Nan Hwa Chong Fish-Head Steamboat + Tom’s Palette

Located near the junction of north bridge rd and jln sultan lies a coffeeshop which served mainly steamboat. I dun see other stall other than the drinks stall there.

CL who had lunch there not long ago, decided to bring us there to try out their charcoaled steamboat for ourselves.

just realised that’s my ex-sch name … “Nan Hua …”

红哥里 Red Snapper (Ang Gor Li) Fish Steamboat S$28
charcoals were pre-heated before they put into the ‘chimney’.
we din take fish head cos both of them dunno how to eat them.
fresh fish sweety soup with chao dar taste. tasty!

Additional 金针菇 golden mushrooms (S$3) were ordered.

啤酒排骨王 Beer Pork Ribs King (S$10)
meat were unusually served in cubes than ribs; very tender and tasty,
but we unanimously agreed that there was no beer taste at all.

南乳花肉 Pickled Tofu Pork Belly (S$8)
this tasted similar to the pork ribs dish but came in different sauce;
nicely fried; crispiness on the outer layer and tendering in the inside.

time for a healthier drink after all those mass feasts for the past few days … as if … 😛

Does other non-restaurant steamboat soup refillable? The staffs here were pretty attentive in refilling. But CL and NL were too bz eating and ignored them when they asked … hahaha … We were pretty lucky to find a good spot too. Most importantly, we were early for the crowd to start.

We were talking about the whampoa steamboat that I ate near 10 yrs ago. The place where I witnessed a big rat running across along the top of the high stall walls @_@

Anyway, any other nice steamboat place where is more excessible to the ‘westerner’ me? ^__*

The trio walked all the way from bugis junction to the destination, enjoying the sights around this little arab. But we were quite hungry to browse the shops then, esp those at haji lane which we had long heard of how interesting this little street is. By the time we returned after dinner, boutiques were closed, except for those ‘puffing’ restaurants.

We made a detour passing thru jln kapa aliwal st to take a pix of this going-to-be-demolished uniquely designed Concourse mall, and oso in search of the xing hua restaurant along beach road which I cun find it (wrong direction ba).

After detouring to bussorah st, we found yet another stretch of lifely restaurants which seems quite happening too.

We din head back to bugis junction but instead we walked all the way to shaw towers. Lots of walking today =P

CL was the leader today while NL and me only the followers. hahaha…

CL had mentioned to us many times of the good reviews received from this home-made ice cream parlour. Finally found the chance to try them out.

Strawberry and White Chocolate with Cranberries / Chocolate and Peanut Butter / Pink Guava and Tangerine
All flavours were fantastic. I have special likings for sour taste and so pink guava+tangerine were truely mine : )

We read many ‘ridiculous’ requests of flavours from the pin-ups, and overheard that they are coming up with luo han guo and pumpkin tml … interesting huh …

More ice-cream cafes had popped up nowsaday. It’s going to be a sweeeeeeet yr ahead ^_____^

Last but not least, a trip back to bugis junction simply for shots on the lee hwa crystal xmas tree and weird-crooked xmas tree by the fountain.

My fav ……. Carousels!!!

Nan Hwa Chong Fish-Head Steamboat + Tom’s Palette

Xmas Chalet-cum-BBQ (2)

Cat and MZ together with their kids arrived as NL and PL was about to leave.

As LC and her family arrived an hour or 2 later, all of them left for an afternoon swim, while I took my short nap in the room. Tired sia …

taking a stroll to ehub before the bbq start …

Soon everyone arrived … including kids!!!! @_@

Everyone dispersed after the gift exchange session … leaving Cat, MZ and me, with 2 other kids. And the mess they left behind @_@

28 Dec Sun

Cat, MZ and I, with their kids, had our breakfast at mcdonald (again) before we leave for home.

A good long nap began …

Xmas Chalet-cum-BBQ (2)

Xmas Chalet-cum-BBQ (1)

Finally came the awaited day!

Rather xiong in co-ordinating this 3D2N chalet-cum-bbq xmas celebrations, cos it involved 2 different grp of ppl with a total ‘attendence’ of 9pax (1st nite) and 12pax-with-7kids (2nd nite).

1st nite was fun. 2nd nite was fun+chaos.

I had been searching online for recipes in marinating chicken wings for bbq … never so hardworking in helping 妈咪 with her cooking before, so 惭愧. The gals/guys had better appreciate my ‘work’.

26 Dec Fri

JT, AG, PL, FY came up to my hse to collect all the bbq stuffs after our collection of the famous satays at the hawker near my place before we set off to downtown east. 1st time to my place ye …

Downtown east chalet had changed so much until I couldn’t recognise. Majority of us from both grps had never stepped in here since poly/sch days. Even when I mentioned my stay to colleagues, they were rather shocked cos such stays were only frequent during those sch days.

AG suggested an unusual way of exchanging gift by picking a number each. This number will decide his or her sequence in choosing any of the wrapped gifts on the floor or ‘snatching away’ the already chosen unwrapped one from the previous person. Should that person’s gift ‘snatched’, he or she can choose any gift from the floor again.

Sound messy? Nevermind! Anyway we had a fun messy time ‘exchanging’ of gifts. ho ho ho!

It was almost 2am before we decided to leave for the beach for more childhood play …

All 8 of us finally ‘concussed’ by 3am+ … sleeping squeezingly in a small room =P

27 Dec Sat Morning

Time for the rest to pack and have our breakfast before I start to receive another grp later in the morning.

Being a weekends ‘long hours’ sleeper, having breakfast at mcdonald was extremely hard for me =P

forgotten to show where’s our room located … “一起饿死” @_@

Xmas Chalet-cum-BBQ (1)

Xmas Eve

I had no plan for xmas eve (thinking of ‘resting’ my stomach for upcoming chalet-cum-bbq) initially until Ms Sotong gotten ‘aeroplaned’ by her friend and so approaches me for a date since we having official half day off. I pulled BS along since all 3 of us were ‘westerners’.

And with this, I spent the whole afternoon in vivo and set off to the extended jurong pt late evening till 10pm+, ended the day with bad blisters on my feet and spoilt shoes =P

BS had to clear her work before meeting us up, and so YT and I went off 1st, resulting with tons of pix … and window displays weren’t spare too =P

All restaurants were packed and so ended up at republic foodcourt for their gor hiang and bak chor mee. BTW, they were for BS and me only =P

It was still drizzling after our dinner. But the reflections on the wet floorings were so beautiful.

YT left us for her xmas countdown as we headed off to the newly extended Jurong Pt at 8pm+. The size of ‘extention’ which is equivalent to an additional mall.

Exclaimings from both of us : “we were amazed that they were able to find the same flooring and railing designs despite after so many yr since the old jurong pt opened. watmore, the flow of linking both JP1 and JP2 was so perfect!”

wat meant to be near S$200 expenses becomes near S$120 after great sales and some ppl’s careless mistake 😛


Xmas Eve

3 Rs For Xmas

I have been working on these right from the beginning of this year …

1st only tried out on unused jap cookie boxes …

With the increasing nos. of unwanted calendars, I decided to try out on them too …

And soon a bunch of them 🙂

As xmas is getting nearer, I soon realised some of my gifts doesn’t fit into them and so it’s time for me to dig out my collections of nice used envelopes and wrappers from stores.

And not forgetting the mini well wishes cards?

obviously these came from used CNY cards …

Oh dun worry, these were company received cards given by clients. I WILL NOT throw away cards given by friends and relatives 🙂

With some garnishing from my ribbon collections …

I’m ready to be a Santa Claus loh! Ho ho ho! =^___^=

See! Reduce, reuse, recycle can be very fun too ^____^ … and it’s cost saving =P


Cutting out the cardboards ain’t easy. I was even thinking of searching for company who can do the mold for me =P

3 Rs For Xmas

1st Xmas Gathering Of The Year

Subject: 1st Xmas Gathering

Venue: 大妹’s hse

Well, her hse was so much bigger and ’emptier’ … and most importantly, kids-friendly environment =P

We had wanted to arrange a xmas hi tea gathering as usual. Knowing how unworthy the rate will be for kids above 3yrs even though they dun eat much, and the ‘freedom’ of kids, I decided to use her hse for our party.

Both toy collectors, BT and T, could finally meet after introducing them to each other over the msn. T was so excited to showcase his collections @_@

Watmore I can proudly ‘show’ 小王子 to them too … hehehe …

Miscalculated … that’s alot for 7 adults … ended up taking the leftovers as my dinner cos the rest were going for another session in celebration of winter solstice 冬至. We totally forgotten about this festival when we confirmed the date of our gathering.

cun believed that this is the work of both T and his bro who learned the baking from youtube …
wow!! great job somemore! but more rum and lesser coco powder will be better … choking la …

Took a lift from BT when the party ended, and alighted at Lot 1, cos … another extention done to a heartland mall! Just a small extention though, with few more shops space added to each level.

Btw … how come New York New York popped up at all extended/new heartland malls? At least I had seen it at West Coast Plaza and Lot 1. Hmm……

1st Xmas Gathering Of The Year

Last BD Dinner Of The Year

It finally came to the last BD dinner of the yr … happy birthday to u, BS!

I was thinking of redeeming 4 more calendars with my 4x $680 worth of receipts, but sadly after dragging the other 3 of them to centre pt only to realise that all free gifts were fully redeemed ;..( … there were even <Mr Men Little Miss> umbrella to redeem … how come it wasn’t advertise properly in the shopping mall? **sigh**

After the unsuccessful attemption, we headed off to orchard pt for Mushroom Pot which was tucked away at the winter section of OG. And btw, it was raining quite heavily when we were crossing over :-\ **岂有此理**

obviously she’s the BD gal 😛

Their steamboat wasn’t too bad a choice and quite reasonably cheap. It was ala carte buffet style and so we could repeat orders except for few stated dishes which could only be served once.

Honestly to say it was perfect for a gathering of friends without having the hassle of preparing and cleaning after meal at hm. But if this was suggested to my family, they would rather have that at hm 😛

And soon crazy xmas shots after our dinner … luckily the rain had stopped 🙂

We last stopped at mcdonald’s for some drinks … and we spotted this …

The 100yen shaka shaka chicken pc that SK and I had in tokyo early this yr had finally arrived here … and it seemed that it was exclusive to shaw centre branch?

Last BD Dinner Of The Year

Himawari & 2am: Dessert Bar

We aimed at Himawari Japanese Restaurant after the recommendation by 永远吃不肥 Buffet Buffet Ep 10.

Alexandra Road branch was rather out of the way for most of us (except me), and so we decided to head off to the Neil Road branch instead.

We were told that their rental contract was ending soon and there wasn’t any plan to extend. So to say, this branch ‘might’ be our last trip?

Overall it was a worthy trip. Imagine other than having shabu shabu and sashimi which had covered the cost, we had chawamushi, sushi, yakitori, tempura and many others. And wat more, we could go for repeat orders. Whao!

After the dinner, as requested by me, we strolled down Keong Saik Road with ‘history lesson’ by YL, the ex-resident of the region. Quite a peaceful road … such shophouses streets are just to my liking : )

We headed off to HV to meet up with the other 4 who were already at 2am, while YL left for home.

Somehow I felt that this restaurant had appeared in Chen Han Wei’s programme before … esp on the layout of the restaurant and the way the desserts were displayed when served.

Anyway their fusion desserts din seems to capture our hearts.

This small bottle of alcoholic drink however captured us more ^__^ Where can we find this?

NL and FY wasn’t in the pix 😛

Himawari & 2am: Dessert Bar

Xmas @ Centre Point

3rd trip to Orchard for their xmas deco. And it was drizzling again 😦

Since Cat was attending seminar nearby, we chose to dine at centre pt, but ended up hanging around there for the whole nite.

This yr round they were using crystal for their xmas deco. I have yet to take a proper pix of their front entrance cos the human traffic there was too high … errrr …

After browsing around for a suitable dining place, we decided on Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ restaurant.

A search online showed that this outlet was opened in Jul with interior design of stone and wood. The waitresses were all dressed in traditional Korean garb. Their friendliness and sweet smile left us very good impression of. Cat even wanted to intro her ‘boy’ colleague to one of them … hahaha …

We took the set menu (for 2) @ S$49 and added some ala carte dishes too.

dishes of appetitser
didn’t seems appealing to me … seems to lack of something …

I’m quite disappointed with their utencils … where’s the flat chopsticks and silver rice bowl (‘铁’饭碗)??

We decided to have the kitchen bbq the pork and chicken meat for us.

BBQ Pork (from the set)
nicely marinated and grilled. very tender too. I guess we wun grill to this perfection without any burn =P

BBQ Chicken (from the set)
same as above

Seafood Kimchi Soup (from the set)
sourish and spicy. there were diff grade of spiciness to choose from, and we took the norm one.
din suit MZ’s taste though and she forgo the whole bowl.

Sauteed Seasonal Veg (S$10)
a very common dish … too ex for such I feel. MZ wanted some vege dish to balance the meaty set and we ordered this 😦

Pan Fried Beancurd (S$10)
nicely fried layer and tendering in the inside. very ‘juicy’ somemore. not a bad choice.

Kimchi Pancake (S$14)
quite an unsightly serving. total disappointment in this dish. it was my choice as I missed korean pancake.
it was more like frying the flour used for our nian gao (cny cake) and nothing else.

Oh ya … their sour plum drinks we took was kinda … detergent taste alike … eeeee….

The overall serving was very big even though there were 3 of us. But honestly to say, it wasn’t that fantastic. It wun be my 1st choice if given a choice.

Anyway does anyone know where did the 30yrs+ old Korean Restaurant that used to be located in the previously specialist shopping centre gone to? Guess I need to get my rarely contacted friend to check with her good friend … it was their family business.

Robinson toy dept was the next we spent time at. Wah! Cute deco at this dept, with blocks of coloured pix by kids that were framed up onto the wall along the escalator, and teddy bears taking skiing ride alike running round the ceiling.

And there I found another bearish xmas tree!

Ain’t they cute? ^____^

Just hr before the dinner, I noticed a little girl holding a <Mr Men Little Miss> desktop calendar. I was hoping to own one too and soon realised my wish. But this little wish really made us unhappy.

Saga 1

According to the girl at the information counter, such desktop calendar is redeemable with a min spend of S$100, and accumulative with 3 receipts in single day. As our bill of near S$115 from the dinner already earned us one, adding on to the purchase of near S$74 spent by Cat n MZ from the toy dept, we were still short of S$10+ for the 2nd set.

Since we were only left with 15 mins to go before the info counter closed, Cat n MZ grabbed another 2 items which they had eye-ed on earlier at the beauty dept.

All 3 of us were rushing happily for the redemption only to our dismay that we were given 1 set per customer. But wat went worse was, she stamped on all 3 receipts which were worth a total of S$200+.

Stupid fool! If I were the one behind the counter, I would have advise the customer to spilt the bill for 2 redemptions. They were so rigid and refused to issue 2 sets (for Cat and me).

Saga 2

We continued to shop in the beauty dept for other stuffs. Afterwhich we settled down at the mc did we realised the mistake made by the robinsons cashier.

One of the purchase was repeated in both trips. We were told that that particular item wasn’t under the 20% dis offer. We din probe further as we need to rush for redemption earlier. But it was a totally diff story in the 2nd purchase. All items (including the 2nd identical purchase) in the bill was given 20% dis. After making Cat to clarify the mistake with a diff cashier, she was refunded back with the difference of S$3.58.

If not becos of my ‘anguish’ state caused by the calendar saga, I would not have wanted to take pix of ‘evidences’ to warn the rest, and would not have noticed the mistake. S$3.58 leh! … we could have a cup of ice lemon tea and ice cream in mc :-\

Ok … nevertheless, it was rather a fruitful trip. Bearish xmas trees and <Mr Men Little Miss> desktop calendar were more than enough 🙂

Talking about this <Mr Men Little Miss>, I realised that they had reappeared in many forms recently. Just a trip down to centre pt and I could find these.

… and I almost wanted to bring Miss Sunshine mascot home =P

Xmas @ Centre Point