Clementi Central Indian Rojak

Ever since the geylang serai food poisoning incident that cost the life of an old lady and an unborn bb last year, islandwide indian rojak’s cleanliness has been seriously taken into consideration.

This stall, which has been in clementi for few decades, used to placed their food selections openly along the coffeeshop walkway beside their stall had now installed a sliding display case.

But whether they had changed their way of displaying food or not, it has been a long time since I had them. BIL-T suddenly brought them back, thinking we might not be able to finish it and so dare not buy too many, but who knows they were swept out in no time 😉

Clementi Central Indian Rojak


wat a messy sight upon my return from work one day

gosh! nesting on the banner!

妈咪爹地 told me a pair of hummingbirds had been trying to nest on the banner since few days ago. Despites the difficulties attaching all the twigs and don’t know what other stuffs firmly on the banner, they stubbornly continued to build up the nest @_@

We are facing a big tree and yet they choose to build it here … hmm … Anyway we decided not to disturb them and see what the outcome will be.

I told 大妹 they all about it when they were here today, and so BIL-T decided to station by the window and capture the moment by his dslr.

Some ppl said if the birds builded up their nest at your house, it means luck is on the way.

Well, we shall see 😉


They finally stopped nesting on our banner cos they finally know it was IMPOSSIBLE 😉


1st Set of Pix from TLR Lomo Camera

This time round, of the 36pcs ISO400 film, only 15 made it.

Even though ISO400 one was used, those taken indoor ones didn’t come out except for 6 of them which were taken at brighter places. But still they didn’t came out too well.

Some of them were exposed due to my forgetfulness 😛 I forgotten to rewind the whole film back before I opened up the film door 😦

Anyway, those taken outdoor weren’t too bad. Guess I need to practise more on it 😉

as usual, no editing … just resizing done 😀
but am only selecting some ok ones to post up here only

tried on double exposure effect
outcome seems not bad but more lights and shooting skill needed

one of the exposed ones

1st Set of Pix from TLR Lomo Camera

Mysterious Food

BS had been giggling away whenever we were discussing and wondering what it was. But she refused to show us the packaging until we try it … hmm …

seems a bit weird and so i just took a small piece of it
tasted like braised chicken meat but i think the piece i took was quite near the soft bone part :S

Mysterious Food