Light Up, Singapore!

Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebrations @ Geylang Serai & Kampong Glam (24th Aug 2008 to 12th Oct 2008)

Lantern Fantasy 2008 featuring F8 – Hello Kitty Go Races! @ Chinese Garden (29th Aug 2008 to 28th Sep 2008)

Chinatown Mid Autumn Festival 2008 Street Light-Up @ Chinatown (31st Aug 2008 to 30th Sep 2008)

Light-Up Along Singapore River In Celebrations of 2008 F1 Singapore Grand Prix (from now …)
“A key feature of the infrastructural enhancements, the lighting plan comprises the installation of programmable lights at the Read and Cavenagh bridges, special lighting for four underpasses at Boat Quay, Empress Place and Clarke Quay, under-bridge lighting for the Clemenceau, Coleman and Elgin bridges, floating lights on the river, as well as new street lamps and lighting of trees along the entire three-kilometre stretch of the Singapore River.” Quoted from STB article on 24-hour waterfront lifestyle destination

And so u will find traces of my (footprints) shoes prints in most of the places ^___*

Light Up, Singapore!

Wat A Bad Coincidence

Someone reminded me this morning … while we were on our way to the CC for our class yst evening, I noticed one of the banners showing a bonsai class recruiting students and had jokingly asked the rest whether they are interested in signing up on the class … who knows my family’s bonsai stolen on the same day 😥

No wonder I felt a sense of ’emptiness’ when I stepped out of my hse to work yst morning.

I’m not sure about 爹地, but I dun seems to get over it. Had a bad sleep thru-out the nite cos I had been dreaming of it. And whenever I heard something outside the hse (when I’m still awake), I will peek thru the doorhole to see wat’s going on outside, though it’s just my neighbour returning back to hm.


Wat A Bad Coincidence

Gone Were The ‘Safe’ Neighbourhoods We Used to Have

‘self-portrait’ taken in 2004

No matter how he try to hide by avoiding topic on this, I know he is actually very upset that his bonsai has been stolen in the middle of the nite.

He had been taking care of it for almost 25yr+. Not only does he feel sad, I do feel a sense of lost too.

a ‘grp’ photo taken during 2007 CNY

wat a pathetic sight now 😦

I had wanted to make a police report, just to warn the rest in the block to beware of such sickening ppl loitering around in our neighbourhood (our neighbours have all been warned).

Just like the recent case on some fake contractors that went around asking ppl that the authority has released news of re-cementing of the ceilings and fixing of window gills. Someone must have made a police report cos few days later, notices from town council were put up at all lift lobbies warning residents about the scam.

Anyway, before we can do anything, 妈咪 stopped us from ‘creating troubles’, telling us not to make a mountain out of a molehill cos things were lost/stolen everyday. I dun mind if shoes were stolen cos I dun put expensive shoes outside my doorsteps anyway, but this is a painstaking gardening work leh. **sigh**

Whoever u are, dun u let us see u selling it anywhere, cos we had made identity on it … ***evil smile***

Gone Were The ‘Safe’ Neighbourhoods We Used to Have


A rare gathering initiated by the one of the ‘bz’ tai-tai mums … she was still ‘bz’ on the phone when we met up …

Wongkok Char Chan Teng was chosen to accomodate some unadventurous chinese-preferred-food-takers =P

Luckily there were large varieties of dishes to choose from … not focusing mainly on chinese food …

But one couldn’t imagine how a grp of 5 gals could finished up all these food … which we did =P

Ice Ying-Yong
they laughed when they saw such a big glass of drink was served for me

Mango dunno-wat
more shock came when this was served

Ice Honey Peach Passion Fruit Tea
but none beats the jumbo sized passion drink … which the 2 takers’ eyes almost dropped … hahaha …
(there is a real JUMBO one which they din know of ***evil laugh***)

Roasted Pork Handmade Noodles
This was ordered by one of the less adventurous ones … a so-so meal. Given the price, it wasn’t worth at all.

“Dry style” Noodle with Fruit Honey Sauce Chicken
Same goes for this … which ordered by the next less adventurous ones.

Dumpling Soup Noodles
just a normal dish for yet another ….. 😛

Pork Burger
This was indeed my fav … the whole combination was very tasty … and full 😀 WW was clever to follow my order 😛

These were shared one …

Hong Kong Style Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Chop with Portuguese sauce
Luckily this was to share cos it seems filling enough for 1 person. But it was very cheesy and frangrant. A good one!

Pan-Fried Cheong Fun
I had never know that a dish of chee cheong fan could taste like any oyster omelette. Do give this a try and you will like it like I do ^_^

Bacon Roll with Sweet and Sour Sauce
This was another yummy dish. The bacon was rather tender and every mouthful was juicy juicy … ^___^

Just 3hrs of chat wasn’t enough to update each other of their past mths’ happenings. If only the other 2 could join us too …

How I wish we could return back to the good old sec sch days where the ‘Beauty’ 7 (七姐妹) would always gathered for all occasions … regardless of birthday celebrations or festive seasons, or even karaoke on almost every weekends.


Breeks Again!

2nd Breeks trip in 3 days. As MZ needed to purchase something from Taka, we went for the branch at NAC.

Traditional Caesar Salad (S$6.50)
just normal taste … as wat the name said “traditional” …

Cream of Mushroom from the additional S$3 promotion set (cheaper on weekdays)

Buffalo Wings (S$5.50)
I thought different branches might prepare differently … their quality control was good as they were equally sweet as wat I ate at MS 😛

Pan-seared Blackpepper Seabass (S$16.90)
I guess the weird taste came from the grapefruit sauce that scared Cat away

Cajun Blackened Fish (S$15.90)
same for MZ’s cajun spice 😛

Baked Dory glazed with Lime Chili Sauce (S$15.90)
mine was the better choice of the lot … lime chili sauce that taste like thai sauce was still a safe choice 😛

Our desserts ^___^

Tonite was just a pre meet up before tml’s dinner gathering with 2 other bz mums.

Breeks Again!

The Help May Be Minimal, But Every Efforts Count

So this is oso part of sustainable development’s effort.
(directed from –

I do support this idea.

I have been having this long thought of how I can reuse those dispensers. I have started using refill packs for shower, handwash and detergents, and I have been searching and asking around for any shampoo refill packs which dun seems to be in any production.

But even though they are refill packs, the amount of chemical used for making them are quite substantial too. Whether we are using dispenser bottles or refill packs, lots of energy/chemical is still needed in order to break them down before they can be recycled. These goes the same for plastics (which included non-biodegradable ones) and papers collected from the recycleable bin.

I vaguely remembered my mum used to prepare those emptied soya sauce bottles, waiting for an uncle who carried a tin of soya sauce to every doorsteps and refill them directly. And whenever she was out to pack back food, she will carry a food tin with her. All these acts may be for cost saving purposes back then, but they did served as a good way of saving the environments.

Nowsaday whoever were to do the same will receive frowns from the hawkers as if u have resulted them in extra work, cos they were so used to ‘measuring’ of the amt of food volume thru their little container, any amt out of that they might find it difficult to charge for.

I had however started not to accept disposible utensils if I were to pack back. To reject the use of them will cut down their orders of those, thus will cut down the productions of such which in turn help to cut down the destroying of plants/trees. Anyway they might be produced in an unhygienic way, why take the risk?

Actually this prompt another question to the supposedly traffic controlling thru ERPs. Why cun they just import lesser of cars instead? This not only can reduce the usage of them with carbon monoxide polluting the air, there will be lesser ppl owning a car, and thus lesser traffic. Well, since they strongly encouraged everyone to travel by public transports …

Anyway, why does a small country which only a red dot on the map need so many cars? Worse were those who owned a sport car … where traffic lights are everywhere. Ridiculous …

The Help May Be Minimal, But Every Efforts Count

Fireworks Celebrations 08

Right on the following day, the foursome met up again for another day of fun.

Well, it was none other than the fireworks celebrations at marina bay floating gallery. The response (of my frens) for this year round wasn’t that great. Maybe many were ‘frightened’ by the long sweaty walk together with the crowd towards the floating gallery.

I would say we had very good planning this time. We decided to head straight to marina sq for our early dinner, shopping around before we headed off exit thru their side exit toward the 1st entrance of the floating gallery where our watching block was. Other than the obstruction of the drizzle that didn’t seems to stop since we met, the walk to the floating gallery was simply smooth.

Minestone Soup from the additional S$5 promotion set

Breeks Chef Salad (S$8)
a very meaty salad cos there were lots of chicken meat slices in them

Breeks Buffalo Wing (S$5.50)
very crispy and tasty wings but they could be more perfect if the marinated sauce was less sweet

Baked Seafood Pasta Mornay (S$14.90)
a wow-wow-looked dish that was full of ingredients but the taste was rather bland 😦

Fish & Shrimp Lafaye (S$15.90)
PL’s one however was tastier. Pan-seared dory was perfectly grilled without taste of fishiness.
If you want to have a bit of pasta n grilled fish at the same time, this will be a better choice.

BBQ Half Chicken w Pepper Cream Sauce (S$15.90)
A very meaty and dry dish for me. NL finally had her taste of chicken after having chinese local food in HK for too long 😛

Hotplate Salmon Steak (S$16.90)
The display seemed rather over. The pan-seared salmon steak wasn’t bad but the vege ingredients on the hotplate seemed oily to me.

dessert from the same S$5 promotion set
sometimes a simple wall’s ice cream wasn’t a bad choice either

It used to be so much fun in a carnival (more commonly known as fun fair), but I guess our heart has turned ‘old’ to enjoy it now 😦 I had wanted to take pix with the balloon girls, but the rest weren’t too interested in that and I was paisey to take it alone … so … 😛

Today’s fireworks display was from the korea team where korean drama fans would immediately recognised where the music came from. The most obvious one was none other than the famous history drama, Da Chang Jin (大长今). Somehow thruout the whole fireworks, all the music and the displays didn’t seems to comply much, which I felt a sense of stupidity here. The displays were too simple and lack of creativity. And so there weren’t much for me to capture down from my clips to show out here.

Ironically, though the music and the uncreative displays did make me feel stupid, every display shown infront of me still have yet to fail me in giving an unknown sense of blissfulness. Maybe that was why I like to watch fireworks so much … minus out the crowd though …

The organiser was rather well prepared since last yr experience I guess, cos the dispersing of the crowd was very much under control. They had arranged another route of exit which was near the traffic lights for easy accessing.

Last yr we walked all the way to liang seah st for our supper. This year however we were so lucky to find a table for us at Cafe Cartel @ Raffles City. Our mentality told us that we had early dinner and so could order more for supper … though we weren’t really so hungry to go for this big spread =P

complimentary breads

Turkey & Bacon Sandwiches (S$8.80)
bacons weren’t too salty and hence the whole sandwich were crunchy and good.

Supreme Platter (S$11.50)
just some common tasted fried breaded fish, chips, fish & chicken nuggets, and onion rings

Cartel’s Spicy Wings (S$5.80)
Spicy? No leh … but they were crispy and ‘juicy’ 😛

Chocolate Fantasy (S$7.80)
we ended with a more guilty dessert 😛

Fireworks Celebrations 08