Pot-Luck @ Northeast

The last xmas gathering of the yr was held at AL & SL’s hse … for a small planned pot-luck dinner.

Before reaching their place, ST, Sharky and I met up for gift exchange at compass pt.

nike towel for my yoga class / simple yet usable student’s handmade sling bag from BKK

This meal was my only xmas-feel dinner I had this yr.

Seafood salad prepared by ST. Whao! I loved it! Very refreshing and crunchy. I would like to try this out next yr : )

This yummy honey roasted pork ribs from cold storage were sponsored by the-dunno-how-to-cook Sharky and me 😛

Spaghetti prepared by AL & SL. I like the sauce they prepared, with lots of mushrooms and sausages in them ^_^

This is bb xavier … such a tall boy for a 1yr+ old kid. If u noticed the background, he will be having a sibling soon next yr ^___*

Pot-Luck @ Northeast

Year End Party

To celebrate another year of successful works of the RC, the committee organised this thank you party to all of their members.

This Year End Party was held with the extention of 2 big meeting rooms in our office.

Soon it was time for the lucky draw. It was rather creative of the committee to think of the old-time tikam style of lucky draw dip.

I was the 1st to pick a ‘smiley face’ … which means … ‘I WON!‘ : ) … never expected that though YT kept emphasing I was having luck recently (cos I won the 3rd prize during our dept xmas dinner).

Anyway this S$50 ntuc vouchers had gone to 大妹 … cos they will need more for chipmunk’s milk powder consumption 😀

Year End Party

Post Xmas Dinner @ Azabu Sabo

I had made a post-xmas dinner arrangement with CL and NL. It was quite a ‘last min’ arrangement but arranging with them was ever a swift and easy one, even though I’m the only single one among them and being their workloads so much heavier than mine. It was simply time management that played a great part.

Ok back to our dinner. As both will be ‘slightly’ late (time management crashed … hahaha), I moved into a comfortable seat at the Coffee Toast (again).

Guess it was an easy move for any friends of CL and mine to buy gifts for us. Hello Kitty can be easily found everywhere … hahaha …

Finally we settled down at Azabu Sabo for our dinner.

Deep Fried Ham With Cheese
Oh! I din even realised that I din get to taste the cheese at all. they tasted like breaded sandwiches to me.

Tori Karage
wah! this dish has gone DOWN SIZED! I supposed flour price had really affected them too. **sigh**

Teriyaki Chicken Set
my order … but no comments 😦

Katsu Curry Set
No different from a sefl-microwaved japanese curry meal.

Cheese Burger Steak & Plum Flavour Rice
the burger steak was ok but the supposedly plum taste rice tasted bland

Mattcha Zen
as usual, I only like the mattcha ice-cream

Hot-ball With Brown Sugar
A confusing taste … sweet potatos have been my all time fav but this dish disappointed me.

After the disappointing meal (now I know why I frequented Waraku instead :P), we went for the supposed-to-be shopping spree cos everywhere was having slashing down post-xmas sales. But because our dinner ended rather late, we could only shop at Topshop and no others. I had no shopping mood though … cos my wallet had been slashed tremendously after my trip to Hokkaido was confirmed @_@

brought these nice-looking chocolates given by Amara htl to share with them … ugly looking chocolates might taste so much better than these … cos these were FAR TOO SWEET … so much so that we need to drain down our throat with water @_@

Post Xmas Dinner @ Azabu Sabo

七姐妹 Xmas Gathering

It was time of the yr where we will gather to celebrate xmas. However this yr (it has been so all the time) was extremely difficult to organise cos responses were extremely slow.

I had ‘stepped down’ from being one of the organisers this yr. Wat I can say is … being able to organise doesn’t mean one is VERY FREE.

Anyway thanks to Cat’s effort in organising this gathering even though there were so much obstacles to clear. 辛苦你了!


And since the gathering was quite near to 大妹 hse, and here I dropped by again, for Little chipmunk was finally back to settle down into his own hse … and onto the bb cot I bought ^____*

七姐妹 Xmas Gathering

A Simple Xmas Eve

these are part of the gifts placed on my desk before I stepped in (wrapped up of cos). kinda same tone colours huh?!

received this log cake from Amara hotel … chocolate flavour … smooth and melt in the mouth … yummy ^__^


This yr seems rather special cos office declared half day on xmas eve, and so I got to go to 大妹 hse in the afternoon. And it was then that I finally get to see the bb cot sponsored by me … so sweet wor =P

Initially we planned just to put down the groceries we bought at her hse, cos from tomorrow onwards, 妈咪 will move in to take care of little chipmunk for about a mth (returning bk hm over the weekends … for resting ^_*). So after the ‘invitation’ from T to visit little chipmunk at his mum’s place, without much thought, we ‘dashed’ down to see little chipmunk ^____^

Heard from them that he had been crying constantly in the middle of the nite. Poor boy! … yst crowd might have frightened him up.

This seems to be the most comfortable position for him … so cuteeeeee ^__________^

A Simple Xmas Eve