Baby Stuffs @ Kaki Bukit

Much talk about how cheap the stuffs were at baby’s hyperstore and baby’s kingdom located at kaki bukit. And so today all 5 of us travelled all the way from far west and north to the almost far east of the island, but were much disappointed to find out that the stuffs here weren’t any cheaper that those found in heartland shopping malls. Some were even more ex that it should be. Worse was the bad attitude from the sale assistants.

signs found around the premises

I read the english part 1st and was wondering wat switching off engineer was about until I read the one in chinese
so it’s “switch off the ENGINE please”

“sorry will not recover everything”
so it’s mean sorry bo ba gei la!

After wasting about 2 hrs, we squeezed into A cab to the nearest shopping mall, Tampines Mall … but gone to Century Sq for kiddy palace instead.

the forever packed malls

tampines mall

century sq

The atmosphere at kiddy palace was much better, with staffs being more attentive and helpful. And that was where the spree started.

Think it’s time for me to convert a small corner of my room for my little nephew(s?) and niece(s?) too ^____^

We missed the chance of making a trip to Tampines One as 小妹 and BIL-A had to rush back hm to get ready for attending a rom at the west side. I need to hitch a free ride from them lor. But so near yet so far wor … still haven’t got a chance to go there 😦


The courier package which BIL-T sent from japan before he returns had finally arrived yst. I finally got my hands on this facial scrub which his teammates recommended.

Baby Stuffs @ Kaki Bukit

Saizeriya @ Liang Court

Someone was quite tight on the pocket and so we searched online for a suitable budgetted restaurant that served nice food too. And that was how we found this restaurant.

They were all waiting for WY and since I arrived much earlier than anyone, I was ‘instructed’ to queue up first before any long queue formed.

Luckily for me, there wasn’t a queue. But even though so, the request for table of 6 which happened to be the same for the other patron who arrive at the same time as me was given the table instead. All becos they thought we were together and without verifying directly with me, that idiot (the patron) answered the other waitress (she was the one who checked for table availablity) and simply follow as she led her in to the table.

I was angry becos for anyone with self-cultivation should know wat is manner. She was there all the while when I ask for table of 6 and yet she dare to answer and simply follow the waitress in.

The 1st waitress was shocked to see me still stood by the front door until she realised their mistake. My face turned black but EQ level under controlled though. They were lucky to find another table of 6 for me cos a queue was slowly formed outside the restaurant after I sat down.

Other than the mistake made (indirectly) by the waitresses, all in all their service was good. Attentive and friendly throughout.

While waiting for the rest to arrive, I browsed thru the menu with enthu cos every item listed DID NOT exceed more than S$9. The one and only item which exceeded that cost only S$13.38 for a normal hotplate serving size of a rib steak.

took this pix specially to show everyone 😛

Upon paying $2.58 for drink and S$5.88 for health set which include soup and small serving of salad to a main course, we were able to refill our drinks unlimitedly at their drink station. Other than the usual drinks like coke, sprite, ice lemon tea, dunno-wat english tea, dunno-wat coffee, they have many other ‘rare’ drinks (cun remember all) which include root beer and milo too. Cute little cartoon plastic cups suitable for kids were available too.

All I could say was they were very thoughtful 🙂

root beer for myself ^__^

NL’s tea in a kid plastic cup

Serving was fast, and soon our table was packed with nothing but FOOD!

escargots (S$5.58)
looks kinda of disgusting from this pix 😛 but the meat was quite full and q

focaccia (S$1.88)
this was good and so we ordered 2 servings. soft yet firm with slight oven baked taste.
kinda pita or naan taste too … maybe cos they belongs to flour family 😀

spicy chicken (S$4.48)
only 5 pcs per serving and so we ordered 2 plates.
still hot when served. very crispy and chewy.
not too spicy but with honey taste … just like those chicken winglets from pizza hut.

simple salad servings from the 3 health sets we ordered

cheese chicken (S$7.18)
size of an usual hotplate serving but price of much lesser.
the grilled chicken was tendering good and not too cheesy that covered the taste.

smoke duck (S$4.48)
tendering meat … kinda normal though.
but considering such dish which frequently appeared on the cold dish from most wedding dinners, their price here was …

minestone soup from the health set
big serving for a side dish
flavoury soup with generous chunks of vege inside

cream of corns from the health set
same too … creamy and tasty … nice!

vongole spaghetti (S$7.18)
hmm … weird taste which we cun figure out wat made it so. this was the only ‘flop’ one.

pineapple pizza (S$7.48)
thought not as thin as those of pizza hut, it dun taste so bad either

seafood gratin (S$7.18)
not too strong a cheesy taste. seafood used was fresh and q.

All in all plus the 2 charges, we spent only $99.95 on the meal, leaving with a FULL stomach 😀

‘ice-cream cone’ display at the furniture shop

We walked back to The Central where another festival programme at the read bridge was about to end.

Once upon a time, a grp of 4 was trying to buy the-super-famous-but-easily-sold-out Provence choco wassant but as they weren’t early enough, they left empty handed. On the other hand, a gal who was much much earlier arrived at The Central and with no intention to buy any, until she saw only 1 person queuing and with lots of wassant to choose, she decided to SIMPLY grab ANY 2 big pkts of mixed choco and cream wassant @ S$6 per pkt of 10pcs.

Ok … enough of hao-lian-ing … kekeke … 😛

WY with her Strawberry Smoothie (S$6.20)

CL with her Ice Earl Grey (S$6.50)

PL with Mango Peach Smoothie (S$6.20)

my Hazelnut Cappacino (S$6)

NL with her Minty Lychee Tea Freeze (S$6.80)

AG with her Mocha Tropicana (S$6.90)

JT who joined us for drink and dessert @ coffee club
Iced Blackberry Coffee and Muddy Mud Pie (S$15.40)

the junks … I meant the goodies they bot at yamakawa while waiting for WY

bo-liao-ing time 😀

(extracted from old time guinness stout adv :P)

‘Level One’ at level 3
so it’s at level 1 or level 3?
FEP’s ‘Level One’ is at Basement 1 leh … 😛

Saizeriya @ Liang Court





diminishing trade

realised some new shops around …
new zone similar to that of the FEP’s Level One which is located at B1 but not as crowded

some students working on project? they were filming something which intro clarke quay.


alfresco dinings @ riverside pt

inside riverside pt
I remembered there were many shops around but now a pathetic sight

hobby shop found but I wondered how they survived

link to the other podium but I think it’s for office or condo use

views from the lift lobby

bridging across merchant rd to merchant sq
a big grp of us crossed from here to catch a movie located at central mall years ago

one of the singapore river festival 2009 programmes
A River Romance: Bumboat Parade

big greenie field where one can fly kites or remote planes …
but I do hope developers dun aim at this place to develop more bldgs

queuing for river cruise

buy ur tix here la! ^__*


Lunch @ TP Xchange

We were at TP Xchange for the fish noodle soup again. I ordered sambal sotong set (S$6.50) instead.

The taste simply reminded me of my fav. bbq sambal sotongs. I just wish for more rice to finish up the sambal, or more sotongs to absord all the leftover sambal.

That’s all for sambal … the sotongs was chewy enough 😛

We cun find enough seats to sit together again … and so no choice but had to “面壁思过” again 😦

But at least the view wasn’t blocked and we could gossip as ppl were buying shoes 😛

Lunch @ TP Xchange

Mdm Tan’s Nasi Lemak @ Maxwell

After sending an email on the newly opened Mdm Tan’s Nasi Lemak at Maxwell FC, some of us decided to give it a try today since we decided to head down to maxwell for lunch.

Tables nearby were fully covered with foods ordered from this Mdm Tan’s stall. We thought it must be nice so 雷门, JJ and me decided to patron theirs while the rest went to other stalls instead.

There wasn’t much selections to choose cos they seemed to have been wiped out before we arrived. 2 other staffs were busy replenishing the food, while an auntie served us.

雷门 ordered the set with signature crispy porks initially but after seeing the quantity of the meat, he switched into a set with chicken wing instead.

While waiting for our orders, 雷门 asked the auntie who Mdm Tan was. And to our surprise, it was actually a young lady who was busy frying and replenishing behind the stall. But I have my doubts though.

this is the set with signature crispy porks.
it was really crispy and q, but was a pathetic sight for a S$3.50 (cun rmbr the cts) dish with no cucumbers nor ikan bilis or peanuts.

same sight goes for the set with chicken wing. the chicken wing was cripsy and juicy too but a little small.

Their nasi bring out strong aroma of coconut mixed with pandan even as u eat them. But still, I would prefer more small side items for the price of S$3+.

Noticed 2 different kinds of chili paste (sweet nasi lemak chilli and sambal chilli with belachan) which I wondered why for such small serving.

Tables at the FC could at most accomodate up to 6 pax per round table, and so we oftenly arrange lunch here when we had ‘lesser’ kakis. It was difficult to find a suitable round table today and so without choice we had to “面壁思过” 😦

sour plum drink @ S$1 was nice and quenched our thirst under the hot weather

Though hot, but the weather is nice for photo takings 😀

I like to walk along this path cos not only it’s broad, it is shaded too! Windy at times ^___^


updated on 11 Aug, Mon

Just as I had wanted to mention here that the display stated as S$2.50 for their basic set after bypassing their stall again last week, I received an email from Mdm Tan herself this afternoon … truly the younger lady as per mentioned above 🙂

I guess my review on “a pathetic sight” must have saddened her cos it came as an email with nice geature from her … and reassuring that they have changed supplier which promised a bigger WING.

I had actually made a search online before this email and had read the many good reviews received. So with or without the email, I had decided to give it another try some day … esp on other dishes.

I’m not the ‘greedy’ type and so I may just appeared as a norm customer ^_*

Thks Shen 🙂

Mdm Tan’s Nasi Lemak @ Maxwell

Element @ Amara Hotel

We were invited for a buffet dinner treat at Amara’s Element tonite. The last time we received a treat from them was 3 yrs ago. That guy had gone to concorde hotel for some yrs. Heard the oysters there were super … am still waiting for a treat from him (^__*)

I was telling myself to take a bit from every dish and here they goes …

the chef suddenly placed such a big plate of salmon sashimi on our table

the fried bb squids and prawn salad were so yummy that had us returned for more

this mth promotion: black pepper crabs … which meat went too soft,
maybe becos they placed them onto the big dim sum steamer inorder to keep them warm.
the black pepper was good though.

We were too full to try other desserts and cakes. A pot of green tea came at the right time …

Overall, their food were fresh and good. It was one of the good buffets I like.

And we had a great time chatting … nonsenses 😛

Element @ Amara Hotel