花鼠仔’s behaviour was rather weird today.

Just on Tue that day, he was referred to KK by the polyclinic doc which he frequented. When 大妹 couldn’t find T after her 奶奶 called during lunch to inform her of the situation, she cried when she called me. I was rather cool then, but becos my voice was suddenly slightly choked by my own saliva, 雷门 thought I was trying to control my wrongly-mistaken shaken voice and told me to take care when I informed him of my urgent leave to hospital. Well, everyone knows how much I dote 花鼠仔. So much so that new comers thought I was talking of my own son 😛

According to the doc, the virus was passed down to him by someone in the hse. I supposed it was me cos I was sick for the past 2 weeks : ( … though his cousin was the other sick one. When 大妹’s 奶奶 and 阿爷 came out from the cab with the sickly 花鼠仔, she couldn’t control herself and break down in tears. So was her 奶奶. All I could do then was to pat on both.

After inhaling the neutraliser to open up his airway, he started jumping on my lap and smile again. Wat a sweet boy ^______^

He must had been spoilt for the past few days since the trip to KK, and so the weird behaviour.

He was exceptionally grouty, and especially hate anyone who tried to wipe near his nose.

Oh yes! He was wearing the doraemon suit that was bought last sun. Somehow he seems to be very interested in his 小姨 fav cartoon character, Doraemon, which I am the only happy one cos there are chances that he will ‘inherit’ all those doraemon stuffs that are fighting for space with my hello kitty’s stuffs … hehehe =P

The only time when he was quiet was when he was feeling too sleepy to do anything … which was also his feeding time =P

Hope this behaviour will diminished once he recovered (:^__^:) … if not, alamak!


Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar

This lunch-gathering was actually discussed over numerous msn. Although timing and date had been fixed 1 or 2 days earlier. It will get everyone confused (esp. me) after numerous of asking for the already agreed meet up time. And so as usual, I was earlier than punctual for such meet up. The restaurant will only opened at 11.30am, and we agreed to meet at 11am which I thought it was the opening hour and so me reached 10.45am.

So … next time dun ask and ask … once confirmed, that’s it! And to avoid such confusing, best is to confirmed over email or sms … well, no choice, I need BLACK AND WHITE!!!

Ok, back to Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar. Quite a nice place to gather. We were EARLY and so could easily find good seats.

We were quite spoilt for choice, but wat make it worse was, I dun really understand some japanese namings though some of them came with English translation too 😛

After making a few rounds and still yet to decide which to order, upon seeing someone carrying her yummy-look-alike order, I ordered one for myself too.

Chicken Katsu Curry (S$7.80)

The chicken katsu was crispy, but the curry turned cold fast. Or was the curry luke warm initially? Anyway, it wasn’t a right choice if one wanted to try more dishes. I din finish up the rice though.

Yakitori (S$2.50) / Pork Asparagus (S$2.50)

Just normal taste for yakitori. Pork asparagus would taste better if the asparagus wasn’t that unchewable.

Gyu Nanban Maki (S$5.80)

They literally roll it as though they were making sushi, before they grilled it and cut it up. Every mouthful was juicy, and it goes well with wasabi too 😛 The sauce was too much though, which made it saltish.

I tried on some of my friend’s orders too.

The crepe with macha ice-cream was good. Love it! : ) And it was the 1st dish that I took, even before I tucked into my curry rice. Too early for a dessert huh 😛

The rosti would be more perfect if the sour cream is sour enough.

I tried on their omelette too. Not my order and I forgotten to ask them wat was inside the omelette. Nevertheless the taste was marvellous. No wonder this was the only stall (at that hour) with a queue.

And lastly, the most simple dish … bean sprouts.

There were 2 more kamameshi orders which I didn’t try, cos it was for 2 bigger kids.

Actually I would like to try on their hot plate ones, but again the ‘pi-pi-pia-pia’ … : ( **sigh**

named as japanese can drink (S$3.50)

We dun seems to see any price stated at their drink stall. This soda drink came out to be S$3.50. Hmm … just cream soda taste but wat’s so special about it that it was so pricely for a can of drink? Mistake …

Short of the 2 bigger kids one which I din take a proper pix of. CT however surprised us with her pregnancy.

Overall spending for mine was about S$26, which I find it reasonable, though someone kept saying hers was only $18+, which solely spent on her and her 2 kids. Well, if compared to Marche, this was really nothing, and the amt was quite normal lor. I was even expecting more than this.

Will definately be back for more ^____* (anyone interested?)

Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar

Imperial Treasure @ NAC

A nice ‘proper’ dinner had always been the highlight of any meet ups after work.

Just the nite before, everyone had agreed on Breeks @ NAC. But as we were approaching Breeks, JT suddenly craved for dim sum … yah at nite 😛

Though their dim sum offered only till 5pm, we still ended up at Imperial Treasure for their shanghai dim sum and other delicacies.

Spinach w assorted eggs (salted eggs, chicken eggs and century eggs) (S$14)
These were all my fav. eggs, with the softness of the spinach, it was like ‘melting’ in the mouth 😛

La Mian with Hot & Sour Soup (S$7.80)
Different naming as compare with the one at marina sq. I still prefer the spiciness at marina sq.

R.F. Cake S. Pork & Cabbage (S$9)
It was simply fried nian gao (aka chinese new year cake)

Steam Minced Pork Dumpling (S$3.60)
just wasn’t as good as the one at marina sq

P/F Pork Dumpling (S$4.60)
These were better than the steam dumplings above, that went very well with a bit of vinegar and ginger slices.

Golden Pastry (S$5.50)
If not becos of those heavy dishes before this, I think I can enjoy it more.
I din know it was such a big serving. It was very crispy and savory.

Black Glutinous Cream (S$5)
Simply black glutinous rice with vanilla ice cream to replace the usual coconut milk for such dessert.
But I still prefer coconut milk that brought out the savory aroma of the dessert.

Mango Sago Cream (S$5) / Chinese Herb Pudding (S$4.50)
One sweet and one bitter dessert. As I was still having my cough, I opted for the cooling guilin gao =P

Souffle Egg w ball (S$6)
These were good, but guilty to the stomach =P Taste like ’emptied’ goreng pisang to me though.


The only thing I bought this nite was this DIY book from Kino. My hse was kinda full of DIY books of different kind, but I had yet to start on any. Will this be contributed to my books museum again? =P

Imperial Treasure @ NAC

Lunchie Treat (fm us) @ Kotobuki

Someone was nice enough to help us purchase and brought back our blue label burberry’s BIG bag, and so BS suggested giving her a thank you treat.

Given a short 1 hr lunch only, we had to choose a nearer restaurant around and finally decided to try out this jap restaurant though it had been badly commented by some yim chim colls 😛 Sometimes it was still better to try it for ourselves to confirm 😀

BS’s – Eel rice (S$12)
She like it. I may try this in my next visit.

LH’s – Bento set (S$18.90)
She enjoyed very much … but the set seems too much for a lunch 😛

Mine – Soba (S$18)
Kinda disappointed 😦 Think I’m hooked on to the one at waraku’s, with a nicer mixed dip too.

Mixed Tempura (S$18)
Another loser dish 😦

Grilled sticks (golden mushroom wrapped with pork belly/chicken meat ball – S$3 each)
Both were nice, but still lose to Shin Kushiya’s 😛

Quite an enjoyable lunch … but as usual, too short of time 😦

Lunchie Treat (fm us) @ Kotobuki

Lunchie Treat @ Harry’s Bar

Someone won the naming contest.

I should be one of them too but just becos different contest different organiser different style, my supposedly-winner-for-the-naming-contest gone by the wind 😦

Just find it unfair for me and so me kept complaining … and so … earned this treat from one of the winners, L =P (power me!…hehehe…)

Shared – Herb Mash Potato (S$4)
not really shared … cos I took almost whole of one of the 2 plates. I’m a potato fanatic remember? ^_______*

SC n YT – Teriyaki Chicken Burger (S$14)
I din get to taste for this … but guess it’s just a common chicken burger with teriyaki sauce =P

Mine – Texas Chilli Burger (S$15)
Too dry for my taste. I dun really like it. I had a hard time finishing it up.

BS n L – Tandoori Chicken Wrap ($12)
Tried this on my 1st trip there. If not for my cough, I would have ordered their wraps.
The pita bread was ovened not too hard or too soft. Tandoori chicken was very tender and juicy.

Basically the foods there were marvellous. But just beware! If you thought a juice drink might just cost you at most S$5+/-, then you were wrong! Few of us ordered just a lime juice drink during our 1st trip there and was shocked to know they cost us S$9 each!!! So clever us only asked for free skyjuice (plain water) this round, and they were generous to give you the same glass size too : )

Oh ya! They charged nothing else other than gst charges. Not bad huh? ^___*

This lunch was actually planned with caution. Cos we were trying to get rid of a leech =P

We were happy with just the few old lunch kakis of us … a supposedly mthly good (not hawker food) lunch gathering : )

Lunchie Treat @ Harry’s Bar

1st Meet up @ Yan Palace

Finally it was the day for both sides of parents for a meet up session before their ROM day.

Yan Palace was the choice. That time for 大妹’s one was at Fortunate Restaurant. Looks like dim sum is a preferred meal of such meet up. Funnie thing was … most of the time everyone were just eating away … telling everyone to eat, eat, eat … then to say anything related to their ROM. Hahaha … anyway this was only a casual meet up and not those official marriage discussion session.

Luckily we had 花鼠仔 to break any awkward silent that might occur =P


The dim sum were delicious but I din eat much cos I still had not fully recovered from my cough … appetite was bad : (

The ‘youngsters’ went separate ways from the elderlys after the dim sum session. And since we were so near to Chinatown Pt, I brought them to 小妹’s fav cartoon character, Doraemon’s retail shop, where we spent quite some times as 大妹 and T were trying to get a family of 3 similar tees to wear on 花鼠仔’s 1 yr old birthday celebration in Nov.

We ended up at China Sq Central for their Sunday Flea Market. It was my 1st trip for the flea market after their shift from Clarke Quay.

All these while 花鼠仔 had been a very quiet boy … which was rather unusual =P Just when we thought we could had a ‘peaceful’ dinner at Bugis V8, he started to make noise. He must had been in the pram for too long and feel real BORED … heehee …

1st Meet up @ Yan Palace

Happy Father’s Day

It was Father’s Day yst … and … we actually miscalculated it to fall on the 22 Jun instead as we missed out the 1 Jun which fall on a Sun 😛

So ga-lang-ga-bo-ly, we gathered our ang bao and used 花鼠仔 as our ‘representative’ by passing straight to him (carried by me), though he held it tightly not wanted to let go … hahaha …

It was also Wei’s 1st meet up with 花鼠仔, after seeing many of his pix and video clips posted by me onto online albums.

Wei just graduated and had wanted to work in Spore. And so he happened to be here for few days due to few interview appts.

Aiya! Just realised that we din took any pix on 爹地 and T.

Let me wish all the Dads (esp. 爹地, Uncle F, 舅舅s, 叔叔, T, …)



Happy Father’s Day

NL’s ‘farewell’ @ Tony Roma’s

NL had finally ‘escaped’ out from the hell which I did the same 2yrs 9mths+ ago. Many are still waiting for their turn 😛

And so to ‘celebrate’ her ‘success’ in ‘breaking-free’, we arranged a small ‘celebration’ at Tony Roma’s @ Orchard. She had initially chosen the branch @ Suntec, but in view of the crowd pertaining to the PC show, I suggested a switch of branch and so ended up at Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade.

We were had arranged to meet at Wisma before walking over to Orchard Hotel. But both EK and NL tua-ed me, cos they last min decided to wait for the other 2 who was on duty till 7.45pm ~______~ … so left me wandering alone till CL arrived near 7pm 😦

I’M ALWAYS SO PUNCTUAL ONE!!!!! I will try to be LATE for next appt … **grinning away**

Baked Potato Soup (S$6.90)
each mouthful was so rich and creamy … I like it!

complimentary loaves … which I dunno it was complimentary actually 😛 NL said I was too obsessed with the menu liao … hehehe …
think the dip is garlic spread 😛

Caesar Salad (S$10.90)
only one kind of vege used … not worth for the price … taste so so only …

Appetizer Sampler (S$17.90)
from left to right:
– fire wings were sweet and tender
– potato skins were not overly done, nice bit of portion too … very environment friendly 😛
– mozzarella sticks … basically cheese sticks la … not too cheesy, good for those who dun like rich cheese taste

We were actually debating on whether to order half slab or full slab. But after knowing that there were only 12 small segments for a full slab … knowing we were all BIG eaters … knowing …….

And so we ordered full slab for BOTH ribs order … and I believed we could finish more … cos they just seems not enough for us =P

The Original Baby Backs (S$33.90)
Too dry on our tastebuds. one tends to feel sick of the taste after eating a few more 😛

St. Louis-Style Ribs in Carolina Honeys sauces (S$31.90)
Tendering good. 3 sauces to choose from. Sweetening of the carolina honeys sauce was just nice.
May go for this again next time … or maybe on other sauces. Tony Roma’s Red Hots sounds good.

My cough started yst … despite feeling rather unwell, but in order not to waste a Fri hangout, I die die oso want to go out 😛

NL’s ‘farewell’ @ Tony Roma’s

Shopping Spree or Eating Spree?

Here we were again gathering for a good meal and ‘GSS shopping’. And inorder to have a proper retail therapy, we chosen a sat.

But much to our own surprise, we dun seems to be in a shopping mood, but rather a sleepy mood after a good late lunch meal at Aerin’s.

Spaghetti Prawn S$19
CL’s choice

Southern Grilled Chicken Sandwich S$11.50
My order … and I love it! ^___________^ … though I had a hard time finishing it up 😛

Fish & Chips S$18
AmG’s choice

Snapper S$20
EK and PL’s choice. I ate this the 1st time I was here. I like this dish. Light and tasty.
Can go for this if u thinking of getting side dishes.

Pear Salad S$12
Marked as vegetarian. Pear pcs rather, was cooked. There were cheese cubes to go with too.
The overall taste for the dish was refreshing with a nice sweetening taste from the dressing use.

Raisin Scones S$6.50
EK’s fav. Very creamy taste. A good choice too.

Baked Apple & Rhubarb Pie S$12
A signatured dessert which ‘shocked’ all of us after our heavy meals.
The dish was huge and we almost ordered to share by 2 each rather than 1 for all 5 of us. Luckily we made a right choice.
The combination of hot & cold was simply a good match here. The filling was however sour to my taste.

After leaving Aerin’s for some shopping at Citylink Mall, ‘lazy’ us ended up settling down at Xin Wang cafe @ MS for some drinks.

EK requested this order and expected everyone to share. We decided not to give in this time … hahaha … but goodie CL still gave in to her …

Our Ms Pilot EK as usual left for home with AmG, leaving only CL, PL and me.

Somehow the shopping mood wasn’t that strong. We din really ‘shop spree’ much. But rather on a eating spree, cos by near 9pm, we felt hungry and went to Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao @ MS for our late dinner =P

Shred Pork La Mian S$6
CL’s choice cos she cun take chicken stuffs due to her cough

Steam Pork Dumpling S$3.60
If only there were more soup inside. But overall still quite q.

Hot & Sour Soup La Mian S$7.80
My choice … and my fav of the lot. I like the spicy choking feel though the spiciness was too unacceptable for both of them 😛

Pork Fried La Mian S$9
PL’s choice. Taste like char koey teow. Tasty but too oily.

Shopping Spree or Eating Spree?

A Blue Monday Indeed

小妹 was off today and so joi-ed me to vivo. Though quite reluctant to go anywhere other than back home on a blue monday, I agreed since I was told that there was sales on luggages at the atrium, so might as well make a trip there then.

After settling my starhub cable box from the spoilt analog to a digital one (finally), I met up with her after she was done with her foot reflexology.

Not knowing wat to eat (I was supposed to be back home for dinner though), we ended up at Sushi Tei.

table with nice comfortable view

2 small plates of sashimi (S$14.00)

sea urchin sushi (S$10.00)
ever since my hokkaido trip, I have been hooked on to sea urchin.

my ever fav softshell crab … softshell crab sushi (S$6.00)

unagi roll (S$12.00)

We din order more cos we wasn’t quite satisfied with those dishes. They failed as compared to the HV branch.

And so we went to Tangs for the luggage buy. The sales at the atrium had unfortunately ended last week. But some luggages were still on sale in Tangs and so grabbed a bigger hush puppies brand one at 50% discount rate of S$105 to replace the spoilt one after the BKK trip.

After temporary placing the luggage at their service counter, we headed off for our dessert at Haagen Dazs.

this was the set as recommended by the staff … no kick leh : (

After all the ‘disappointments’, we went to candy empire with the hope to find my candy tin, but again another diappointment. We ended up getting some chips instead.

As it has only touched 9pm. I stopped 小妹 who wanted to call a cab cos I found that the queue at the taxi stand seems reasonably ok.

After waiting for half an hour, though the queue did moved, but not too much. By the time we reached to be 1st in the queue at ……… 10pm, there wasn’t a cab in sight for half an hour after that.

小妹 was in a frustrated state then. Same for those in the queue. And soon I realised those still in the queue were foreigners, cos locals had all either called cab or reluctantly taken the $40 surcharge (from pt A to pt B) dinosaurs (Space MPV).

Stubborn me only finally agreed to make a call and finally reached home at 11pm for a 15 mins ride : ( My parents were even waiting at the living room cos knowing us waiting at the taxistand since 9pm **paisey**

A Blue Monday Indeed