Poulèt @ Chinatown Point

Walked passed here the first time I came after Chinatown Point has revamped. So today I shall try this!

ImageImageImageImagesaucisson (S$6.80)

The sausages were a little salty but quite crunchy. I prefered to dip them into the yellow wasabi sauce.

Imagelamb shank (S$15.80)

I love my lamb shank! Very tender and tasty. No hint of gamey taste at all. Even the onion was so well soaked with the gravy which tasted as good!

Somehow if you looked at the picture on the menu outside the restaurant, mine wasn’t served with mashed potato and mini carrots. I guess it would be more perfect if I had those. Wonder what made the change -_-”

Imagebraise de poulèt (S$13.80)

This was almost herbal chicken alike. Also tender but the taste was a little bland.

Next was our dessert at Eat At Taipei.

ImageImageImageImagesweetened bean curd with tapioca jellies, big red beans, and gingko nuts (S$4)

Imagemango ice (S$7.90)

These desserts weren’t too bad but nothing special to shout about. Simply norm….

We noted that their restaurant closed at 10pm. Since their last order is 9.30pm and we just need a simple dessert or 2 before we end our day and it was only 5mins before 9pm when we entered the restaurant, I do not understand why did they started mopping their floor even before 9.30pm.

Kinda spoiled our appetite with the detergent smell. We felt as though we need to quickly finished up our desserts. And we were given a black face by the young chap who was mopping the floor then when we walked past the already mopped area. That was the nearest exit towards the taxi stand from their restaurant. Close it if you doesn’t want anyone to go through that glass door.

Maybe I will try out their cooked food someday…but at some other branches.

Poulèt @ Chinatown Point

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