CNY Mood @ Chinatown

received this early this morning

Sotong me mistook the signing off to SC and thanked her only to realise later that it was from SK. Paiseh! =^____^=

Later in the day, I received a call from 小妹 who insisted me on meeting up with her and A in chinatown after work.

It was getting near to cny and so the crowd gets bigger as I reached. Inorder not to get ‘drown’ in the coming crowd, we headed off for dinner at Tak Po.

I wondered was it the season period where everyone was so bz and couldn’t bother, or the poor attitude of new generation’s service, the young waiter (should be waiting for results) who served us wasn’t apologetic at all when he spilled the light soya sauce from his tilted plate of zhu chang fen (rice roll) onto 小妹’s new pants. Even when I told him wat he had done and to be more careful, his face was simply stagnant.

We saw him carrying a craypot of porridge walking behind us as we came out from the restaurant. The way he walked was as though no one was infront of him. No “excuse me” was heard, but instead we ‘siam’ away from him … to prevent scalded by him.

Has our education gone wrong, or our tolerance getting low? Wat’s wrong with them?

We soon ‘escaped’ out from the cny nite market area to the revamped chinatown complex. Cleaner and brighter. Luckily the stalls/shops are at the same locations. A walk further bring us to the eventful square. Great vocal from the singer, with the elderlys tapping and clapping their hands along with. The beautifulness of chinatown is always the reason which make me come back very often.

A chinatown guru as described by peers? No no … there are still more out there for me to explore and learn 🙂

Ok … cun stay out too late, cos I need to catch tml morning 8am coach to Malacca; be back on Wed.

Till then,

Happy 牛 Year to all in Spore!

CNY Mood @ Chinatown

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