Soup Restaurant @ JP

We gathered here today in celebration of 小妹 and BIL-A’s bds.

Pu Tien is going to open a branch just next door; if only they were opened 😦 …

Soup Restaurant (‘elder’ sister of Dian Xiao Er) was famous for their samsui chicken and since the last we came here was near 10yrs ago for celebrating mother’s day, we decided to approach the nearest mall to suit the inconvenient preggies of our grp.

samsui ginger chicken – place a slice of chicken meat with a little bit of ginger onto a pc of lettuce, wrapped them up together and then pop into ur mouth … mmm ^___^

chili kang kong – norm but nice

stir fried venison – flavorful dish; nicest of the lot

craypot tofu – too starchy

hometown fried fish belly – same as the stir fried venison

where we ‘rest’ for a glass of drink

whao! my childhood sweets!!!

Soup Restaurant @ JP

The ‘Gate’ Is Opened!

Today is the 1st day of the Hungry Ghost Festival under chinese calendar. Most companies might arranged a small praying session during this period. Ours was arranged today and they usually went in batches.

When BS and SC leaving for theirs, the new-to-the-festive expatriate 沙漠 thought they were going down for coffee break and so pleasantly followed them.

But he soon returned back with ‘pai-seh’ face and no coffee.

He said he heard them saying ‘hungry something …’ so he thought: “oh, they are seeking not coffee but something to eat. Starbucks?”

It was all miscommunication … they were telling him that they were on the way for prayer which he asked whether he can joined.

Thinking he might have the same tradition too, the 2 replied ‘ok’.

But as they went nearer to the loading bay area (where the prayer will be), he started asking where they are heading to. And tat was where the joke starts.

He must have been shocked to see many incenses and hell papers along with the only ‘tea’ served … hahaha …

Anyway, here’s some references for those who had no knowledge of so.

The ‘Gate’ Is Opened!

Happy Meals Happy Lunch

Becos of the ‘bad’ experience encountered for wk 2 set, I decided not to take risk for this last set and so made a ‘mass’ sms to 大小妹 a day before.

And so we planned …

大妹 to buy 2 breakfast sets early morning
小妹 to buy 2 breakfast sets late morning
I will buy 3 sets for lunch
小妹 to buy the balance 2 sets for her late lunch

Everything went smooth accordingly to the plan.

So tada!! …

from 大小妹

packed happy meals for lunching in the conference room … to avoid lunch crowd ^_*

Thks for the company, gals ^_^

Happy Meals Happy Lunch


In order not to make the history repeat itself, I had 妈咪 to help me buy down all 9 sets during the off peak hours on thurs. And she excitedly treated her friends with 2 of the sets. Luckily 小妹 was around to help cos they weren’t that light at all. *** paiseh paiseh *** 😛 

sponsored fully by 妈咪 (^____^) v

As BIL-T was away to Laos (an extensive project from iatss forum) over the weekends, 大妹 and 小王子 stayed over for few days.

handmade 担担面 with the ipoh wanton skin … very msia style wanton mee lor … yum yum …

妈咪 was ‘experimenting’ on rarely cooked hawker food recently.

似模似样 and yummy laksa … mmm ……..

And finally 小王子 ‘knows’ who I am …

Scenerio 1
We were playing hide and seek in the small room, and he suddenly called out “小姨! 小姨!”. Though soft and wrong, my heart melted …

Scenerio 2
I was having a bath then when he called out to me … “阿姨!”

This time round it was rather loud and clear … but still WRONG!!! @_@

Anyway, it’s sooner or later but I’m glad he finally “knows” wat to call me … 甜了一下 (=^__^=)


In The Mood For … McToys

As it was a post-national day and nothing much to do in the afternoon, 妈咪 and I decided to join 小妹 and BIL-A at IMM.

杨枝甘露 which was very sweet and ‘milky’ with ice cream

got this from daiso for my project …

managed to catch the last day of exhibition

the whole stretch were covered with them

We thought we could have happy meal as snack cos I have yet to collect the rest of the 5 pcs from wk2 set, but were disappointed when we were told with no toy left. And so we left mac for cafe cartel next door instead.

And for the sake of helping me to get the toys, they both decided to head down JP and check out on the branch while I check out on the branch near my place.

Well, the answers were all the same … “NO MORE” 😦 … even after checking at chinatown and tiong bahru side (! _ !)

updated on 12 Aug, Wed

We were told that all the toys were sold out on FRIDAY!!!! ~~sob sob~~

luckily 大/小妹 managed to grab these on thurs

I received a rare call from F early morning on sat asking me on the yr I need. Luckily I was up early that day, if not I would have missed the call 😀 The 1977 one was given by her. Really appreciate the nice gesture.

The other opened one was given by EN who preferred one with figurine inside. Thks for giving up this to me too ^_*

I’m still short of these years: 1980, 1981, 1984, 1992, 2000


In The Mood For … McToys


Time to dig out my treasures again …

As mentioned last yr, there was a year when both sis were involved in the ndp. I managed to find this NDP 1996 programme synopsis which was given to 小妹 for her performance.

And this was taken during the “Sing Singapore 唱吧! 新加坡” competition 1990. If I remembered correctly, their medley with a song of Five Foot Way (五角基) won them the champion (correct me if I’m wrong).

As the moment 8.22pm striked, I joined in with the rest (at the parade) and put my right fist on my chest, reciting the Pledge too. The feeling was kinda weird but I do miss such moment 🙂

Happy Birthday, Singapore!