1st Xmas Party By JT’s Churchmate

We were once again invited for another small party held by JT’s churchmate. As xmas is round the corner, it became a small xmas party for gathering some of their churchmates with extended invitations to their frens, and so today I was here.

all sort of food spread which weren’t related to xmas 😛

except for the logcake 😀

I ‘learned’ how to wrap popiah too … in a messy but edible way 😛

Guess wat?! These yummy and dissolvable-in-mouth chocolate eclairs were actually bought from ntuc supermkt. I cun remember how much JT said but not all ntuc supermkts are selling them. Anyway the brand is poppies if u r interested to know 🙂 … they are usually placed at the ice cream fridge section.

JT sent out few invitations … only 3 of us went in the end 🙂 I was shocked to see WY’s big tummy … she was pregnant!!! :-O It would not be so shocking (she herself too) if she dun have a pair of 14yrs old twins daughters already 😀

a door gift fm the churchmate and a ‘starter’ xmas gift fm JT 😉

1st Xmas Party By JT’s Churchmate

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