Holiday Eve @ PS

It was my first trip to the revamped Cathay even though it had already been reopened for few years. Our main purpose was to make a trip to Astons for our dinner but there were already a long queue waiting outside when we reached. If we were to join the queue, I guess I will faint due to hunger. And so with no other choice, we headed off to PS instead.

playing off as a tourist 😛

After going thru the directory listing, we ended up at Cafe Cartel again 😛

supreme platter – doesn’t taste and look as good as those served at raffles city branch

pan fried linguine – still as good

complimentary breads – we love breads!!!!

st louis pork ribs – greedy me requested to order 2 plates.
1st plate was delicious with tendering meat, while the 2nd plate tasted of chao-dar-ness (burned) and dry.
Hmm…where’s the quality control?

Oh ya, it was my 1st time taking the table right inside the cafe where the thick sofa cushion was sooooo ‘tall’ (ok I’m short but that’s not the pt) and soft, and so near to the table (big tummy ones will have problem), many (not only our table lor) had problems moving inwards without ‘bouncing’ in with our butts. (how’s my description? got it? :P)

We could see more and more china national staffs working there. No biasing against that, but one particular guy was rather funnie. He was seen ‘hiding’ away when the other non-china-national staff was away, even though we raised our hands for long just for refill of water.

Well, sporeans are basically bilingual, we could speak in mandarin you know? Anyway, who refilled our drink? The non-china-national one.

Regardless of whether you are a non-china-national or not, even locals, if you choose to work in a customer svc line, you have to be ‘brave’ rite? And not just following behind your colleague. … ok maybe not for the case of the academy ones 😛

Right after our dinner came our unintentioned beauty products spree 😛

quite a lot of new shops around and this is one of them …

a newly sectioned area from John Little … we spent an hour here 😛

ZA having 20% off, plus additional 20% off for robinson card holder, it was really worth it man! But I bought ZA facial wash only 😛

Bought this BB cream. Was told by CL that it received good reviews and so am giving it a shot.
Our common question: wat is BB cream? Answer here 😛

And of cos we ended up at swensen for fries and ice-cream eventually : )

Just a toilet trip and we could take so many pix outside 😛

Holiday Eve @ PS

3 more public holidays left …

1 Oct holiday confirmed gone to waste. There are only 3 more holidays left then …

Deepavali Monday: 27 October 2008 (changed … so it will be another long weekends)
Hari Raya Haji Monday: 8 December 2008 (a long weekends)
Christmas Thursday: 25th December 2008 (just take 1 day leave on 26th and it will be a long holiday too)

wat plans should I make … hmm …

or should I oso plan for next year 😛

3 more public holidays left …

High Tea @ Goodwood Park

This round of high tea location was rather tough cos someone insisted on going for one which served nice scones.

After searching thru the net and deleting some off the list, we decided to go for the goodwood park one.

Just a nite before, CL msg-ed to inform us of a FJ Benjamin sale going on @ Grand Hyatt which last day will be today.

While waiting for the latecomers (CL fell twice on the bridge … ouch!), I saw more and more groups of ppl carrying bigger and bigger bags of goodies out from the sale. Gosh! So ‘tan’ meh? But we soon see it for ourselves.

1 example of the la senza pyajamas that I bought which was at a selling price of S$55, but thru this sale, it became 3 for S$33? Quite a good buy yo … cos their materials were good. I bought 6 g-strings for S$18 for 小妹.

Some nice goodie Guess bag was selling for S$15 at the end of the sale but knowing the pile of bags I have at home, I forgo the thought 😛 But we saw some malay, thai, and indonesian familys grabbing cartons and cartons of them … for wat purpose I dunno but 1 indonesian family’s mecerdez car was almost packed in and out @_@

There was a long ‘watching’ queue at the Guess watches section. Yes, the queue was for interested parties to queue and view in a orderly manners. Oh well, some selected watches were selling like S$50 that’s why.

Wat I like about this english high tea @ goodwood park wasn’t just becos of the nice atmosphere near the poolside, but wat interested me more was the flowery english tea sets they used.

To be honest, the high tea wasn’t very fantastic. They used to serve champage for each diner but not now. I dislike the seatings given to us. Crouching in an armchair wasn’t a good way to digest food. I still preferred the same furniture set they were still using now for their outside seatings at the poolside. And maybe becos we were nearer to the window, I could feel the heat outside. Even though so, the aircon wasn’t strong enough.

But nevertheless, eating and chatting like ‘no other ppl business’ was indeed a nice way to while away the afternoon.


Coincidentally I chanced upon this …

Gosh! I must catch this programme liao! But is it going to show on wed or thurs?

High Tea @ Goodwood Park


Just when I knew of a nice instant coffee which I can always ‘tumbang’ others to buy back, the news out came too 😦

Same goes for my childhood sweets, White Rabbit Cream Candy 大白兔奶糖 😦

How CAN those businessmen be so heartless??

Inorder to speed up their profits, such heartless businessmen will still be around, and so our health will still be threatened. Hence we really need to take extra care with the selections of food nowsdays **sigh**



A Small But Warm BD Celebration

The siblings gathered today at 大妹’s hse to celebrate T’s birthday.

小王子 is reaching 10 mths old in another 2 days … it was getting more and more interesting to see the curiosity in him towards his surroundings …

Feast for the nite: home delivery KFC (btw the chicken pcs were very big and yummy for both crispy and original orders, unlike those commonly served small and unfleshy chicken pcs in the outlets … too yummy that I forgotten to take pix as ‘evidences’) + home fried frozen fries + previous nite party’s 五香虾饼 leftovers + 大妹’s SIL homemade sushi + T’s self-mixed canned dessert salad. Whao!!!! 😀

A Small But Warm BD Celebration

Feast @ Hard Rock Cafe

We were supposed to take leave on Tues for a Tai Tai day yet after confirming the plan on her wedding dinner nite, EK still flown me kite. And since my last min leave had been approved, I decided to stay and rest at hm instead. Someone out of guiltiness proposed a dinner treat at Wasabi Tei which was supposed to be tonite 😛

The dinner was still on, but becos more and more ppl were gathered for this dinner, which would be difficult for 7pax to dine at Wasabi Tei, we eventually changed our dinner venue … to Coca instead.

FY insisted everyone to meet up at his working place before we set off to Coca steamboat nearby.

Though reservation had been made, we were still stucked in deciding whether to choose Coca or HRC. Anyhow, we finally settled at HRC since 2 of them haven’t been there before … which was quite a surprise for me =P

A nice cornered table at the upper level were given to us rather fast though we were told to wait for approx. 30mins.

Clam Chowder S$7.50 … every mouth was full of ingredients

Cessar Salad S$12.50 … very common dish with bigger bread crumbs

Trio Combo S$28.50 … grilled bb pork ribs, beef and chicken. portion weren’t too big which were of ‘reasonably’ serving size for 7 of us 😛

Chicken Club Sandwiches S$14.50 … gosh! the sandwiches serving were big! chicken breast meat was used which was very dry. overall taste was bland with the only ‘tastisable’ one came from the salty bacons.

H.R.C. Nachos S$16.50 … the nachos have turned soggy. simple S$7 nachos with cheese from GV tasted better.

Jumbo Combo S$22.50 … a most popular starters which was said to be big enough to share. santa fe spring rolls tasted ok, hickory-smoked chicken wings tasted salty, onion rings tasted like calamari, potato skins were cheesy, but dunno about tupelo chicken tenders cos I din take. overall wasn’t a bad choice though I kept mixing up with blue cheese sauce and tar tar sauce 😛

Fish N Chips S$22.50 … the floury fried fish smell abit but can be covered by choice of blue cheese (which is not blue) or tar tar sauce. but I think we like the chips more.

Onion Rings S$9.50 … huge one but still better than the super huge one from Outback. nothing special to this dish actually.

Apple Cobler S$14.50 … this hot and cold combinations taste rather uninteresting

Mud Pie S$12.50 … this was a better choice. coffee and coco combinations …

One of our desserts was FOC with payment made via OCBC cc, but only for spending over S$60 in a single receipt … ours was definately more than S$60 lor =P

I never remembered HRC’s food was … … probably becos we were spoilt for choices nowsaday.

And hor … how am I going to slim down like dat? =P

Feast @ Hard Rock Cafe

RC Movie Nite – Mamma Mia!

Members were ‘heavily’ subsided, paying only a dollar for the movie, so why not ^___*

Luckily Mamma Mia won the votings to Disaster Movie cos it was a wonderful musical movie not to be missed.

It was incredible to know how ABBA famous numbers could formed into such a storyline. I heard the stage musical of the same name was even better. But I guess they cannot be compared cos both used different performance stage, a set-up stage and an outdoor location. Anyway, if given a chance, I would love to watch the musical play too ^^

A long lost jump I guess ^___* … something which I lost too since I was a little girl ^^

Many years down the road, will me and my friends still be as crazy as how we were now?

I was rather surprised to see Pierce Brosnan sing … hehehe …

The scenery of the idyllic Greek islands, Skopelos and Skiathos were great! Love it! But I cun imagine myself going there though cos they were too far a place for me.

The part where Donna (Streep) was trying to shoo Sam (Brosnan) away, with the song “The Winner Takes It All”,
at the hill that led to the hilltop church was rather … bo liao =P … took so long when she could just walk away.

We stayed rite till the closing scene where Donna and her 2 siao-friends performed the “Dancing Queen” number. More ‘encores’ earned when the entire cast sang “Waterloo” while Donna’s daughter, Sophie closed the scene with “Thank You for the Music”.

Tapping along with the songs all the while, I could easily feel the emo of the uncle and auntie couple (seated way behind us) as they watched thru the movie, all so familiar. Sweet ^^


Having ‘rushed thru’ our lunch at Kopitiam foodcourt …

packed in my fav GV nacho set into the cinema …

we pampered ourselves with Haagen-Dazs ice creams before we left for home =P

Honestly to say, only the ice cream itself was delicious.

RC Movie Nite – Mamma Mia!