Lottery is an answer. Yes? No?

I have been so-called growing up and learning the way to live ‘all by myself’. Maybe I shouldn’t really say ‘all’ cos there are some nice mentors out there who gave advices when I need to. But other than that, I read to gain the knowledge I feel I’m lacking of. I’m one of those students who failed in ‘O’ level english, but I picked up better as I write all these years. Lor-soh you may say, but that’s how I learned.

Sometimes how I wish someone has told me much earlier what life is all about or rather what should I pursue? Someone who can led me along the way … maybe … rather than letting me walk alone sometimes. The uncertainty really scare me sometimes cos sad to say I still do not know what is ahead of me. I’m practically living from day to day.

But then, despites those fears, whenever I see youngsters from my friend list thinking all about earning big and retirement early issues, I just feel like sharing those reads that I have came across. The message they put across are so profound but yet it’s not uncommon. As years go by (probably I’m getting old), such goals are simply unhealthy and quite saddening. Ya, physically and financially, you may have everything, but mentally and spiritually, you have nothing. Money will run out unless you earn billions that could last for few generations.

So re-think, is that gonna be your real goal? Ask any retiree around you, how many times has he/she strike lottery. And what happened after the strike.

Anyway, if you have the time, give this article a good read.

(extracted from an article I posted on my personal fb 1 year today)

Lottery is an answer. Yes? No?