Goodbye 2009 : Welcome 2010

I saw the ad from Today on the newly released calendar from frasers sometimes ago and quickily informed 大妹 about it. I was lucky to win the sesame street calendar from the lucky draw in which she helped to drop in the form (she drop one lor … so I must credit her lor …).

But before this, she already managed to make some big purchases, allowing her to redeem 2 desktop calendars and 2 umbrellas … in time (redemptions run fast) … for me 😉

See how nice the desktop calendar looks!

No bookmarks this yr but with double-sided photoframe attached along.

they will stay where they are 😛

the umbrella was those sturdy type … with colourful prints 🙂

time flies … it’s time to say goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010


Goodbye 2009 : Welcome 2010

My New Year Eve

The winner team finally treating the loser team 😛

Saizeriya (again for me & SK) chosen by the loser team’s leader cos he went there many times and like it too 🙂

But we were all so disappointed tat day. Service was slow and bad. Waiting was long too. The regular staff served us in the end cos those bad service came from their temporary staffs … other regular staffs were on leave I think :S

Some of them were still not used to ‘ala-carte buffet’ style we usually came here for, and so some ordered hotplates for themselves.

Apart from the usual escargots and spicy chicken, we ordered these …

wat are they looking at?

chey! it’s the swing la … they just curious how high and far it can go …

whao! SY very matchie to the orangie colour … he’s very supportive oso … kekeke …

we want to hug too! ^___^

We 2 gals accompanied this ‘orangie’ man to Peninsular Plaza to buy his luminous-ing nike track shoes before I went off to ‘rescue’ a shopping spree-ing JT at raffles city. There were so many post-xmas sales which she cun resist and so sms-ing for help to stop her @_@

After stopping her from further spending, we stopped by street cafe for tea break @ streets cafe.

fried pumpkin sticks which tasted yucks! very raw … and oily :S

We proceeded to TBP instead after forcing AG to reach earlier. Time to escape from the countdown-ing crowds at marina :S

Nothing much to do actually and we simply browsed around before we were back for desserts at Dessert Story.

sesame paste was too diluted

mango snow ice was nice 🙂

We chatted our time away at the foodcourt … with ‘light’ meals before we went off for the day rather early. Really nothing to do wor … kekeke …

My New Year Eve

LN’s BIG Day!

It was LN’s wedding day. Back from her 3yrs texas’ post and still stayed with the same man … oops! 😛 (she wun mind la … kekeke …)

time for a good catch up with my polymates … of cos there were missing ones …

daughters of AT and DL+JoL ^_^


– AT just ended her confinement mth … a boy she had this time …
– C+HH had their 2nd one too … a boy to the daughter they had too … whao …
– DL+JoL’s little girl going 1 soon!

… all without my prior knowledge … 惭愧惭愧 😛

i chose the owl bookends to the wine holder … nice huh! 🙂

p/s: am awaiting professional photos from LN’s 😉

LN’s BIG Day!

My Xmas Eve

in the morning … …

Time for ‘santa claus-ing’ in the office 😉

Mine were obviously wrapped by reusable wrappers 🙂

in the afternoon … …

The bbq for tonite wun start before 4+, and so it means I will have nothing to do from the knock off hr till the bbq time lor …

Managed to joi some ‘free’ ones to accompany this temp-lonely one for lunch at the newly reopened Wendy’s at LPS.

the ex-location of A&W … I missed it 😦

Nothing much to shout about cos it took us near 30mins for us to tuck into the fast-food meals :-\

‘Best’ part was … we unanimously declared tat it wasn’t worth for us to make the 10mins walk for having our lunch here.

Newly reopened and so many ppl wanted to try which resulted in long q … newly reopened and so the crews weren’t well-trained to serve fast and accurately … watever reason it could be … heng it was treated by 雷门 who ‘willingly’ to do so upon his promotion 😛

ultimate chicken grill combo (S$6.85)

premium fish fillet combo (S$6.25)

1/4 pound single beef combo (S$6.85)

All meats were dry instead of being juicy :S

fries tat failed …

frosty shakes (S$2.60 each) tat went way tooooooo sweeeet … getting thirty after tat @_@

even the chili sauce tasted sooooooo salty …

Paiseh la … it was my idea for choosing this place 😛

After our unsatisfied-but-manageably-full meal, I brought Old Cow, JJ and EN to view The Sail as planned, while the rest went the other way.

in the evening … …

The other grp had started ‘blasting up’ the fire by the time I returned with my own grp of frens.

Why ‘blasting up’? Well, the guys used almost all the charcoals to start the 3 pits fire. Their ego too strong to accept tat they were wrong. **sigh** Anyway, JT started a better fire with those ‘leftovers’. I had to get CL to buy more for OUR OWN USE.

Though we were supposed to share the food ordered, local staffs did know not to trespass ours but not those japs. Not only did they trespassed, they took away stuffs right infront of our eyes without even asking if we still in need of them. Ting and her family weren’t arrived yet. I would have just brought my own containers to ‘hide’ them away … arghhhhh …

Worse from them were, they took away 10+ of chairs and still starting to take away my table of (leftover) 6 chairs. Even those with bags already on them … they can simply put bags away onto the table together with those raw foods inorder to ‘clear’ chairs for themselves. We simply cun leave our sight off from the table.

They wun have another chance to bbq with me liao! No more!

But nevertheless, I enjoyed the time I had with my own grp of frens … though food had became very pathetic becos of those snatchers 😦 I din take much cos the role of safeguarding was pretty tedious enough …

We went up to the level 44 for our gift exchanging session after the bbq.

nite shot of the marina bay

sands casino almost ready

this hotel will have a good bayview … which means expensive room rates too 😉

in the late nite … …

JT and I ‘reluctant’ to leave hm for the day, instead we ‘pulled’ AG for a session of karaoke at the nearest partyworld and sang till 3am 😉

my gifts from the gals

Whao! I received most gifts this yr! Yippy! (^___^) v

My Xmas Eve

Xmas Gathering: Fish Manhattan

We had booked cafe cartel but upon realising the newly opened branch @ MS was rather emply and spacious, we switched to fish manhattan instead.

The usual grp of 7 gals was missed with LT who went on trip and ML who mistook another day for our gathering. Well, we went ahead with our gift exchanging without them … though ML had bought hers for such.

Cat wasn’t taking any and so the rest shared a seafood platter for 2 and the grilled mahi-mahi xmas promo set, each not spending more than S$20 for the whole meal 😉

the platter: deep fried fish fillet, calamari, oysters, flaming prawns, chips and garlic rice.

Very yummy! Especially the flaming prawns … dunno wat cheese was use which made it so yummy. A bit of it went well with the nicely fried garlic rice too. No wonder it was their award winning dish. Each and every item wasn’t bad too. Esp when I could have all the oysters to myself … cos the rest dun take oysters **evil smile**

the grilled mahi-mahi

ice creams from both sets

MZ and me had free ride home too! Whao! Great saving this xmas … kekeke~~

Xmas Gathering: Fish Manhattan

LX’s Big Day!

Held @ Parkroyal Kitchener Road

These are not all. We took a lot of funnie pix … but all in JL’s camera which was left behind at her fren’s car who went overseas liao! @_@

I wondered when are we going to get them back :-\

nice wedding favors … both were mine cos C and her daughter dun want their bottle cap openers 😛
the shot glass can be added on to my collections oh! 😉

updated on 22 Feb 2010

The clumsy JL lost the whole camera on that ‘fateful’ nite … arghhhh …

LX’s Big Day!

1st Xmas Party By JT’s Churchmate

We were once again invited for another small party held by JT’s churchmate. As xmas is round the corner, it became a small xmas party for gathering some of their churchmates with extended invitations to their frens, and so today I was here.

all sort of food spread which weren’t related to xmas 😛

except for the logcake 😀

I ‘learned’ how to wrap popiah too … in a messy but edible way 😛

Guess wat?! These yummy and dissolvable-in-mouth chocolate eclairs were actually bought from ntuc supermkt. I cun remember how much JT said but not all ntuc supermkts are selling them. Anyway the brand is poppies if u r interested to know 🙂 … they are usually placed at the ice cream fridge section.

JT sent out few invitations … only 3 of us went in the end 🙂 I was shocked to see WY’s big tummy … she was pregnant!!! :-O It would not be so shocking (she herself too) if she dun have a pair of 14yrs old twins daughters already 😀

a door gift fm the churchmate and a ‘starter’ xmas gift fm JT 😉

1st Xmas Party By JT’s Churchmate