Full Month Release

Finally gotten my new 10cts coin to complete the ‘usable’ set (less the 5cts coin which everyone are usually avoiding to collect)! ↖(^▽^)↗

Everyone was complaining how ugly the designs for the 3rd series coins were when news were first released in Feb … and that includes … ahhem … me :p

But I can’t help feeling excited when I obtained my 1st new $1 coin, and now finally completed the ‘set’ (>^ω^<)

So if u compared them to the older designs, the size of the new 20cts and 50cts were somewhat similar in diameter except for the difference in thickness. It seems a little difficult to differentiate between both unlike the old ones, if one simply dig it out from the wallet/purse to make fast payment. But of course everything needs time to get adapted with.

So in the meantime, it’s either you earned the extra 30cts or the merchants earned it by mistake ~^O^~

Coincidentally, today marks the 1 month of the new release since it was released on 25 Jun.

Happy full month! *^O^*

Full Month Release

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