The Marmalade Pantry @ ION

I haven’t been recovering still after so many days. But the nyonya zhang I bought for them can’t wait too long. And so we decided to meet up for dinner tonight. First day of work ever since I have fallen sick, therefore it’s my ‘blue monday’ and I need something nice to perk me up!

ImageImagethe kitchen that was a short distance away from the dining area

Imagepromotion till end jun … but too bad we are not ntuc members 😦
for those with the cards, do note that it’s maximum 2 redemptions per card per table. so i guess it’s best to go in four 😉

Imagewarm spinach salad with mozzarella, bacon, pine nuts and burnt butter dressing (S$23)

Though I’m not supposed to eat fried stuffs now, but it would be a waste not to eat the breaded mozzarella. Just a little will do 😛 and I did not regret cos the taste was fresh and cheesy!


And btw if you thought that white creamy thing on top was some kind of a whipped cream or dressing, well you are wrong! It’s simply a nicely whipped (I wondered if it’s the right word to use) soft boiled egg. Creative huh! 😉

Imagepan roasted red snapper (S$28)

I just tried a small piece of their red snapper. It was quite a light taste.

Imageoriental grilled king salmon with soba (S$26)

I had this instead. The salmon was meaty and flavoury. But I don’t like the texture and taste of the soba, so rough and raw.

Imagesea salt caramel cheesecake (S$8)

We ended it off with a cheesecake which we were told was one of the popular choices here. Not bad, not too sweet and the cheesy taste is
just nice. Honestly, how does sea salt tasted like?

The Marmalade Pantry @ ION

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