Saizeriya @ Liang Court

Someone was quite tight on the pocket and so we searched online for a suitable budgetted restaurant that served nice food too. And that was how we found this restaurant.

They were all waiting for WY and since I arrived much earlier than anyone, I was ‘instructed’ to queue up first before any long queue formed.

Luckily for me, there wasn’t a queue. But even though so, the request for table of 6 which happened to be the same for the other patron who arrive at the same time as me was given the table instead. All becos they thought we were together and without verifying directly with me, that idiot (the patron) answered the other waitress (she was the one who checked for table availablity) and simply follow as she led her in to the table.

I was angry becos for anyone with self-cultivation should know wat is manner. She was there all the while when I ask for table of 6 and yet she dare to answer and simply follow the waitress in.

The 1st waitress was shocked to see me still stood by the front door until she realised their mistake. My face turned black but EQ level under controlled though. They were lucky to find another table of 6 for me cos a queue was slowly formed outside the restaurant after I sat down.

Other than the mistake made (indirectly) by the waitresses, all in all their service was good. Attentive and friendly throughout.

While waiting for the rest to arrive, I browsed thru the menu with enthu cos every item listed DID NOT exceed more than S$9. The one and only item which exceeded that cost only S$13.38 for a normal hotplate serving size of a rib steak.

took this pix specially to show everyone 😛

Upon paying $2.58 for drink and S$5.88 for health set which include soup and small serving of salad to a main course, we were able to refill our drinks unlimitedly at their drink station. Other than the usual drinks like coke, sprite, ice lemon tea, dunno-wat english tea, dunno-wat coffee, they have many other ‘rare’ drinks (cun remember all) which include root beer and milo too. Cute little cartoon plastic cups suitable for kids were available too.

All I could say was they were very thoughtful 🙂

root beer for myself ^__^

NL’s tea in a kid plastic cup

Serving was fast, and soon our table was packed with nothing but FOOD!

escargots (S$5.58)
looks kinda of disgusting from this pix 😛 but the meat was quite full and q

focaccia (S$1.88)
this was good and so we ordered 2 servings. soft yet firm with slight oven baked taste.
kinda pita or naan taste too … maybe cos they belongs to flour family 😀

spicy chicken (S$4.48)
only 5 pcs per serving and so we ordered 2 plates.
still hot when served. very crispy and chewy.
not too spicy but with honey taste … just like those chicken winglets from pizza hut.

simple salad servings from the 3 health sets we ordered

cheese chicken (S$7.18)
size of an usual hotplate serving but price of much lesser.
the grilled chicken was tendering good and not too cheesy that covered the taste.

smoke duck (S$4.48)
tendering meat … kinda normal though.
but considering such dish which frequently appeared on the cold dish from most wedding dinners, their price here was …

minestone soup from the health set
big serving for a side dish
flavoury soup with generous chunks of vege inside

cream of corns from the health set
same too … creamy and tasty … nice!

vongole spaghetti (S$7.18)
hmm … weird taste which we cun figure out wat made it so. this was the only ‘flop’ one.

pineapple pizza (S$7.48)
thought not as thin as those of pizza hut, it dun taste so bad either

seafood gratin (S$7.18)
not too strong a cheesy taste. seafood used was fresh and q.

All in all plus the 2 charges, we spent only $99.95 on the meal, leaving with a FULL stomach 😀

‘ice-cream cone’ display at the furniture shop

We walked back to The Central where another festival programme at the read bridge was about to end.

Once upon a time, a grp of 4 was trying to buy the-super-famous-but-easily-sold-out Provence choco wassant but as they weren’t early enough, they left empty handed. On the other hand, a gal who was much much earlier arrived at The Central and with no intention to buy any, until she saw only 1 person queuing and with lots of wassant to choose, she decided to SIMPLY grab ANY 2 big pkts of mixed choco and cream wassant @ S$6 per pkt of 10pcs.

Ok … enough of hao-lian-ing … kekeke … 😛

WY with her Strawberry Smoothie (S$6.20)

CL with her Ice Earl Grey (S$6.50)

PL with Mango Peach Smoothie (S$6.20)

my Hazelnut Cappacino (S$6)

NL with her Minty Lychee Tea Freeze (S$6.80)

AG with her Mocha Tropicana (S$6.90)

JT who joined us for drink and dessert @ coffee club
Iced Blackberry Coffee and Muddy Mud Pie (S$15.40)

the junks … I meant the goodies they bot at yamakawa while waiting for WY

bo-liao-ing time 😀

(extracted from old time guinness stout adv :P)

‘Level One’ at level 3
so it’s at level 1 or level 3?
FEP’s ‘Level One’ is at Basement 1 leh … 😛

Saizeriya @ Liang Court

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