Tai Tai Day

It was a lazy morning cos I know it’s the start of my long weekends 🙂 and though the time we wake up should be in time to meet A, we just too lazy and deli-dali until 12.15pm then we left the house.

My phobia of taking MRT (the morning and evening train ride before and after work is really a ‘ordeal’ for me which make me hate to take train) and when I also have a choice of taking bus from the interchange with confirmed seats, we choose to take the slower ride to Orchard…actually it’s almost similar timing as compare to the MRT ride.

Blur me only thought of alighting at the bus stop near the Thai Ambassy which we can actually alight at Lucky Plaza and walk over to Wisma Atria using the underpass…no wonder S reluctant to move when I told her to quickly move down from the upper deck as the bus stop is getting near :p

So while waiting for us, A has already started to shop around first. Me being a 蠶嘴貓 and always gets hungry easily, my first spend of the day was the fried bananas at the Subway. While searching for A who said she’s at PepperPlus, we passed by a few ‘potential’ boutiques that made us even more excited of our shopping day. Well, our Tai Tai Day started after meeting up with A!

After spending $$ at some boutiques at Wisma Atria and Ngee Ann City, we finally processed for our lunch which by then was already 2pm+. We choose to settle at Pasta Cafe.


I ordered my usual order at Pasta Cafe. Though have thought of trying other dish, somehow after looking through the menu, I just can’t resist ordering their slipper lobsters. A ordered their chicken omelette and S ordered their caesar salad. Yummy yummy…hmmmmm…..






After our main course, here comes our ice cream…though it doesn’t look as in the menu.


After our late lunch, we continued with our shoppings….


And coincidentally, the progress package $ is banked in to our a/c on the same day. We did not plan our Tai Tai Day specially on the release of the pp$ ‘cos all along we thought it’s on 1 May (**swear**). Anyway the kind of feeling with extra $ in our bank a/c is good enough (or rather excuses) for us to spend (more) on that day :p

After hanging out at WA and NAC for the whole afternoon, we proceeded to set off to our next destination, Marina Square, before the MRT is packed with OLs and OBs.


I had wanted to see how Marina Square looks like after it long renovation, but was always rejected by friends ‘cos they said there’s nothing much (always got disappointed by such rejection). After arriving there, I find it not as bad as when they said. The first impression was … whao! whao! It looks brighter and classy. Though some shops on the 3rd level were still under renovation, majority of the shops were opened.

After browsing (didn’t buy mah) through a few shops, we settled down at Secret Recipe Cafe for our…errr…dinner…’cos it’s 6pm then. We walked a big round only to find it after approaching the information counter for help. Can’t help it ‘cos every place is new to ask after the renovation. The only place which I’m very confidently with is the toilets :p … which I believe they wouldn’t re-routed the toilet pipes just for the renovation right?


With the free vouchers (actually not free lah…it’s redeemed vouchers from credit card bank) and ‘treat’ from T (‘cos A uses his credit card to sign for the dinner….THANKS T !!!! :p), we enjoyed ourselves with the food we ordered, though there seems to be mosquito around our toes. The crews there were super friendly (how’s friendly? ask A).

We proceeded to 3rd level after our dinner and was suprised to find a new zone there. It’s kind of like those of Ezone or whatever you called it at Heeren and Bugis where there are small shops and boutiques selling all sort of stuffs. And it’s here where we spent our $ on for our clothes and shoes (and it’s also the place where I spent the most of my expenses @_@).


After about 8+, we finally feel tired and went to the new food court on the 4th level to have a try of their Super Fruity dessert.


With that, we headed home…tired but happy :))


Total damage (from least to the most)
S = S$250+
A = S$198.10
Me = S$327.60 @o@ …looks like I have to eat bread for the rest of the month liao 😦

Somehow, just find that 1 day (or rather 2/3 of a day) is not enough. There seems to be more places to be explored. Anyway, we will make it a monthly…errr…not really lah especially after spending so much this round…at least quarterly ‘event’, can?! hehe :p

Tai Tai Day