‘Free’ ride for the Sotong

I had thought the free ride to exit the station to my working place will start from June and had been monitoring my timing for the past few days but still missed by few seconds to a minute or 2.

It wasn’t until BS told me last night that it will only start from 24 June that I had know I’m not only kiasu but a big sotong :p


I had been adjusting my timing to arrive work before 8am though I started work at 8.30am since 2 years+ ago just to avoid the peak hour crowd. The air was much ‘fresher’ in the cabin and sometimes I could get a seat too (not as though I’m 七老八十 :p)! I could even enjoy some nice breakfast time.

So I’m wondering if the crowd will be spread on to those ‘carefree’ time and make it worse 😦

Let’s see!

‘Free’ ride for the Sotong