Sibling Rivalry : Jealousy

Few days ago, 大妹 was called up by the childcare centre cos 小王子 had rare and ‘aggressive’ behavior at the centre.

She was told by the principal to pay more attention on him cos they were afraid that we had unintentionally neglected him for his little sis.

That made us wanted to give him a BIG BIG hug then.

And so to ‘compensate’ the ‘lost love’, I started stocking up his fav tibits 😉

so many to choose @_@

bought them in the end 😀



In layman term, it’s called self-protection. That kid did something to him and so ‘mindlessly’ he retaliated 😮

Sibling Rivalry : Jealousy

Famous Muar Fish Otah – Xiao Mei

Talking about otah (or otah-otah or otak-otak), this is the best I ever ate.

Those I ever came across were either stingy with the ingredients or less flavoury curry taste. Some only came with slight hint of fish taste.

This one however is different.

They were generous with the ingredients. Bits and pcs of mackerel bites can be found embeded inside the mixed fish paste with moderate spiciness.

妈咪’s must-buy when she go to muar. This time round she got her friend to buy back 10 pkts of it @ RM6 each, but was soon distributed out to 大小妹, leaving a few pkts for me — 爹地 not interested at any so they were all mine 😀

妈咪 said they have to place order via the tour cos this <Xiao Mei> wasn’t sold at any shop. How true I don’t know 😛

Anyway, other than steaming it and pair it with a bowl of rice, one can steam or fried it together with the eggs.

P/S: I like those thin slice of otah wrapped inside banana leaf, bbq under charcoal fire too. One of the must for any bbq event 😉

Famous Muar Fish Otah – Xiao Mei

Early Mother’s Day Celebration

We were early by 2 wks cos we hardly able to get the whole family together on a sun 🙂

Just a simple celebration with kids stealing the spotlights of cos! 😉

妈咪 usually cooked for us when the rest are back on weekends. But today we decided to just pack back tze cha food for our dinner. Well of cos the fathers (except 爹地 of cos) had to run this errand 😛

But they came back with food of their fav … where the mummies ate little :P, especially the crab which was my fav. too! ***hehehe***

updated as at 28 Apr

小王子 knows how to sing full《世上只有妈妈好》oh! So sweeeeet ^______^

Early Mother’s Day Celebration

Brothers Rojak @ Clementi Central

Heavy downpour suddenly after work.

I was trapped and since not in a hurry to return home, I took another route and bought the famous Brothers Rojak 😉

They can have the paste seperately packed if you find them too saltish. I would prefer them to mix them up for me. Lazy la 😛

Their you tiao are always reheated over the electric grill before mixing them up with the other food stuffs. Or purely the you tiao order is good too! 😉

Brothers Rojak @ Clementi Central