My New Year Eve

The winner team finally treating the loser team 😛

Saizeriya (again for me & SK) chosen by the loser team’s leader cos he went there many times and like it too 🙂

But we were all so disappointed tat day. Service was slow and bad. Waiting was long too. The regular staff served us in the end cos those bad service came from their temporary staffs … other regular staffs were on leave I think :S

Some of them were still not used to ‘ala-carte buffet’ style we usually came here for, and so some ordered hotplates for themselves.

Apart from the usual escargots and spicy chicken, we ordered these …

wat are they looking at?

chey! it’s the swing la … they just curious how high and far it can go …

whao! SY very matchie to the orangie colour … he’s very supportive oso … kekeke …

we want to hug too! ^___^

We 2 gals accompanied this ‘orangie’ man to Peninsular Plaza to buy his luminous-ing nike track shoes before I went off to ‘rescue’ a shopping spree-ing JT at raffles city. There were so many post-xmas sales which she cun resist and so sms-ing for help to stop her @_@

After stopping her from further spending, we stopped by street cafe for tea break @ streets cafe.

fried pumpkin sticks which tasted yucks! very raw … and oily :S

We proceeded to TBP instead after forcing AG to reach earlier. Time to escape from the countdown-ing crowds at marina :S

Nothing much to do actually and we simply browsed around before we were back for desserts at Dessert Story.

sesame paste was too diluted

mango snow ice was nice 🙂

We chatted our time away at the foodcourt … with ‘light’ meals before we went off for the day rather early. Really nothing to do wor … kekeke …

My New Year Eve

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