Just Giving It A Try

Just when I am thinking of getting a small notebook for easy access while on the go, I chanced on this HP contest email received sometimes ago.

And so I submitted with this msg attached:

“I want this HP designer laptop because I am thinking of getting a small notebook for easy access while on the go. It just that simple :)”

It would seems too good to be true if I were to win and own this 😛

Just Giving It A Try

Halo, Luck, Where R U?

A surprising request from NL for today’s dinner … Indonesian Cuisine. She had been captivated by ayam penyet recently that’s why.

However, despite how much brain-juice was squeezed out, I could only remember sanur and hse of sundanese. And so we decided to meet up at taka’s kino before deciding where for dinner.

She made a search online and saw some reviews of a restaurant-which-she-cun-remember-the-name behind heeren, along cairnhill road. Being the ‘adventurous’ trio … for food only 😛 … we decided to search for it and took the path from park hotel towards cairnhill instead. And there we saw the sign! After passing by the mosque (I din know there’s a mosque under that bldg), we finally reached at the entrance of garuda. Well, it’s really just behind heeren.

We happily took down pix for our blogging purposes but only to realised that the restaurant was fully booked. And the weirdest part was on the sign we saw outside the restaurant, which stated “min. 4 persons”. oh!?

Since we were so near paragon, we decided to head for tambuah mas as suggested by CL. But it was yet another disappointment search. Moved out 😦

So in the end, we sticked back to our usual cuisine at Akashi Japanese Restaurant.

akashi bento set (S$25)

una ju set (S$25)

sukiyaki set (S$18)

Nothing much to comment cos they were all too common. The table given to us was directly under the aircon which made my sukiyaki cooled down very fast. It might be better if it was served with a stove. And that mashed potato alike was actually mashed salmon.

Given the price comparison, a simple set like una ju set cost S$25, u may want to think twice of going there again … seriously …

After our dinner, we took a walk around and redeemed my kose mask too. And while, waiting for them both outside the toilet, I spotted Phyllis Quek … she is 依然娇艳 =P

We soon settled down for desserts at Bakerzin but was rather disappointed with the choco cake and the $1-offer macaron.

ambrosia (S$6.50)
it was hard and the taste was too dry

strawberry shortcake (S$6.50)
this was however better and soft too

macaron (S$1 each)
tasted just like mentos but a softer version 😛 … anyway I dun like …

citrus cool (S$6.20)
NL’s order … I din try …

hazel coffee blend (S$6.80)
this was disappointing too. rough blending. I cun really taste the drink, only full of ice.

I heard they served good desserts and food. Guess we weren’t of luck today 😛

And just as we came down from the escalator, guess wat we saw? Tambuah Mas!!! … oh! so near yet so far … sotongs us 😛

Halo, Luck, Where R U?

HK/Macau Trip Again!

Tabbing on to the limited period promotion by jetstars, I finally made my 7D6N booking to HK … a trip which we will only make half a yr later. And so it gave me ample time to prepare my itinerary ^___*

As much as I enjoyed doing so, I have my fear too.

I am going to lead a grp of 5, including myself, where 4 of them were 1st timer to HK/Macau O_O

Cousin M and Ms Sotong are still fine. But to lead a pair of total strangers whom I never met before, and weren’t of younger age like us, I wasn’t sure if my arrangements will suit them.

Nevertheless, it may not be as scary as I thought so. Will see how then …

HK/Macau Trip Again!


Not a scolding term la … read it in a Q version ^____^

Our 小王子 has started to recognise his parents. We tested out by walking out of the hse today.

test 1: 爹地 (小王子’s gong gong) – he just look at him as he leaves the hse

test 2: 妈妈 (大妹) – he started to make noise and quickly crawl towards her … and so this 大妹 felt very 爽 lor …

test 3: ME? – he bo hiew me at all!!!!! even after attempting to make noise at the gate to attract his attention 😦 … 衰仔!

It was amazing to witness the different stages of development from a little sweetie pie to a SIZE like him now.

As of now, he had learned how to read all 26 alphabets, we couldn’t even catch up with our writings for his reading. And he has started to learn how to count from 1 to 10.

Talking about counting, he bursted out 7752 out of a sudden this afternoon … and repeatedly somemore. 1st thing that came to our mind was … 真字! But the whole family of 7 soon donated almost S$50 to spore pool within 2 hrs, with me donated a total of S$8 cos I bought additional 1152 due to his 口齿不清-ness ~_~


A Day of Celebrations

We were actually planning to reach around 1 or so at N’s place who was having a bb shower for her son. I was taking the route from the mrt to her hse via my ‘cah’ (leg), while the other 3 northerners were on their way to her hse via C’s car. Coincidentally we met at the turning corner towards the entrance of N’s estate, and so took a free super-short-yet-long ride to the carpark @_@ … ok too cheem? nevermind (^___*)

Anyway we had made our way there ‘together’ 😀

AmG’s BD happened to fall on this date, and with CW’s one in just a few days time, we bought a simple cake to celebrate their bds too.

We would have left early for our 2nd session of the day if not for AY who wanted us to wait for the delivery of her hamper. She was told that delivery time was from 2-5pm. And just as wat I had guessed, the hamper arrived at the last hr @_@

NL and I made our way to another celebration … JT’s bd celebration @ Jin Deli.

Ok according to the search online, they serve MSG-FREE steamboat. True enough! We dun feel thirsty at all after gulping down all the food. And surprisingly, the session-ed table with NL, FY and I, cleared all our food very fast, despite the already-should-be-super-full-liao NL and me after our 2nd round at the buffet table not long before we left for this 2nd session.

How hollow is our gastric? Dunno leh actually … hahaha …

The celebration continued at partyworld @ orchard.

We had wanted to walk over to the place, but realising that it would be impossible to reach there in half an hour time, we took a bus down instead 😀

Despite complaining full, NL and I were snatching for tibits =P

As for me? After entertaining the rest with ABBA Q-ver singings and Barbie Girl song, I felt so tired … *** idiotic smile 😀 ***

It was a crazy crazy nite! \ (^____^) /

A Day of Celebrations

Lunch Treat @ Bimi Kaiho

It was a treat from 长先生 again. The list expanded subsequently over the years.

And for someone who had always been treated to the same place numerous times yet dunno the restaurant name, I passed the baton to her for the reservation 😛

they used to own a bigger floor space at peck seah st but had since
moved into this smaller floor space at Int’l plaza more than 4yrs ago

saka-something don 😛

sushi chasoba

tempura don

Their bento sets were considerably cheap. Esp for my sushi chasoba set that consisted of chasoba, salmon sushi, tuna sushi, inari sushi, 2x prawn tempura, brinjal tempura, and chawamushi, and of cos rice. All these for S$15.50. Wat more, they were so freshly good. No wonder this yim jim 长先生 had high ratings for them.

Talking about this 长先生, somehow he has a weird practice … the person who was treating doesn’t need to make any reservation, but I was unconsciously given the ‘duty’ to do so regardless of 😦

When ur life gets twisted, u tend to retaliate … but in a way that it doesn’t hurt u so much ultimately … I meant that for myself.

Cos the world is round …

Lunch Treat @ Bimi Kaiho

House of Seafood @ YCK

I felt so much like a tourist in another country … cos for someone who grown up in the west and work in the central, there was really no reason for me to travel down to Yio Chu Kang/Serangoon.

And so … “Welcome Me to Serangoon” I exclaimed as I stepped out of the bus 😛

Finally here I was for a proper crabbie nite.

Service was so-so. As usual, many china nationals waitresses. Not that we are against them and cun welcome foreign ‘talents’ with warmhearted, but I’m just so worried for our own ppl. Are our ppl too proud to accept such job? Or they requested too high a salary to be accepted? In a time like this, shouldn’t they be glad that they could hold a job?

I had no problem going for table under a big tree actually. But it was real dark there and we wun know how ‘clean’ our food could be. Therefore the gals insisted on having the better and emptied table we eyed on when we reached.

Finally the 1st dish came, but no rice was served to us until we requested for it. By the time we had that, we had emptied our 1st dish. It was 8+ then and so hungry u know….

番薯叶 (sweet potato leaves) tasted abit burned … mmm …not nicely done actually. vege was abit hard and not spicy enough.

酥炸虾枣 (deep fried prawn roll) was much better but still on the average side.
but I thought it supposed to look darker? cos all the while wat I ate were something like the ngo hiang 五香 colour.

麦片大虾 (oatmeal prawn) was rather tasteless though bigger prawns were used.

辣椒螃蟹 (chilli crab) was rather sweet than spicy. quite a disappointment.

NL and CL only took the claws part and so the rest were all cleared by PL and me.

排骨王 (braised pork ribs) was sweet and oily. fats more than meat O_O

Despite such disappointment for a seafood hse famous for their crabs, they were still full hse. But we soon realised many tables actually ordered 黑椒螃蟹 (black pepper crab) instead. Maybe that was wat they were famous for. Can give it a try before the final verdict then…

House of Seafood @ YCK