CNY Visitings @ Punggol

Coincidently both estates were just opp each other via a big junction. And since I was along NEL, I msg both NL and CL of any possible meet up. But too bad CL was terribly sick then … overdose of cny goodies I guess 😛

I first meet up with ST to visit Sharky who had given birth in dec. Not really a cny visiting but rather a short visit since she only had her bb full mth celebration with close relatives.

ST and I arranged to meet up at punggol mrt station. I msg her upon my arrival which she did so too. Being an ulu station, one could easily spot the other party upon arrival at the ticketing area. But not the case for ours even after we confirmed our positions via our hps. It sounded kind of errie when both of us stepped out of the station not seeing each other, but both of us were sure we were out of the station.

Anyway we soon realised where we both were when I told her I was facing the bus interchange, while she was at the other exit towards an empty plot of land. Hahaha…aiyo…

Both of us had been ‘training’ to save $$ thru transport for places within walking distance. We were so confident with walking over since it just a walk out from the interchange, that we decided to buy a bottle of drink each to quench our thirst as we walked.

But we soon realised how hot the sun was 😛 Well … it was 1pm+ then …

Sharky gave us a no. of buses that we could take. We realised all the bus no. were scattered from the left and right side of the interchange. So the best thing we did was …. to stand where we were … in the middle of the interchange, and dashed towards whichever bus came 1st =P

So in the end, we brought 2 new bottles of drink up sharky’s hse when we could actually have our FREE drink there @_@

After staying for an hr or 2, I went off to GM’s hse. She was rather shocked to know both me and BT’s family could find our way to her hse without asking her for her address.

Well, we remembered she ever ‘told us off’ for not remembering where she stayed and repeatedly asking her for her address. So ‘obedient’ us kept her old sms with address in our hp. Anyway even if this data is lost, I think I can make my own way there after such ‘deep impression’ =P

We munched a lot on her cny goodies as we chatted for 2hrs+.

So how to ‘clear’ goodies? Invite talkative friends la … hahaha …

CNY Visitings @ Punggol

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