Not Only Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

CL sms-ed me 2 nites before that my fav idol will be coming to town. It wasn’t until this morning that I heard over the radio that there were 3 artistes here instead … and the crowd was …

I cun imagine myself shouting “林峰! 嘉颖! Bobby!”. Never did I ever do that for all other idols when I was a teenager. Paisey mah =^___^= **hehehe** Silent support was all I do for them … which include supporting the originals ^__*

Or unless I came across any event involving them when I happened to be nearby. But sometimes really no point cos I’m not tall enough to have a good glimpse of them anyway =P

How I wish they would one day conduct concerts in town ^___^

Not Only Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Modesto’s @ Orchard

Xmas deco around the island seems to light up earlier this year. Maybe it was an effort to boost xmas shoppings in this economic crisis period.

Modesto’s had been added into our to-dine list mths ago and finally got to try it today.

crema di funghi soup (S$11.50)
the soup was rather thick … mushroom taste was strong too.

complimentary breads
very generous serving of breads and they weren’t just plain bread but with some spice in them.
sourish dipping sauce to go along with this was served too.

insalata alla cesare salad (S$13.50)
“served with pork bacon bits, croutons and topped with parmesan cheese flakes” explained it all …
a rather common dish but the price wasn’t too common.

calamari fritti (S$17.50)
every calamari was well fried and very chewy … far better than Aerin’s.

pizza capricciosa (S$18.50)
tomato, cheese, cooked pork ham, mushrooms and artichokes.
the base tasted like naan which was very cripsy as it wasn’t too thick and floury.

We had wanted to order regular size but the friendly waiter strongly advised us to take the mini size one instead. according to the waiter, the regular size was usually meant for those bigger appetite westerners. And luckily we switched, cos the regular size that we saw from another table could feed a table of 6-7 local guys @_@

linguine alla modesto (single portion S$28)
this was a “wah! wah!” dish!
“fresh prawns, squid, clams, mussels, whole crab, anchovies, capers, black kalamata olives,
dried chilli, garlic, white wine and fresh tomato sauce, cooked in traditional italian cartoccio style”.
it was a real filling dish even though shared, but highly recommended : )

We were among the few when we arrived, but by the time we stepped out of the restuarant, it was almost fully packed.

Bought these cute little memopads from isetan. Each rilakkuma memopad (S$1.95) came with 2 different designs while each individual sheet from chip ‘n’ dale’s (S$3.95) was of different designs. Nice huh! … btw they were all mine ^____* … back to pri sch days me =P

Modesto’s @ Orchard

Seat Reservation ‘Culture’

I believed maybe not all but many of the sporeans knew about this “Tissue Pack Culture” in the CBD area.

If u weren’t aware, then let me tell you here.

If u see tissue packs scattering in an ‘orderly manner’ on any table just infront of any chair available, dun be mistaken as left behind by any absentminded ppl. They were basically used as unofficial yet CBD-recognised-offical “seat reservation sign”. But this would only work during the lunch peak hours where lunching hours were short. U better dun try it during dinner time, I guess it doesn’t help as much as lunch hour.

But of cos there were some single lunching ppl who hack care the significate of the tissue pack. If we ever saw this kind of ppl, we would know whether he/she was working in the CBD area or was a foreigner.

some tissue manufacturer came out with this idea ^___*
got this from a daily necessity shop beside 7-11 in bugis village, selling @ $1 for 1 full pack of 12.

So next time if u ever see any of these, pls do not push it away or use it up. During peak hours, not only seats are difficult to find but so was the long queues at the stalls. If anyone was to queue before searching for his/her seat, I guess he/she will have to stand with his/her tray of food for quite some times.

And … and … pls do not hook on to the table after ur meal for any chatting session, esp places like the hawkers, kopitiams, and any other highly populated lunch places. We were only given that period of time for lunch where most of us will just eat and go, and leave that for the next grp of ppl going for the same circle.

Other than tissue packs, one could see umbrellas too. Hot sun during lunch hour lah …

Or even company ID card like wat BS and 长先生 like to do. Who wants to take them away … hehehe …

We have not try or dare to do so in other part of the island. How about u?

Seat Reservation ‘Culture’

The Final Result

Finally the result is out late in the afternoon!

1st Team : Clocked 5 hrs 43 mins

2nd Team : Clocked 5 hrs 45 mins

3rd Team : Clocked 5 hrs 55 mins (originally the 1st team who clocked 5 hrs 25 mins)

Unexpectedly, our team became the 1st runner up! (again for me :p)

The top winner was actually the 3rd team to arrive … and just 2 mins before us. But unexpected turn for the original winner who received a cruel penalty of 30mins resulting in a push down to 3rd in place (their ice lemon tea cost them S$1K :-O), and originally 2nd team to be kicked out from top 3 as they wasted 20mins for the extra help call made.

ST suggested to start building up my stamina from now, or take multi-vits daily for a week before the event next yr. But I guess this yr race had scared many ppl out, and so the committee may stick back to car rally next yr … hehehe …

I had been walking like an ah mah for the past few days. Think it will take few more days for my muscles to loosen down totally.

Watever it was, I was luckly to have good teammates … who always slow down and keep a look out for me everytime I was lagging behind, panting away 😛

The Final Result

Rally = The Great Run

I would say it was a very tedious race this yr. The so-called walk/bus/mrt had fully became RUN/bus/mrt. And I almost give up becos of the RUN. But upon seeing the support from my team members, I die die oso must drag my legs and gasp for breath at the same time @_@


Were we the 1st to leave the starting pt after goping down mr bean’s cheese bun and a bottle of 500ml mineral water each? Anyway we were not the 3rd grp to leave.


We were all clueless as we dashed down to the mrt station with a clue of our 1st checkpt. Someone (not from my team) insisted that it could be the one outside UOB bldg. And since we were so near to that stop, we alighted only to find out that there were no RC member stationed there. Meaning … wrong place! :-\

After help calls to various ppl, uncertainty was still strong until we saw a late RC member whom we decided to follow. And true enough, she was heading to our 1st checkpt, EXPO.

Not knowing which sculpture they referring to, and inorder not to take any chance, we took pix with almost all sculptures we could find there … but the 1st one nearer to the mrt station was the right one @_@

When we received this clue, we had no apparent idea where the place was. The part where “serene place where fresh air is aplenty” and helps in searching online for nugmeg tree in spore almost led us to Victoria Park Road which was located at Bt Timah area. So while thinking of which mrt station (clementi or newton) to go, EK (help caller) suggested going by the newton side. So off we took the route to north line. And luckily we took this direction, cos soon we realised we were only the wrong track. The numbers in the clue were actually the sequence no. of the alphabets, which came up to be ANG MO KIO!

Another grp holding the same routes had been with us all the while. So 2 teams were racing to arrive to the pts at the same time.

After having a hard run up the stairs to the top of the hill beside AMK mrt station, we had to go thru another obstacle of counting the no. of steps for the stairway behind the bus stop from the main road before we could get another clue and proceed to the next pt. Alamak! Luckily only 1 rep from each team was enough … and that’s definately not me =P

Just as wat our team leader predicted, the WHEEL OF FORTUNE FOUNTAIN @ SUNTEC was one of the checkpts! And it was the most tedious and horrible pt to me :-O

Just imagine the run from the mrt station, up thru raffles city, stopping on off by the traffic lights, running alongside of the nco bldg, thru the crowd bumping into shoppers in suntec gallery, before we finally reached the fountain area, but only to find that the RC members weren’t in sight. 3 teams arrived in search of them at the same time and took a long while before we finally caught sight of them with another team who had just finished thru their obstacle. So near yet so far, we wasted our 1 free call at this pt.

The obstacle of this pt was to do some mathematics questions given out by a primary sch girl of a RC member. Kinda tough for those who had left school for many years =P After getting all answers to the 3 questions, we had to search for a car in the big suntec carpark with the carplate no. derived from combinations of the answers. Luckily the car wasn’t park too far from our pt. **phew!**

In order to stop the other teams from overpowering us, our team leader decided to throw out the HOLD CARD to hold the next team of their precious 10 mins time.

And then we had to go thru the same run back to the mrt station, but taking a different route, crossing the underpass instead this time, thru the crowd in citylink mall. OMG!

Next clue led to JURONG WEST ST 74, which was the last station of the west line. We could finally sit down for rest. But it seemed that the rest caused more tension to our leg muscles which was a wrong step 😦

I couldn’t remember how we managed to find out the right block to go. I tried calling colleagues staying in the area, asking wat kind of observation tower could we find there. But we were wrong! This checkpt was just an apartment belonging to a RC member.

We were hold of our 10mins here. A good ‘rest’ time for us actually cos we were all thristy and hungry as it was lunch hour then. But most importantly … we need toilet =P

We were rather lucky here, cos this being the only pt which feeder bus was needed, we managed to catch them to and fro in time.

This clue could be easily search online and seen as the mrt passed by Chua Chu Kang mrt station. Quite a bonus pt. But it wasn’t easy for gals to play basketball, watmore to game 1 pt each at 5 different spots.

As we were trying our best to aim at the basket, another team arrived and we had to surrender one of the 2 basketballs to them. That made our hope even slimmer. Nevertheless, after spending about 15-20mins for this pt, we run back to the mrt station without taking lrt, which we did to arrive at this pt all becos the lrt arrived as our mrt reached station then.

Last pt to go before heading off back to the start pt and end the whole race. I guess I think too far then cos there were 2 hawkers serving ice kachang, and I believed this famous peanuts serving ice kachang wasn’t the traditional ice kachang it should be.

Nevertheless, we came to the right stall. And before we could ‘feast’ on the BIG bowl of ice kachang, we had to take wasabi filled seaweeds. Anyway nothing happened to us on that =P

After gulping down the ice cool dessert, we (me rather) dashed our might all the way to the start pt. Dramatic cheering shown on tv or big screen was seen then as some RC members and other team members were cheering for me. Very touched then **sob sob** … as well as out of breath too 😀

Though we were the 4th team to arrive, 2nd to 4th team clocking time was different by 2-3mins each. So chances of our team getting into the top 3 winners were quite high as one of the teams had made a 2nd help call which would add on to their clocked time as penalty.

Worse of all was the uncertain penalty that could befall on the 1st arrived team who lost their routing sheet before arriving on the ice kachang pt, just becos Mr Shifu made a purchase on a cup of ice lemon tea. This team arrived earlier than the 2nd team by approx. 20mins+. So we just hope that the penalty would not go beyond 20mins inorder to stay as the top winner.

Well, we will only know the final result coming mon. Till then, I guess I have to bear with the wobbling leg and stiff muscles of mine for the next few days.

*** wobble wobble wobble ***

Rally = The Great Run

2008 RC Rally Eve

The annual rally from our company will be tml. They had forgo the use of car for the race as per the past 2 yrs and changed to travel via walking/mrt/lrt/bus instead.

New rules has been set too … aiming at the past 2 yrs champions we feel 😛 Cos for the past 2 yrs, the winner came from the same team of 4 guys. This yr round, they set a rule of having at least 1 gal in a team. And so, these 4 guys strategically spilt into 2 grps, with 2 ‘adopted’ gals … me being one of them 😀

Why strategically? They are aiming at the 1st and 2nd in place. So that the total prizing of $2500 can be split among all 8 of us, or whichever winner grp will have to treat the loser :-\

SK and I was rather stressed up by their high expectations 😦 … so much so that SK had nitemare on this, while me, who wasn’t in pink of health lately and hasn’t been reading heritage or city related blogs/articles, went brushing up my readings and going thru the online city map focusing around the mrt/lrt regions at the eleventh hour.

But wat really worried made me most was my stamina. I was telling the rest that if I couldn’t catch up, they will have to piggyback me … but then my leader suggested rolling me along instead @_@

And right from a mth+ ago, I had sent out emails seeking help from internet savvy ones to be on standby. But majority was unavailable during that period, except one which could only help fm afternoon. Guides requested weren’t available too. Bad time 😦

Anyway let’s see how it goes. Please wish me luck 😛

2008 RC Rally Eve

BD BBQ @ Aloha Loyang Chalet

It had been quite some times since I went for a chalet with bbq (the one at ubin resort doesn’t count cos bbq food not to our choice).

I used to frequent places like east coast udmc (now goldkist), pasir ris ntuc and udmc (now aloha loyang) chalets, and of cos other non-public chalets like elias pa chalets and safra chalets.

I was in a dilemna to attend this birthday bbq @ aloha loyang in the beginning, cos there wasn’t many close colleagues going other than YT. Nevertheless, of the many colleagues invited among her 30+ friends, only 5 of us went.

Coincidentally, Cat was at another 3 chalets just opp ours.

After staying for an hour+, eaten few sticks of satay, few pcs of chicken wings, few rolls of sausages, we finally left the chalet in time to catch the shuttle bus for another hour+ of shopping at White Sands. And I spent $80 on a pair of shoes, 2x 3pcs compilation cds set, and ‘bro’thers =P.


I had been asking 2 grps of friends weeks before this chalet. And so finally I will be having chalet-cum-bbq of my own with 2 diff grps of friends using each nite of the 3D2N stay over the xmas weekends.

Time to dig out my bbq checklist =P Hippy! So happy!!!! \ (^ O ^) /

BD BBQ @ Aloha Loyang Chalet

SK 牛一餐 @ MOF

We had planned to go down to Yet Con for dinner but changed to MOF instead at the very last min due to the rain.

I like their interior deco. Kinda fusion to me. Jap + SE Asia combi. That was one of my dream home deco too.

Ocha (S$4.00)
Oh, the green tea tasted good. Wat more served in nice porcelain tea set ^___^

Potato Salad (S$5.80)
a very big yummy serving …

Soft Shell Crab Maki (S$9.20)
hmm … I dun seems to taste any soft shell crab, maybe my mouth was too full then … hehhee…

Chawanmushi (S$3.20)
i tend to compare this with the one at wasabi tei but they reminded me of the price difference 😛 smooth steamed egg though…

Seafood Toji Set (S$19.80)
SK’s order – I get to eat the clams 😛 Overall should be nice since she din complain…hahaha…

Chicken Toji Set (S$18.80)
BS’s order – same as above.

Seafood Cold Ramen (S$10.80)
my order – I missed the ramen I had in hokkaido and so ordered this instead of rice set.
A very refreshing dish which was very soothing to the throat. A good choice ya.

Kakiage Soba (S$11.80)
Sotong’s order – fried chicken pcs in soup? something which I wun order 😛

Strawberry Kakigori (S$3.30)
japanese ice kachang? … hehehe…

Macha Imo (S$3.30)
the ice cream started soften down when it was served to us but I do love their serving with japanese sweet potato and red beans combi.

After a search in the internet, the reason for the fast melting was due to non-chemicals added into their ice creams, which was meant to be healthier choice. Not bad leh! Guess I will come for more cos there were many other interesting choices in their dessert menu which I would like to try too ^_*

15% dis … worth man!

masks spree after dinner …

many outbreaks + unsightly dull skin recently which resulted from the prolonged lack of sleep 😦

SK 牛一餐 @ MOF