Light Feast For BD

The dinner for tonite was supposed to be a crabby feast. But the queenie me was feeling unwell from lunch onwards … just like any low blood systoms. It might be due to ‘overdosing’ of MR till late nites for the pass 2 weeks, and oso to catch the last 2 epi yst nite after the boring evening.

Reluctant to cancel this meet up, we changed cuisine at the very last hr to a porridge feast instead.

appetizer before the ‘feast’

Since this dinner was to celebrate my bd, I had the say and opted for teochew porridge. Eventually we ended up having this taiwanese porridge buffet since it was ‘conveniently’ located in orchard, along killiney road.

A light feast huh … at least not too guilty ^___*

Other than bd gifts from 大小妹, I no longer received any bd gifts or treats from my longtime friends. This gesture was very much appreciated 🙂

And well, it seems that we never fail to end the day without desserts =P The usual trio walked all the way to coffee club at rendezvous hotel.

Light Feast For BD

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