I had just left IMM for hm and was waiting for the bus when I realised the msg that came in few mins ago.

大妹’s waterbag bursted and was on the way to the hospital! Oh gosh and tat was 1 mth earlier then the due date! :-O

Princess C(? – name yet to be firmed) cun wait to celebrate cny with us … and tat will make her zodiac as ‘complicated’ as mine … tail of 1 & head of the other 😀

And so, with her addition, there will be 1 bd member every 6 days starting fm 10 jan … hehehehe …

She was oh-so-small weighing almost same as 小王子 upon birth, but was a strong gal. She was breathing norm and just need some heat under the light.

Everyone was very excited when she was allowed to be pushed out from the nursery room for awhile. But as she still seems so fragile, we dare not touch or carry her.

another sweetie pie ^____^

‘Legendary’ custom for younger new born sibling to present a welcome gift to the older sibling. And so we ‘helped’ 水瓶公主 to buy this doctor tools set toy for the promoted status, big brother 小王子.

wrapped up with his fav. cartoon characters too ^^


Superband Concert Singapore 2010 縱貫線新加坡終點站

Ever since the missed trip, we decided not to miss it again when we heard of their return!

And so off I booked for myself, Cat and MZ. The concert-watching trio 😉

We din managed to get the same good seats we had during Emil Chau’s concert, but instead a 2-rows nearer seats at the same block during Sandy Lam’s concert. Nevertheless, we were still facing straight towards the center.

I remembered Chang Chen-yue mentioned tat we were too obedient, cos we were all ‘obediently’ seated down throughout the 2hrs+ 😛 Only the 1st few rows stood up and swayed towards the songs at the end.

There were both solo and group performance, each members sang about 3-4 songs of their own songs before they sang their band songs. We dun seems to have enough when the whole concert was coming to an end ‘so soon’. Times seemed to pass faster when there are more than 1 singer on stage.

I personally felt tat I enjoyed watching Emil Chau’s performance more, though the other 3 were great too, esp it was my 1st time to see Jonathan Lee still so hyper at tis age 😉

Superband Concert Singapore 2010 縱貫線新加坡終點站

Birthday Yo! (Sisters Ver.)

大小妹 had saved this day for celebrating my bd.

We shared a set of seafood platter for lunch before we headed off for our pedicure, a (super) early preparation for the cny 😛

The 1hr+ noise we made at the salon earned them near S$1K worth of package signed up 😀

After buying some kids stuffs and all, we settled down at Xin Wang (our lao ‘di fan’).

All the huge spending today earned us 2 instant dip and 3 redemptions of the cny set (red pkts and carrier). Of cos we were allegeable for their lucky draw too 😉

Birthday Yo! (Sisters Ver.)

Birthday Yo! (Sotong Ver.)

As always, Fri mornings are my ‘peak’ hours, rushing thru preparations for the weekly mtg. And esp when I’m taking afternoon leave which left not much time for me to clear some work after the mtg.

Someone had been calling me up every now and then early in the morning. Reasoning being, … they are going to deliver something attentioning to me but the delivery man dun seems to know where to come up to my ofc from ~__~

It was supposed to be a surprise delivery to me but ended up making me frustrated. Cos best part was, I had to be at the door to ensure that the delivery man get to the right main door @_@

I just wondered. Being a delivery man (or not), he should know whether the lift from loading bay goes up to the office levels, or just up to the ground floor lobby and swtich to those lifts up to the office levels. And well, he was ‘strucked’ at loading bay area when the security guard told him the lift doesn’t go to level XX.

Moreover, we covered the whole level of tat commercial bldg (whether he knows or not initially, upon arriving at each level, it was clearly stated at the list of companies board just beside the lifts). Which is the main door, shouldn’t it be obvious? (only 1 fully open-viewed door with reception table, the rest all blocked of office view)

The ‘best’ thing asked was, … “is your office open today”. ***Dumbed!***

So since I was at the main door receiving the bouquet of flowers and bear, I silently bring in the stuffs and placed it on my desk. Even when I left the ofc with it, no one noticed 😛

So much for a surprise. But then still … thks to “Hello Kitty”. I guess I know who she is 😉

updated 25-Jan

it was shared by not only Cat, but oso MZ and LC. thks gals 😉

Birthday Yo! (Sotong Ver.)

My Birthday Dinner Gathering @ Chili’s

As always, CL, NL and EK celebrated for me! Thks so much gals! ^___^

Mexican cuisine is unusually rare on our ‘mealing’ list. We decided to venture out their food after reading much reviews on blogs.

love their tiled table top

We tried out these …

wings over buffalo S$13.90
the sauce/paste used on the wings made it so salty :S

classic nachos S$17.90
best of the lot. mixed with sour cream, cheese and beef bits on every chip …
taste almost similar to those thin thin pizza. o so yummy!

full rack of Grilled Baby Back Ribs – honey-chipotle S$32.90
I prefer those at tony roma and cafe cartel, it’s salty here 😦

buffalo chicken fajitas S$24.90
all fajitas served with warm tortillas, house-made pico de gallo, mixed cheeses and sour cream
with buffalo wings, ribs and then this, I had to wash my throat with few glasses of water cos their saltiness was making me very thirsty

Is mexican food supposed to be so saltish? :S

Luckily the dessert save the day!

molten chocolate cake S$13.90
warm brownie topped with ice cream and chocolate fudge. it tasted so rich and wonderfully good!
feel like flying into the sky after every mouthful 😀

my long-awaited bear bear che che watch
NL bought it at approx S$78 in hk … while it’s selling S$165 here :O

We walked around the mall before heading into orchard rd and eventually settled down at shaw tower mac 🙂

I love the nice handmade card. It’s kinda rare to receive handmade one since I left sch decade ago. 🙂

Time for 2nd round of desserts, bought by CL from a vendor in the canteen of her working place, selling at 3 for S$10. Dirt cheap for such big slice. They were rich in taste too!

american cheese cake / chocolate truffle / blueberry cheese cake

Goody goody! ^___*

My Birthday Dinner Gathering @ Chili’s

My Birthday Dinner Gathering @ Chowon Garden

Full force celebration for my birthday! I’m so happy! ^___^

Wanted to try this out long time ago. It was so near to our ofc and yet it was our 1st time here today.

A search online for review of this restaurant led me to know tat Rain went for his meal there too! Should be authentic then 😛

korean wheat green tea
this refillable drink together with towel charged at per $ per head

buzzer to call for service

yummy banchan (appetisers)
esp on the min vege pancakes, ikan billis and the kimchi

“长寿” stainless steel spoons and chopsticks

ddukboki (S$15)
spicy ricecake
not too bad. but I believed without the sauce, the ricecake is just a plain sticky rice dough.

godeungnyeo qul (S$18)
din take much. a bit fishy to me.

so bulgogi (S$20)
bbq beef
we were recommended to order sliced beef but we insisted on this not so nice minced beef. kinda regret …

daeji bulgogi (S$19)
spicy marinated bbq pork
ordered this for those who dun take beef. taste almost the same, except a little tough …

samgyetang (S$22.50)
ginseng chicken with rice
the soup was nice. but I always find such chicken dry for my taste.

modeum jeon (S$25)
omelette-alike pancake. tasted pretty norm.

this kimchi steamboat fell under “miscellaneous” in the bill
misc for S$48? tat’s …
but this was good. we ordered maggi mee to go with it.

There was no gst surcharge to our huge bill of S$200+. Only 10% service charge incurred.

雷门 and SC(missing in the grp pix) left earlier before the dinner ended, while the rest went ahead for desserts at mei heong yuen, chinatown.

herbal jelly (S$2.50)

gingko nuts with beancurd skin and barley (S$2.50)

almond with nuts (S$2.50)

i finally try the mango snow ice (S$5)
highly recommended by 雷门. it was very flavoury good. as good as eating a mango.
shared along this with BS … too huge for 1 person 😀

Happy nite! Thks for the company! 🙂

My Birthday Dinner Gathering @ Chowon Garden

‘Amy Yip’ Bun

妈咪 went for her 1 day tour organised by RC again. These Ye Zi Mei bao were bought back from changi village hawker centre.

I brought 1 big one to ofc and share it with 雷门, JJ, SC and BS. None of them know of the existence … esp the name.

Why named as Ye Zi Mei Bao?

The 1st time I came across this term was at a stall in jonker walk of malacca 6yrs ago.

I believed this term has something to do with the HK ex-actress, Ye Zi Mei, who was famous for having big boobs back in the late 80s/ early 90s.

Anyway, big as it is, it was very yummy and not too floury. I think I can even eat half of it myself. Unless I was too hungry then to take the whole of it … which well … I’m capable of 😀

‘Amy Yip’ Bun