Lunchies @ Mart Boulevard

As mentioned previously that there were nicer Thai food nearby, I went with my colls (together with new colls) for lunchie today and took some pix of the dishes just to show NL 😛

Have been here numerous time, but everytime ended up ordering the same chicken green curry with rice ^___* All servings were very generous. And it would be better to go in a grp of 3 or more where u will be able to sample most of the yummy main courses 😀

Stewed Pork Glass Noodle (can be served with rice too) – S$5.90
Tendering pork meat in nice stewed soup.

Tom Kha Chicken – S$5.90
Nicely cooked curry with tons of tendering chicken meat and mushrooms.

Chicken Green Curry – S$5.90
My usual order. Tons of tendering chicken meat and eggplant.

Tom Yam Soup – S$5.90
Most goes with glass noodle. But u can go with rice too. Tom Yam taste was richer than the one I took at Lerk Thai though not to the extend of the super choking taste from Lemon Grass restaurant.

Thai Fishcake (5pcs) – S$5.50
I like their fishcake. A perfect combination with the thai chili sauce.

They have other dishes like Phad Thai which I dun quite like. Mainly because I still dun feel a sense of fullness after finishing it. The mango salad was oso one of the famous choice of side orders. But I would prefer the one I ate from MBK foodcourt.

I would always order their Lemongrass with Honey (S$2.50) which was very refreshing.

That’s all for a sumptous lunch ^____*

So NL, are you tempted? hehehehe…..

Lunchies @ Mart Boulevard

幸福就是 。。。游玩

Why do good things all happened at the same time? 😀

26 Apr – appreciation trip – Desaru (free) / never been before

1 May – self-organised trip – Malacca (S$15 with free accomodation) / missing all those roti canai, satay celup, …….

22 May – company retreat – Bangkok (S$172) / been 3 yrs since last trip

As all the dates are so near, I decided to forgo Desaru trip though it’s free. But rejection more becos of the companions reason.

Somehow, I just feel rather uncomfortable with my spending on trips while my poor mum is constrainted with a good vacation for a certain period of time. And so I should actually use my leaves wisely and $$ for a worthly one.

Anyway, I should be counting my blessings and not be complaining, shouldn’t I? =P

幸福就是 。。。游玩


The Queen aka Ms Pilot initiated this … with the goddess me taking up the hard job of … coordinating thru emails … and CL ‘searching’ thru the net for one which would provide Queen’s fav scones … and so we ended up at The Dining Room for our high tea session.

Highlight of this high tea @ Sheraton Towers … scones, durian pengat, … most importantly … NICE WATERFALL VIEW SEATS … and so pix taken non stop.

I tried a bit of almost everything and concluded that I love their mini sandwiches, scones, laksa (if only it could be hotter though), mini serving of chocolate cake (taste like the one selling at secret recipe) …

Wat disappointed me were the chawanmushi, popiah and the fondue’s chocolate which was also used on the wafer. But worse of all was the spontaneous act of filling up and refilling drink by the staffs as per done in hotel dining places wasn’t practise here.

Anyway, chatting beside a nice spot with the right company was what made up to a nice and relaxing afternoon for everyone of us.

coincidently, our dressing colours blended in perfectly to the environment ^___*

It was almost 5pm by the time we decided to make a move. Ms Queen aka Pilot left us for home while we headed off to Orchard.

These gals had spent on a nice shopping while I spent solely on FOOD =P

After a long walk on heels, I requested for a rest with nice drink (& snack), and so ended up at PS Cafe, which I din know that it actually belongs to Project Shop :-O

ET made a right choice to make a move at Paragon as the trio went into a small ‘feast’ … again 😛

Roasted vegetable salad (S$17) – sweet potato, red pepper, brinjal and zucchini with cucumber
ay … 1st warm salad I took …

Laksa Pesto (S$17) – self explained dish
The mixture of sambal, coconut cream, coriander and chili blended in very well.
Much different from the usual soupy laksa that was mixed with coconut milk.
The laska leaf however reminded me of my mum’s brewing of the laska leaves drink which I detested 😛

Have a nice sip of the hot earl grey tea and we ended the day of … TAI TAI DAY(?) … though I implemented it to a ‘luxurious WEEKDAY AFTERNOON’ instead.


Lerk Thai @ TP Exchange

Our(NL) main target was to go for a tarot reading session just opp my office building, but we were rather taken back by the mediocre boutique … so much so that we headed straight into the ladies right infront instead for reconsideration 😛

After the short ‘discussion’ inside the toilet (ok this toilet was newly renovated and thus very very clean =P) , NL was convinced by me to spend the S$50 on meals or clothings than on an uncertain belief. (she joi-ed the wrong person to go with … hehehe …)

So we choose our dinner for the nite at Lerk Thai @ TJP Exchange … which was a big mistake : (

TJP Exchange was newly opened with new restaurants. Lerk Thai being the 1st few to open was one of new dining places for collared-workers of the region (like me) to sample out their dishes.

Vietnam Spring Roll – S$6.90
quite a good choice for health conscious ppl, but I find it too … raw … though the sauce was good.

Pineapple Rice – S$8.50
we could only taste the sweetness of the rice which came from the raisins, but there wasn’t any pineapple taste or fragrance in it.

Fried Beef Kuay Teow – S$6.50
if u are not too particular with the oiliness of the dish, it was actually the best dish among the rest. But the only drawback was the tough beef meat they use which was simply unchewable (I had to puke out many of them).

Seafood Tom Yam – S$9.50
Lack of rich tom yam taste. Only strong lemon grass tasted instead. The only thing I like about this dish was the pot they used ^_*

Thai Fish Cake – S$3.00 ea.
These were quite decent but there are better one served … nearby.

I had actually ordered Lemon Grass Drink (S$3.00) while NL ordered Ice Plum Drink (S$3.00) for herself … all we could say were … the drinks were far too diluted.

We were way too disappointed with the meal. 1st and the last for me.

As we were still quite full (food cun be wasted now even though it was badly cooked), we decided to take a walk around the region before strolling down to chinatown.

took yami yogurt (peach and natural) along the way

We decided to walk down to chinatown pt before setting back hm, and that was when I found a rare retail shop selling doraemon’s stuffs which was just few shops aways from the ‘famous’ kai kai gift shop selling hello kitty stuffs. Basically the shop which used to sell only anime dvds spilted up the floor area early this yr and started selling doraemon’s stuffs sourced from japan and thailand. And so I grabbed 2 tops for 小妹 who’s fav cartoon is doraemon.

here’s the print on one of the tees


Another coll of mine tried out recently and given the same bad feedbacks.

But so happened that I read a review from a blog that spoke high of their food. Maybe I should give them another chance and opt out those that I had taken before for better choices (at different branch too) as recommended.

Lerk Thai @ TP Exchange

幸福就是 。。。(二)之未完整篇



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幸福就是 。。。(二)之未完整篇

Tai Tai Day 2008

It had been since 2 years ago that we had our 2nd Tai Tai Day.

Though we have had few shopping nites together, it was the 1st time that we went for foot reflexology together though we had planned for a medicure and pedicure session instead.

However someone was even fully utilised her half day leave on a ‘truely’ tai tai spending on shoulder massage, dead cell scrubbing, and even eyebrown embiodery other than the foot reflexology. All in all because her MIL encouraged her to enjoy herself till nite time while she helped to take care of her 花鼠仔. Not bad huh! ^___*

now u should know where 花鼠仔 inherited the 扁嘴 face from

While she was doing her dead cell scrubbing and eyebrown embiodery at 2 different places in People’s Park, both 小妹 and I went for our LATE lunch (2.40pm then) at our fav. dim sum place, Tak Po.

We din order much … just sharing on lotus leave glutinious rice 荷叶饭, rice roll 粉肠, prawn dumpling 虾饺, fried beancurd skin rolls 鲜虾腐皮卷 ^____^

We then made our way to People’s Park Centre where 大妹 joined us for desserts @ Dessert Shop.

whao! they have expanded! taking up the shop space opp as well (where we were seated at)

guess which was mine? ^__*

Our next stop was FEP. After walking around for an hour or 2, we headed off to Sakae Sushi @ Wheelock Place for … ay … dinner? … where my bottomless stomach was finally ‘filled-up’ 😛

We headed straight to NAC for some window-shopping before we ended up at Central Cafe for … dun worry not my dinner though I still order a glass of Yuan Yang to quench my thirst =P … but 小妹’s bf’s, who just knocked off from work.

Somehow both of my(our) legs were extremely tired even though we did our foot reflexology, which may be due to our stressful walking with lotion cream applied on our feet, and so we decided to head straight home after our drink.

No gain but ‘pain’ : (


My goodiness! I think I should cut down on my food intake cos I seems to get … heavier =P I do not want to turn this into a food blog : (

But … but … there’s a dinner appt on Fri and hi tea session this coming Sat. How should I go on diet leh? hmm….

Tai Tai Day 2008

Wasabi Tei @ FEP

Of the many japanese restaurants I had been to, this particular one was the ‘weirdest-behavior’ japanese eating hse I had encountered. Note tat it wasn’t a restaurant but a small eating hse like with a floor area of almost similar to those boutique shops on the 5th level. And yes, it was located at an unusual ‘alley’ on the 5th level which I wondered how those ppl in the long queue got to know about this eating hse in the first place.

When we reached there around 6.30pm (they were late due to heavy downpour), the only 16 seats were fully occupied. But we were lucky to be the 1st grp in a short queue (which became very long as time went by). Nevertheless, all 3 of us were quite excited with the upcoming ‘adventure’ cos we heard of good reviews of their food and oso the weird behavior of the staffs.

Menu was pasted outside their shop for fast choice while queuing cos once u are inside, they wouldn’t be giving you much time to choose, and could even tell you that there were many ppl waiting to take up the seats. And pls note to ensure that all are present before you stepped in to the eating hse, cos they DO NOT ALLOW waiting.

We witnessed a auntie trying to ‘chop’ another 2 seats for her friends who went to the toilet, but was ‘scolded’ by the taking order staff. In frustration, that auntie make an immediate call to her friend to hurry back saying those ppl were very ‘hao lian’ and dun take waiting. And immediately, the chef … cum boss I think … immediately scolded back from the kitchen not to say such word, and if she dun like she could jolly well leave cos there were still a queue outside, he wun force her to stay in. Anyway in the end, her friend finally arrived and 3 of them were seated there enjoying their sashimi as if nothing had just happened.

Whao! Seeing and hearing such happening, all of us at the bar table simply keep quiet and just mind our own business =P Luckily EK returned back in time when we had our seats (^__^;)

In usual japanese restaurant, one will be greeted by “irrashimase” (welcome in – whether were they looking at u or not when they said that), but it was a total different world here.

we dun dare to take any pix with the kind of atmosphere in the eating hse 😛

Firstly we were greeted by cramped seats and walkway sight. Afterwhich we realised the grumpy face on all the staffs … only 3 staffs to be exact. A auntie staff who take and serve orders was the main ‘frontline’ staff, while 2 other in the kitchen. The boss-cum-chef (which I strongly believed) might serve some orders as well. Kinda similar to those sushi bar where the chef will prepare the dish and serve straight to you.

A straight $2 will be imposed on any drink you choose (with given choices) for each seat.

Soon the appetizer were served, and I finished up the porky thingy with seaweed in some special sauce in no time, while the other 2 saved some to go with their rice … I guess I was too hungry then @_@

I ordered a simple grilled beef don set cos I want to try out how nicely grilled the beef could be and the rice too. EK ordered cod fish set while JT ordered salmon fish set. All our sets inclusive of miso soup and fruits, and of cos the appetizer too. We had a taste from each of our dish and unanimously agreed that their grilled fishes were very fresh and tendering beef too, but our eyes blinked each time sashimi was served pass us 😛 We will try them in our next visit.

With no gst, no service charge, everything based on nett and cash payment, our bill came up to S$32 which we wondered how the leftover of S$2 came about even after we checked on the menu pasted outside the shop. Anyway this ‘mysterious’ S$2 was later spent on a drink-cum-fries at McCafe opp FEP after our recce trip at the DFS.


Many reviews referred them as husband-and-wife … so that ‘auntie’ is the wife and not only a staff there 😛

But I seems to remember seeing another person wearing blue helping inside the kitchen too, which was why I ‘thought’ there were 3 staffs. Or maybe it was just my ‘imagination’? (=V_V=)

Wasabi Tei @ FEP