Shocking Sight

I was shocked to see this when I reached hm.

Basically only 1 carrier contained 1kg of bak kwa while the rest were all 500g.

Initially only 1 person tumbanged me to purchase 1kg, but soon the news ‘spreaded’.

And after knowing 妈咪 will be pre-ordering early in the morning to collect few hrs later from the stall owner whom she knew (mkt kaki), I started allowing ‘light orders’.

With no intention to purchase any bak kwa since our family are going to mlk for few days over the cny, I ordered 2x 500g too … to share with close colleagues and friends.

And so when I stepped into the hse this evening, I was shocked to see so many paper bags … covering near half of my dining table. I thought they wun be putting 500g into the same sized box :-O Luckily 妈咪 called 爹地 to help with the carrying.

Forgotten-ly, I questioned 妈咪 why she bot so much … only to realize that they were all my orders … hahahaa …

Shocking Sight

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