Xmas Gathering: Fish Manhattan

We had booked cafe cartel but upon realising the newly opened branch @ MS was rather emply and spacious, we switched to fish manhattan instead.

The usual grp of 7 gals was missed with LT who went on trip and ML who mistook another day for our gathering. Well, we went ahead with our gift exchanging without them … though ML had bought hers for such.

Cat wasn’t taking any and so the rest shared a seafood platter for 2 and the grilled mahi-mahi xmas promo set, each not spending more than S$20 for the whole meal 😉

the platter: deep fried fish fillet, calamari, oysters, flaming prawns, chips and garlic rice.

Very yummy! Especially the flaming prawns … dunno wat cheese was use which made it so yummy. A bit of it went well with the nicely fried garlic rice too. No wonder it was their award winning dish. Each and every item wasn’t bad too. Esp when I could have all the oysters to myself … cos the rest dun take oysters **evil smile**

the grilled mahi-mahi

ice creams from both sets

MZ and me had free ride home too! Whao! Great saving this xmas … kekeke~~

Xmas Gathering: Fish Manhattan

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