Junk loots for me from Adelaide, Australia

That day I handed over a snack to 小王子 and asked if he wants to eat.

小王子: “Junk food?”
Me: @@ … “so you still want to eat?”
小王子 nodded.

Hahaha … No one will reject ‘junk food’. Knowing how high calories it gonna give, it still can make one’s day.

Especially if you received these ‘junk’ which were exclusive to Australia, or rather not found in Spore, and were specially selected for me, a big smile naturally appeared on my face (:

It makes my day indeed (:

she distributed to each and everyone one of these

today she passed me these … gosh!

chocolates make one happy. though we can find similar one in spore, but not in flakes bites which somehow tasted smoother. not too sure about the chunky kitkat, saw these for the first time 😉

Imagetasted just like mentos. can we find these in spore?

Imagei had received this before but never really appreciated it. but this time will be different, cos it’s time for me to take care of my throat and for other healthy means 😉

ah! kettle chips! my fav chips. this flavour not available in spore.

hmm…she was afraid of me getting lost??

she said it’s like those old-time lemon biscuits we used to ate when we were small

Imagewanted me to drink more chrysanthemum tea i guess 😉

but i just started using the tumbler i bought from korea last yr …

And I received another ‘junk’ collection from Japan yesterday … exclusively for me too! 😉



Imageit contains seaweed

Happy! 🙂

Junk loots for me from Adelaide, Australia

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