BB Shower + CNY Gathering Part 2

水瓶公主弥月之喜 @ NorthWest

Initially they only thought of inviting a few closed ones and who knows … heard there were approx. 80+ ppl :O And so 2 rows of duplicated set of food catering.

BIL-T had quite a no. of muslim frens and colls, and so they decided to order halal catering. Food from Food Haven d’Catering was good! Everything tasted fresh and tasty. A new good try other than the frequent caterer (Neo Garden) we always went for.

It had became a big playground for kids as most were couples with kids of around the same age range. I could hardly play host as I was bz bb-sitting the 2 terrors. 小王子’s ‘real face’ revealed when he was with his cousin @_@

CNY gathering @ Far East

2 routes for me to choose. Either I take the train to pasir ris and change to bus, or take the train to yishun and change bus. I choose the lather. And heng enough, it only took me around 20mins to reach his hse 🙂

We planned for a small gathering among us but more ppl were invited other than our usual kakis … including an intruder :-\ And so he had to order catering.

I like the fried rice and the curry chicken. We even reheated the curry and ate with the french loaves after our game 😉 He ordered too much and so lots of leftovers.

CT made some nice kueh kosui for the mini party which was wiped out very fast!

During the journey from yishun to pasir ris, I came by the bottle neck village. How about this for our next FRC gathering? 😉

BB Shower + CNY Gathering Part 2


They had their praying session to the god/ancestors in the morning before I reached hm on my half day leave … so cun ‘witness’ the ‘process’ (always did so for the other 2 lor) 😦

I had my 2nd lou hei today. Home-made one. Vege were specially shredded by 妈咪’s fren. Other stuffs were bought seperately … with fresh fish from the mkt. 妈咪 thrown in some abalone too! ^_* 春兰姐 (confinement lady) was so happy with the yummy serving 😀 And she soon had a good afternoon thru oldies karaoke with 妈咪.

Oh ya! She wanted me to recommend her to everyone. Handle well on 水瓶公主, and can click well with 大妹 … and us too. At least better than tat of 小妹’s 😛

And she followed them and called me “大姐” … ay …


2 CNY Gatherings Part 1

Sometimes good thing happened at the same time … so are gatherings 😛

The Invitations

20 Feb
– CNY gathering @ Far East
– CNY gathering @ Far West

27 Feb
– BB shower @ NorthWest
– CNY gathering @ Far East

I should have asked for reshuffling of dates but 20th @ Far West and 27th @ NorthWest were fixed dates and all gatherings had been prior arranged on Sat (too time-consuming to refix a date), so no matter how, I had to travel to 2 extreme ends within a day :S

Nevertheless, except the fixed BB shower, the rest of the gatherings were rearranged to accomodate my timings 🙂

20 Feb CNY Gathering @ Far East

The gathering was initially planned to hold at my place. But considered 妈咪 who will be ‘bz’ with the new arrival, and to accomodate 18pax (11adults + 7kids) in my small hse, i decided to request for alternative venue for such.

So we ended up having steamboat @ Cat’s hse … with little attendance.

20 Feb CNY Gathering @ Far West

This is something which I looked forward to 😛

We provided such good feedbacks since our last yr trip and so this yr round the rest decided not to miss the trip ^_*

Too bad SC (cny visiting at hm) and EN (‘escaped’ overseas!) couldn’t make it 😛

I couldn’t make it for the crabby feast of the evening last yr as 雷门 were rushing to leave (i will be alone if i dun follow so 😦 ). This yr we 霸占-ed the table for almost 2hrs feasting on everything on the table including the CRABS!!!! I heard there were 2-3 big rattan baskets of live crabs waiting to serve everyone 😛

Since we were not arranging any lou hei at any restaurant this yr, and since our own kakis attendance were quite full, we decided to grab the middle sized yusheng set (S$34.65) from sakae sushi.

Vege were crunchy and good, while salmons were still quite fresh despite being stored in freezer for hrs.

Everyone was in a high mood and we chatted till 11+ before we finally called it for a day. And tat’s only part 2 for BS’ relatives :O

2 CNY Gatherings Part 1

年年欢乐 欢乐年年

This nite I went watching <<72 Tenants of Prosperity>> with Cat. It was quite a short movie with very normal storyline. But wat I like about the movie was the mass recollections and cantonese oldies. And best of all was the many casts invited for this nonsense-yet-fun-loving movie. Can see so many idols oh! ^_*

Justice Bao’s 开封府 become Eric Tsang’s phone shop’s name <开Phone府>.

Famous xiao long bao chain of restaurants 鼎泰丰 become Jacky Cheung’s phone shop’s name <鼎泰Phone>.

I especially love the theme song … very festive feel ^^

4 versions in 1 clip

how fun! ^__^
(crazy thought … do u think i can gather all my family members and relatives to shoot such kind of mv … since all so fun loving 😉
i like to make crazy thoughts la :P)

Cat wasn’t impressed with the show but I do enjoyed much. If only it was in original vocals, which not possible unless we cross over the causeway link 😀


We had our dinner at the FC before the show starts.

nice, yummy, favoury vegetarian noodles from the vegetarian stall
Cat ordered the hor fun, while i ordered the lor mee ^___^

年年欢乐 欢乐年年


大妹 and 水瓶公主 still ‘confined’ at hm, so BIL-T brought 小王子 back instead.

We were wary not to make the same mistake again … with tons of leftovers 😛


Since BIL-T was here today …

He used almost 2 hrs to fix it up … with only japanese instructions given. But I was bz too cos I was bb-sitting 小王子 leh! 😉

ways to deco the TLR camera shown in the mag

in the mood for lomography this cny 🙂



CNY is just round the corner and I have yet to ‘venture’ into cny mkt at chinatown until today.

while waiting for Cat, I bought myself this compilation cds set
couldn’t get any chet lam’s album but at least eason chan’s one 🙂

it was a scotching hot afternoon

half the stretch of eu tong sen st decorated up with plum blossoms

It was just 2 days to cny and we saw many stalls closed/closing up. Tat seems fast as many ppl like to stroll down for last day buys when prices are at their cheapest upon closing up.

these stalls are simply repeating itself after every other stall

I grabbed nothing; just taken few photos and then head straight to 大妹’s pl for the 2 baobei-s.

i like this pix … but if only it’s taken sharper
小王子 jealous when I carry 水瓶公主, and so I had to hug him tight tight with the other arm ^_^


Preparations for CNY

Meet up with Cat for dinner at Shokudo again.

unagi tofu salad (S$9.80)
unagi is soft and sweet while tou fu is soft and cold … quite a nice combi in the salad 🙂

i ordered back my fav. shokudo chicken chop

Cat changed the tsukune carbonara spag into tomato sauce one

Eyed some stuffs some times ago and decided to get them for cny 😛

replacing the 13yrs old dish holder

easy-to-keep foldy stool (S$13.90)
小王子 can sit on it for his meal at the small coffee table

After our dinner, we went down to Clementi for her eyebrown trimming.

rimpy beauty art

This shop was super. Many yrs back they were only renting a small space outside the shop (cun remember wat shop was it previously) with 1 or 2 chairs around and a reused filing cabinet as their storage cabinet. Many ppl started to flock down thru words of mouth. But they are fast with their hands and so seldom queues are formed. Think 1 or 2 yrs later, they finally took down the shop space. Cat frequented the shop since those days. It costs S$5 per trip and takes less than 10 mins (5mins possible too) for a good trim.

Preparations for CNY

Curry Favor @ Stamford House

Exchanging of ordered barangs time, and so we arranged for the collection via a dinner together at curry favor.

Obviously curry is the main theme on the menu, and it’s japanese curry to be exact.

stuffed mushroom (S$14.90)
we shared these. firm and juicy.

chicken katsu curry (S$12.90)

I ordered this. Basically nothing much to shout about. Curry was warmed (only) and not enough for me to fill up my plate of rice. Well … i like to wet them up with curry :P, which the curry was too starchy to be mixed well with and lacked of fragrance (due to lack of coconut milk to cater to the healthier grp). Unlike most jap curry which I came acrossed, theirs came with a little hint of spiciness with slight sweetness.

The meat was however full to the mouth. Crunchy on the outside and tendering on the inside.

katsu curry (S$13.90)

chicken stewed curry (S$12.90)

pork stewed curry (S$13.90)

Tried abit of their stewed dishes which seemed better cos they weren’t tat dry for my taste.

If I was to return, it will be the cosy environment that attracted me.

there are some board games and books available on their shelves too


furnitures of histories to tell …

taken at the lobby of stamford hse

NL and PL found them too errie to go near to … but i have likings for such victoria furnitures 😛


The barangs I collected today …

S$53.50 less 10% dis from kino card

going to be on Lomo craze soon ~_*

got to seek the expert for help 😛

S$15.50 less 10% dis from kino card

care bears craze in japan!

i wished for this … where to get har? 😀

Curry Favor @ Stamford House