Rajah Inn @ TBP

Located on the 2nd level for quite some times but only tried it for the 1st time through BS’ recommendation.

I had my beef hotpot set while BS had her chicken hotpot set.

We can choose our soup base and I had chosen kimchi soup base while BS had her choice of tom yam soup base. Both were spicy and hot. Really raised our appetite ^^

beef set with kimchi soup base

chicken set with tom yam soup base

They have quite a big variety of side dishes, and since just the 2 of us, we ordered tahu telor and black pepper squid.

tahu telor

black pepper squid

Serving looks small but we were quite full towards the end … mostly because the soup was too tasty and so we had few rounds of refill for that 😛

simple ice cream was just as nice ^^

Rajah Inn @ TBP

Trip to Far West – Raffles Marina Country Club

Every year she will receive a S$50 worth of birthday dining vouchers from Raffles Marina Country Club.

I was invited to spend the voucher with her. The rest were not interested cos it was too far west for them …

I remembered the very 1st time I came here was through a get-together organised by the employment agency I had used for sourcing my very 1st job after graduation.

And now I was here again with someone who had the membership with them 😉

We reached after about 25mins bus ride from Jurong Point bus terminal. I wondered when was the late time I took a non-aircon bus.

We had a stroll around the place with BS acting as the ‘tour guide’ of the day.

Time for lunch! There are chinese restaurant and bistro to choose from. I preferred the alfresco restaurant overlooking the waterfront with feel of sea breeze … though it was quite hot and hazy then 😛

bistro shellfish chowder (S$7)

fries (S$4.50)

briyani chicken (S$16.80)

surf and turf (S$25)

mango juices (S$4.50) / ice lemon tea (S$4)

The prices were quite reasonable for a country club. Serving was big and yummy.

After S$50 less, we only had to pay S$16+. Great value huh! 😉

pioneer mall

Our bus passed by this place as we headed towards RMCC, and so after my request, we hopped down for my new exploration 😛

Nothing much really, not even a shopping excitement. There are foodcourt, supermarket, and some small neighourhood shops which does help in catering daily necessities for the neighbourhood here.

Anyway there is a mega mall in the vicinity … namely the “Jurong Point”.

The sky changed from hot and hazy to heavy downpour with loud thunder drastically. We were trapped in the mall and ended up having something cold despites the already cold and wet weather 😛

Trip to Far West – Raffles Marina Country Club


小妹 and 妈咪 were having desserts at Mei Heong Yuen in Chinatown yesterday when they called me. And immediately I requested for their famous salted dumpling as my breakfast for today.

But I got a shock when I reached home.

It has grown in size!! 😮

It used to be slightly bigger in size than those katong dumpling and was selling at S$3.

Now the size has grown 1/2 size more and is selling at S$5! 😮

what a big dumpling for my breakfast :s

ingredients found : 3 chestnuts, mushrooms, kong ba (扣肉), yellow beans, salty egg york and dried shrimps

Still so yummy! ^^


KFC a.m. twister & KOI

I seldom wake up so early on a sat if not for a clinic appointment at orchard. And today I bought this on my way back.

I love pita bread or wrap, but this seems a bit hollow @@

I seldom queue for KOI personally. And today I did it cos LC decided to buy some back home, and so I ‘accompanied’ her … and somehow earned myself a free drink! 😀

We queued for 15 mins before we could place our order, and waited 10 mins before our queue number was called.

A mum came by with her girl. Out of curiosity, she approached us asking: “You people are queuing up for the drink?!”

Me: “Yes”

The mum looked shock: “Does it tasted that nice?”

Me: “Not bad. You can give it a try …”

Her eyes turned to the long queue, afterwhich she shaked her head, gave a disbelief look before she smiled and walked away.

Well, I’m not sure if its worth the ‘sacrifice’. If someone else was with me, I don’t mind joining just for the fun of it 😉

the 25% sugar level still seems a bit sweet …

KFC a.m. twister & KOI

Ramen Play and Sanrio Fiesta 2010

After seeing this on the newspaper, I pulled BS to accompany me to the fair 😛

BS’ sis joined us too. And so I brought them to Ramen Play to ‘玩一玩’ 😛

After browsing through the fair, I only grabbed these 2 for 二妹 and myself.

couldn’t find hello kitty one and so took the twin stars one for myself

to replace the 80s version i had with me for years …

Ramen Play and Sanrio Fiesta 2010