沒 清 洗 過 , 而 你 卻 是 一 直 在 呼 吸 此 空 氣 , 難 怪 會 這 麼 容 易 打 噴 嚏 又 咳 嗽 啦 。 也 就 是 因 為 這 樣 , 一 開 始 咳 嗽 就 咳 個 不 停 , 喉 嚨 總 是 痒 痒 的 , 好 不 舒 服 。

拿 了 多 一 天 的 病 假 , 加 上 周 末 的 休 息 , 好 像 充 了 電 似 的 , 頭 腦 感 覺 非 常 的 清 新 與 精 神 !

這 幾 個 星 期 以 來 都 經 常 下 雨 。 有 時 還 下 得 好 大 噢 ! 大 到 連 屋 外 的 幾 顆 大 樹 都 快 禿 了 。 小 花 兒 都 掉 落 滿 地 。

就 在 幾 個 星 期 前 , 每 天 所 徑 過 的 小 路 , 那 幾 天 特 別 的 美 ! 因 風 大 的 關 係 , 樹 底 下 的 路 都 撲 滿 了 黃 色 小 花 瓣 。 其 中 一 天 還 在 我 徑 過 的 時 候 落 下 , 彷 彿 間 有 如 自 身 在 異 國 的 秋 季 似 的 。 如 同 秋 天 的 童 話 場 景 般 , 微 風 吹 過 , 又 美 又 平 靜 的 畫 面 。 頓 時 間 我 不 知 不 覺 的 站 在 那 兒 有 五 秒 之 久 ( 吧!)。 趕 著 上 班 的 我 , 多 希 望 身 上 有 攜 帶 相 機 放 工 回 來 後 就 看 不 到 此 景 了 。 😦


還 好 之 後 的 那 几 天 , 情 景 依 然 沒 變 。 這 次 可 攜 帶 了 相 機 , 所 以 趕 緊 拍 下 來 ! 原 來 在 附 近 不 遠 處 的 情 景 也 一 樣 , 真 美 噢 !

其 實 , 只 要 肯 花 點 心 思 , 放 慢 你 的 腳 步 , 留 意 一 下 週 遭 的 事 物 , 不 一 定 要 到 外 國 也 可 以 享 受 到 鬧 市 中 所 給 予 的 美 與 平 靜 。 尤 其 在 週 末 下 午 時 分 , 還 能 聽 到 小 鳥 吱 吱 的 叫 聲 , 只 想 懶 懶 的 , 什 麼 都 不 想 做 , 享 受 那 片 刻 的 寧 靜 。

後 記

在 整 理 四 月 份 還 未 翻 看 的 早 報 《 現 在 》 版 時 , 突 然 看 到 ” 繽 紛 Multiplex ” 那 頁 刊 登 有 關 這 種 情 景 的 報 導 , 真 巧 ! 原 來 我 看 到 小 黃 花 的 那 几 棵 樹 叫 做 ” 黃 花 盾 柱 木 ” (Yellow Flame) 。 又 上 了 一 課 !